Friday, July 1, 2011

Freedom Blog Hop

Over 180 participating blogs and websites are offering a book related giveaway and we are all linked up together so you can easily hop from one giveaway to another. The hop runs from July 1 through July 7.

This week I'm giving away a collection that includes Matt and Tom Take a Lover, Fantasy Sex Vacation and A Model Week (The Sexcapades of Lanie Watson) Who ever wins will win the entire collection plus a $10 gift certificate at All Romance Ebooks where you can pick up more Sara York books

A Model Week - Lanie's sexual escapades begin in Hawaii with Christopher and Damien. She learns to open up and explore passion with two gorgeous male models. The sex is amazing and hot. Can Lanie take the heat?

Matt and Tom Take a Lover
- Mandy agrees to a blind date with Tom against her better judgment. When he shows up she's amazed at how hot he is. They hit it off, but when he tries to brush her off after the date she kisses him. Tom invites her back to his place. Once she meets Matt, Tom's lover, she agrees to their proposition. Together the three heat up the sheets.

Fantasy Sex Vacation
- Teresa travels to Belize to live out her hot sex fantasies on stage. Her love life has been less than spectacular and now she wants something to remember. She's to be treated to sex on stage with a totally hot guy, but that's not what happens. Find out how Brett steps in and makes all of her fantasies come true. Erotic Short Story

You can now pre order Surprise Sleepover - Snowed in turns super hot when James and Nick spend the night downtown.

Nick has spent the last year dreaming of James, but he's been too afraid to act on his desires. Then the ice and snow blew in, trapping him downtown. But he's not the only one prowling around the office. James is pleased to find Nick still at work and opens his house to Nick, offering him a place to sleep.

Nick is shocked when James grabs his hand to lead him across the icy street and more shocked when the man starts undressing him. The night may be cold outside, but the heat is rising in James' apartment.

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Last Day to Enter is 7/7/11

Freedom Blog Hop


marieevans1990 said...

I would have followed you but no GFC showed up on your page

June M. said...

Thank you for joining in the giveaway! Great giveaway. I have not preordered Surprise Sleep Over
but wiill be getting it. Will it be available from any other source?