Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gay bashing doesn't effect me. I can ignore it.

I get that most people aren't gay. You may think that violence against one young gay man doesn't have anything to do with you, especially since your straight. But you're wrong.

Violence against homosexual women and men cost everyone, not just those who are victims. Heterosexual's who display heterosexism, the idea that non-heterosexual behavior should be denigrated and stigmatized, extend their belief system to all walks of life. They encourage their children to bully homosexuals, deny homosexual employees promotions, cause physical harm to others and spread their hate throughout the population. The homosexual victims and friends of those victims have increased stress, decreased productivity and develop unhealthy behaviors because of the future threat of violence.

So yes, gay bashing does effect everyone. The victims of gay bashing are just regular people like you and me. They wake up in the morning with the same aches and pains as everyone else. They have hopes and dreams about their future and they love their family and friends. They are regular people who just happen to be homosexual.

Homosexual men and women are not a threat to heterosexual existence like heterosexism proponents want you to believe. Homosexual men don't cause straight men to go have affairs on their wives. Heterosexual men and women are doing enough to destroy the sanctity of marriage on their own, it's not the homosexual's fault your marriage sucks. Preventing what a homosexual does in his own bedroom with his lover isn't going to change your marriage or make your sons and daughters moral people who don't sleep around and commit sins.

Hating another person because of who they love is a waste of time. The homosexual men and women who live in our cities and shop at the same stores we do are not your enemies. They are just people who want to be left alone to live their lives how they see fit. They want the opportunity to live their lives how they see fit. Matthew Shepard's life was cut short because of two men who thought killing a gay man was no big deal. Matthew Shepard's life was taken because of ignorance and stupidity.

Be smart, don't hate gays.


vampiremorbius said...

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great post on this. Just a nitpick, but "gays" wouldn't really be a good word to describe the gay community. I mean, we wouldn't call heterosexual people "straights", right?