Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rights Back on Books

Last week I asked for my rights to be reverted on Princess Slave. Princess Slave was the first of the Princess series. After the publisher assured me my rights would be reverted on Princess Slave I asked if I could get the rights back on Runaway Princess. I love this book, the second book in the Princess Series. I'm happy to say that my publisher has returned the rights to Runaway Princess. I will be putting out both books soon on Amazon and Smashwords in the near future. I have five more Princess books set to write in the next few months and will be releasing them on Amazon too.

Here's the blurb for Princess Slave - I know you will enjoy this book when it is released later this month.

Princess Ava Timna is prisoner of the king of Zebulun, doomed to become his sex slave. Escape means certain death but staying only delays the inevitable—the loss of her virginity. To her people, her virginity is sacred, something to be treasured and given as a gift to her future husband. Wedding King Ean isn't an option as he's rough, known for defiling women and casting them aside. She expects abuse and harshness at his hands, yet his gentle touch leaves her breathless and aching for more. Could she be attracted to him?

King Ean of Zubulun has a secret—he’s actually Jaron, Ean's identical twin on a mission to restore order and honor to the planet he loves. Keeping Ava prisoner weighs on his conscious. Returning her to her people would blow his cover and result in their deaths. Keeping her means giving in to the lustful fire burning in his loins, knowing all the while he's lying to the one woman he wishes could be more than his princess slave.

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