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Tuesday Tales -Deck's Story

My friend Jean Joachim started this. Each week, she provides a prompt and we write a story based on that.
This week’s prompt is Travel Agent. Deck is a small character from Smooth Lies, based on this story he may just get his own book.

Deck sat in the coffee shop across from the travel agency. The girl working the phones wasn't the main travel agent, only the agent's assistant. She knew too much to be a normal assistant though.

Five weeks ago she'd received a package from Egypt. He'd bet money she was the terrorists’ contact, not the travel agent. Sadly she didn't look the part of femme fatale. Frumpy know it all was more like it.

"Want more coffee?" The cute cashier with the brunette hair came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Deck jumped, totally taken by surprise. The girl was shy. On more than one occasion he'd caught her staring at him then suddenly turn pink and slip into the back of the shop.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. You want any more coffee?"

"No, I'm a bit too jumpy. I should probably lay off the stuff."

She sat down in the chair across from him, her smile bright. Maybe she was working with the lady from the agency? Could she be here to distract him?

Deck focused on the girl. Cute smile, kind eyes and an honest face. Had he read her right or did her beauty beguile him. She was the kind of woman he could get used to being with. But was she a distraction meant to harm him, or did she want to get to know him?

"Every day this week you come here and sit in this seat. So why?"

"I guess I just like the view."

"The view?" The girl cocked her head to the side and smiled.

Deck's heart stalled then kick started. The girl was more than cute. She was beautiful. He wanted to spend time with her, but her timing was terrible. Here he was in New York as a businessman with worn out business contacts and down on his luck. He didn't want to start a relationship based on a lie. Relationships were hard enough without basing them on lies.

"I'm in town on business but some of my meetings were canceled."

"Oh no. That's awful."

"Yeah, but break gives me time to sit here and watch the view."

"You've been staring at that travel agency all week. Thinking about taking a trip?"

Deck looked across the street to the agency. The receptionist had a new client at her desk.

Damn, he'd taken his eyes off the place and now someone had made their way into the office with the receptionist. He couldn't get a good look at the man sitting across from the receptionist. And now this girl, he didn't even know her name, was distracting him.

A package was exchanged and the receptionist glanced around nervously. Why was she nervous? All week long she's sat there with no packages exchanged. Now some guy comes in and gives her something. The guy stood up. Shit, he was the guy they'd been hunting for months. The hair was different, but Deck knew.

Deck flipped open his phone and pressed two on his speed dial. When the phone answered he spoke only one word.


Deck jumped up and grabbed the girl and pulled her into a kiss, his eyes focused on the travel agency across the street. His partner on this mission, Cane, stepped into the travel agency.

Deck saw Cane go for his gun. He twisted around, forcing the girl to the ground and planting her face down on the pavement. Before saying anything to her he jumped up and dashed across the street. Two blast of gunfire made the other people run away from the area, but he plowed forward, hitting the door and bursting in with guns drawn.

But Cane had already taken care of the terrorist and the receptionist. The bomb lay in a bag at Cane's feet.

Deck looked back across the street and saw the coffee girl climbing to her knees first then attempting to stand. Damn, was she a part of this too?

He raced back across the street and grabbed her. She screamed and fought his hold.

"Were you a part of that?" He whispered in her ear.

"Part of what?"

"You didn't show up on any intelligence."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Her eyes were full of fear and tears spilled down her face.

Deck pulled her into his arms and dragged her into the back of the coffee shop. He dragged her out to the van waiting at the back of the shop for him.

"What is you name?" Deck said.


"Your name."

"Amy Broden."

Deck looked over his shoulder at the guys manning the computers. "Well?"

The two guys typed furiously, gazing over the information on the screen.

"Tell me."

One of the techies looked over his shoulder. "No, nothing."

"She doesn't show up on any of our intelligence?"

The techie shrugged. "No."

"Take her picture, run it against our face recognition program."

Deck held Amy's hands, keeping her beside him on the small bench seat at the back of the van. This girl might be an operative, but he doubted it. Five minutes went past with no one speaking. The techies did their thing and Amy kept quite. What did he expect, he'd kissed her on false pretenses, but they could have been real reasons for that kiss given a different set of circumstances.

The tech guy looked over his should. "She's clear."

Amy sighed and stood up. "I'm leaving."

"I need some information."

"Why don't you just take my blood, get my DNA, it'll be easier for you to hunt me down next time."

She opened the door and hoped out of the back of the van. Deck watched her walk away, knowing there would never be another kiss from Amy for him.

He shut the van door and one of the techies cursed.

"What, what's wrong?" Deck asked.

"There was a match, but only seventy-five percent correct. See the hair is different. That Amy girl was one of them."

Deck burst out the back of the van, searching for the Amy, but she was nowhere to be found. Damn, he couldn't believe he let her slip through his fingers. Next time he would be ready for her and he would take her down.

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