Monday, April 25, 2011

The Dukan Diet

So one of my writer friends, Alisha Paige, started on the Dukan diet 5 days ago and has lost 10 pounds. I decided to give it a try. And no, it's not eating Dunkin Donuts. I'll post my progress as I go along.

Today has been good. I've had two carbmaster yogurts, chicken, eggs, a handful of pecans, I was forced to buy a bit of beef jerky because I was starving and now we're having chicken again. I am a bit hungry, but I think it's more hunger for a carbohydrate and not just hungry.

I've drank plenty of water today. That and Oat Bran. You must get in oat bran if you're on the Dukan Diet. I did work out this morning and plan on working out tomorrow.

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