Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love Thrillers?

So do you like to read thrillers? Check out my alter ego. Yes I write books other than erotic romance. They have some heat, but not as much. If you love thrillers then you'll love Murder Stalks.

When young women start dying, lead detective Tony Santos is drawn into a web of deceit and revenge that forces him out of the police department and directly into the sights of the killer. His wife walked out, and he's glad for that fact after a dead body winds up in his bed. Now he needs Marissa more than ever, but she's got her defenses up and his charm isn't working on her. Marissa has never been physically strong, but threats to her personal safety force her to prepare for a fight. She hires a personal trainer to help her get in shape. But can Marissa get her emotions in shape and stop her overwhelming desire for Tony? He's too close for comfort but her body begs to differ. She wants him but living in a small hotel room with Tony may prove to be more dangerous than the murders happening close to home.

Red Skhye in Morning is a thrilling read. Samuel Taylor is on break from work. He finds Delanie alone on a private island, but something is wrong. A killer is on the loose, preying on blonds. The killer targets both Delanie and Sam and they have to fight to live. William Sterling Rowland the Third wants to save the day. Will evil win, or can the world be saved by an FBI agent, a bored CEO and a movie star?

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