Monday, June 13, 2011

So what's up with all this Weiner Mess?

So why should Anthony Weiner step down? The man has loads of half naked images floating around out there. First stop, Newsmax. This site has a photo of Weiner in a towel in the House Member's Gym. The guy looks sad with his paunchy belly while holding his balls. This doesn't look like a guy who's secure in himself.

So, is there anything bad about this photo that says he should step down? It's not that erotic of a photo. Sure, he's in a towel but you don't see any more body parts than you would in shorts without a shirt. But it's where the photo is taken. At the gym for House Member's. So he is using a facility that the tax payers paid for to further his sexual fantasies.

The next place, New York Daily News. The photos of Weiner really aren't that bad. Most of the men calling for his resignation have probably done much worse, but Weiner's behavior is a bit strange. I look at all of these photo's and I don't see a guy with it all together. I see a man who is lost.

But should he step down? He lied about the photo's. Lying about the photo's is totally not cool. Are these pictures disgusting as some of the pundits are calling it? Not really. They are disturbing in that he sent so many to women even though he is married. Sending half naked pictures of himself from the workplace makes it bad. Half naked pictures of himself that he sends to his wife or to women he's dating is strange, but not terrible.

My final say is that Weiner should step down. His motivation is questionable. He's sending text messages to a 17 year old and now taking a leave of absence from congress. His focus is on sex, not running the country. The man needs to get his priorities straight and let the rest of the lawmakers focus on their job and stop having to deal with Anthony Weiner's wiener.

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