Friday, August 26, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday

Joining me today are eleven fantastic authors, who have written their own interpretation of this single picture for Flash Fiction Friday: Benjamin Russell, Kate Harper, Muffy Wilson, Bonni Sansom, Lisa Worral, Chris Quinton, Davee Neilson, Jp Archer, Rhea Archer, Betty Carlton, and Lani Rhea. Please click on the embedded link in their names and visit their Blogs to read eleven  very different Flash Fiction tales based on the same photo.

All night long he'd wondered if Marie had worn panties and now he knew that she wore none. The elevator offered no privacy, but privacy was overrated. Marie moaned as she rubbed her belly against his crotch. This girl was smoking hot and ready for sex. The elevator stopped and the door slid open, revealing his wife, Ann.
"I saw you were on the way up," Ann said.
He looked over Marie's shoulder at his wife, not at all surprised to see her dressed only in panties and bra.
"You two going to join me?" Ann crooked her finger beckoning them to follow.

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