Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Six - Claw Marks - Carnal Awakenings

Here's a little pitch from my story in the Claw Marks Anthology. Carnal Awakenings is a very sexy story about Anna who wants more from life and finds it with two men.

Anna stopped pacing in front of the two men. “I’m a little nervous.”
“Don’t be,” Nick said as he took her in his arms and held her.
His hug comforted her and she leaned in, accepting the reassurance he offered. Mike walked around them, watching them but not touching.
Nick stroked her back, eventually running his fingers across her ass. She wiggled, grazing his stiff cock hidden by his clothes. Remembering the salty taste of his cock made her burn for another lick.
Nick eased out of her arms and into Mike’s. She’d never seen two men kiss before in person. Her breath grew shallow as her body tingled. Mike pulled Nick’s shirt off, exposing a chest dusted with dark hair. Nick’s abs were tight but not perfectly sculpted.

Claw Marks will be available beginning October 3rd from Rebel Ink Press.


Ray Sostre said...

Damn! Very sensual; very good!

Alix said...

Beautifully written sensual feelings. Great six.

gemma parkes said...

Hot! l love the sound of this book, great six!

An Open Book said...

WOW- lucky gal- the sensual feel to this scene is powerful and perfect SAra


Dawne P