Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Woke up this morning on the Dukan Diet

This morning was interesting. I weighed in at 3 pounds lighter, but the big move was my body fat percentage. I have one of those scales that shows you your body fat %. I know it's not perfect, but it's been consistent over the years. I've had the same body fat %, 46% or 47%, for the last three years. This morning after only one day on the Dukan Diet it dropped to 42%. Yes, that's a 4% drop in body fat % over night. So my 3 pounds of weight loss were not just water.

I know some people will dismiss such a significant body fat % loss, but I don't. That's huge. Even if it was only a true 2% loss that would mean that every ounce of weight I lost was fat and not muscle.

Today I've eaten 3 eggs, two carbmaster yogurts, a few pecans and some chicken. Tonight I'll eat turkey for dinner. So far I feel good. I'm a little hungry right now because I haven't eaten anything in a while. After lunch I'm sure I'll be back to feeling good.

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