Monday, June 20, 2011

Writing Super Hot Sex

Everyone has a take on writing super hot sex. Some people object to certain words. Others want those words in their face. But you don't have to use the word cock or cunt to have hot sex.

What makes sex hot? The emotions associated with the sex. Sure, some people can go out and have sex with a stranger and they may think it's hot at the time, but once they make a connection with a true lover they are amazed at how wonderful the sex can be.

Anticipation and connection make written love scenes hotter. Think about two characters who want that connection and have to fight to make it happen. That's hot. When the author keeps the couple apart because of a realistic impediment it is just so hot when those two characters come together.

Making your characters wait to do the deed isn't always easy. Some characters want to go at it the second you write the first words of your book. The have lust and desire on the brain and all they can think about is humping the closest available body. Fast and furious sex can be hot, but the slow burn to work towards sex makes it hotter.

In Runaway Princess I don't let my characters actually have penetration sex until the end of the book but there is tons of hot sexual activity through out the book.

Go back and examine the last sex scene you wrote and see if it is hot enough. Examine the words you use and the emotion you inflict on the reader. Here's a little scene from Runaway Princess.


His hands rubbed her calves, tracing an erotic path up her leg to the back of her knee. Their gaze locked. She couldn’t look away. His eyes drew her in. There was something deeper inside of him than she’d originally believed. An intelligence that she thought would surely be lacking in a man who bought sex slaves.

If she wanted freedom her only way to send that message was through her eyes. With everything she had, Regina pleaded, begging him to let her go. If she could just get across the message that she wanted the gag out of her mouth, then maybe she could convince him that she would be more profitably used for ransom than for his evil desires.

“You are beautiful.” He lowered his head, resting it against her thigh. The cloth covering his face scratched her skin. He breathed in deeply. “You honeydew.”

Her head dropped back onto the bed and her face heated. Everything he said was improper. She didn’t know how to deal with his compliments or his touch. When she hatched this plan she had thought it would be easier, but he wasn’t playing fair. This wasn’t how her dream lover acted. How could he be so brazen as to sniff her like a common animal? He did it again, running his nose down her calf to her
foot then back up again.

She held her breath as his nose skimmed along her flesh, up her thigh from her left knee to her center. He let out a chuckle that hit her hard. Her insides churned while her skin flamed hot. She wanted to pull her legs together and curl into a ball. Her body jerked when his nose skimmed her belly, leaving goose flesh in his wake.

His fingers hovered over the triangle of hair surrounding her pussy. She jumped. The path his fingers traced drew closer to her center. Her breath came in gasps.

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