Sunday, August 7, 2011

Snog Sunday

This Sunday I decided to expand my lines from six to include a Snog. This is from Smooth Lies, a book by Sara Thacker which is me too. I hope you enjoy the snog (uh-um...kiss for those of you in America)

The softness of his lips on her cheek took her breath away. His fingers traced an erotic pattern on her back, lulling her into a trancelike state where she only wanted one thing.
The hard packed muscles of his thighs pushed between hers, and she spread her legs willingly, letting him pull her close. Jake laid his cheek against her head, his breath tickling her neck. A sharp rock prodded her backside and she shifted, moving Jake’s head closer to her lips. She sought out comfort by kissing the smooth skin of his forehead. His fingers caressed her breast through her shirt and another bout of longing filled her center. She wanted him again but it would be stupid to make love here.
“We should stop this before someone comes back.” But she didn’t want to stop. This was how she and Jake always handled problems and right now they had a freaking huge problem.
“I can handle this and I don’t think we have to worry about those two again.” Jake’s hand reached down and grabbed her butt, squeezing her hips against his.
Sophia felt his hardness grow. Moving her hips against him, she sank into his embrace, letting the darkness cloak the hesitation she felt. How could she let this be the only place they really connected? Not the cave, but sex. Their relationship was shallow and something had to change.
Jake felt her tense then relax into his embrace. The darkness shielded him, keeping her from seeing the real him. He wanted to tell Sophia about the screw twisting in his gut since waking up half dead in Romania. The physical strength for a mission like this wasn’t there. He was about to crash and crash hard. Losing this mission would mean certain death for her and many others. God, even the President was at risk if the wrong people got their hands on the device.
Jake stroked Sophia’s damp hair, loving the way it tangled in his fingers, holding his hand captive. He sought out her lips, and kissed her long and deep. She mumbled something but there was another noise. His head shot up. It sounded again, pulling him away from Sophia.

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Ray Sostre said...

Damn Sara, you had me feeling this story. I would love to read more of this through. Great Six!

Sara York said...

Thanks Ray.

Jean said...

Hey, get back here! I loved where they were going and how they were getting there, especially the tangled hair. It ended too quickly for me. I want more! Great excerpt.

An Open Book said...

Fabulous cover Sara- I love the changes you made and great 6 too
Dawne P

Sara York said...

Thanks everyone.