Friday, October 14, 2011

Flash Friday Fiction - Strange Fiction

 Each week me and a few other authors take a spin at writing flash fiction based on a photo. I hope you love my story this week. Here's my 100 words.

Michael slid his lips down Adri's spine. "When does your ship leave?"

"Tomorrow. You can come with me," Adri said.

Michael wanted to but fear of leaving the planet held him back. Memories of the two of them making love played through his mind. He couldn't let this alien man leave.

"I'm pregnant."

Adri's quiet words floated through the air, shocking the hell out of Michael.

"You're what?"

"We're having a baby. Come with me."

Michael head spun and his stomach turned. "Well hell, I guess I should have worn a condom." Elation bubbled up, bringing a smile to his lips.

(just for clarification, yes Adri is an alien and the male of his species)

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Davee said...

whoa, your last sentence totally changed the direction of the blog. Nice job. :)

Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

I didn't know aliens used condom. I wonder what brand they prefer. Did he/she bring their own with them or do they use the ones here on Earth. Hell, the raises another question, what do they put the condom on??

Oh Sara, you have a way out imagination and I love it. A very creative post, well done.

Jade said...

Pregnant with an alien!! now that's something new!! great post!

Patricia Logan said...

I hope the baby takes the natural way out rather than through the abdominal wall. Yikes. Great post Sara!

Lisa Worrall said...

Love it :)

mirriamsmyth said...

Ooo, awesome twist!

gemma parkes said...

I want to see the baby when it arrives! Great 100!

Sandra Bunino said...

Very cool. The last sentence made me go back and read it again. Nice job!

Author Cyril J. Michael said...

wow now that's wild!

Ana Hart said...

Very creative and interesting!

Katie Harper said...

Why didn't he use a condom? He could have caught some super strain of gonorrhea. Not smart Michael, not smart at all.

Great job!!!