Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back from Vacation

We just got back from our family beach vacation and boy was it fun. We actually went on a cruise to go to the beach. We spent two wonderful days on the beach and two at sea. All in all it was a lovely vacation. Here's the ship docked on the island. My daughter and I did the water trikes and snorkeled in this lagoon. At one point a huge storm blew in, obscuring the ship from our view, and we had to run for shelter. The rain only lasted a short while and we were all dressed for the beach so it didn't matter how wet we got. Then it was back to the beach for us.

We rode bicycles to a lookout station a few miles from the main beach. This shot is from the two-story lookout tower. The island is full of mangroves and yellow land crabs. The heat wasn't too much, mainly because it rained on us while we were there.

I didn't take any work with me. It was very relaxing to not have my computer waiting for me to type. I will say that the scenery was very inspiring and if I take another writing weekend like I did last January I'll be spending it at the beach, maybe even in the Bahamas.

On October 3rd the Claw Marks anthology comes out. I hope you enjoy my story, Carnal Awakenings.


Liz said...

wishes I had fit in a vacation this year! yours looks like it was fun!

Sara York said...

Hi Liz, we had a blast. We're planning on doing another cruise in 2 years. Need that long to save up the money for it.