Monday, May 23, 2011

Need a Good Read?

Being set up on a date with your friend's, boyfriend's best friend sounded as awful as it was. I didn't want to meet Tom, or spend the evening getting to know him, but Laci said I had to as pay back for finding me the perfect shoes at a seventy-five percent discount.

The shoes were red, with a three-inch heal and absolutely beautiful. Plus they were Manolas and with the discount, I could afford them. I had no idea what Laci or her boyfriend were holding over Tom.

So, it was a given, I would go on the date, and I would be happy about. At least that's what I was telling myself until Friday evening only a few minutes before Tom was supposed to arrive.

By the time the clock struck seven I was ready to back out. I hadn't had much luck with guys in the past. Most men who were attracted to me weren't the best looking or the nicest guys in the world. I'd yet to go out with a guy who I though was amazing and hot, or even nice.

Then the doorbell rang. Great, now the date had to happen. I expected an ugly guy with buckteeth or pimples covering his face. Why would a hot guy go out on a blind date? Unless, of course, he'd been manipulated into going just as I'd been manipulated. I swung open the door, ready to make an excuse, but my tongue grew fat in my mouth at the sight of the hottie standing on my porch.

"Hi, I'm Tom. Are you Mandy?"

I knew I had to speak, but nothing would come. He lifted his manly left eyebrow and heat shot up my neck and engulfed my face.

"Yeah, um, yes. Let me grab my purse." I shut the door then pulled it open quickly. "Just give me a minute."

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