Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting pissed on

We took our dogs, Jackie and Bandit, to the dog park last weekend. Our house is up for sale so we are doing the open house thing. Bad part, the dogs can’t stay at home while we go out to play during the open house. Good part, our city opened a new dog park only a few miles from our house.

Jackie, the wonder puggle
Our dogs were beside themselves with excitement. They had so much fun playing with the other dogs on the first day. They ran so much out girl dog’s feet were sore. They made fast friends and were good with all of the dogs at the dog park on the first day. Then we went back on Sunday. This time our little pug, Bandit, couldn’t behave.

It’s not like he attacked another dog or bit anyone. No, he did something much more devious and disturbing. He peed on another dog. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I lost my breath and was crying as I tried to recover from seeing my sweet boy dog pee on a fluff ball. I couldn't even apologize for the incident because I was laughing so much.

Bandit, the crazy pug who pisses on other dogs.

The owner of the fluff ball handled it rather well. She just said, “Well, okay.” That was all. Nothing else. She didn’t lash out at my dog or demand to know who owned the stupid pug that lifted his leg on her dog.

I’m sure she was mad, but what can you do when an animal like my Bandit pisses on your dog? So it got me to thinking. Are you wasting your energy fighting with people who are pissing on you? Do you get angry and fight back when some idiot makes a mess of your life?

Some people you can talk to and get them to understand that their actions are totally unacceptable. Your energies aren’t wasted on them but other people just don’t get it. They will piss all over you and have no clue why you’re angry with them. You can spend all of your emotional energy trying to “fix” them and nothing is accomplished. It ruins your sleep, your attitude and your relationships all because you are so mad that this one person doesn’t get why you are angry.

The woman could have kicked my dog, yelled at me and threw a fit but Bandit would never understand why she was angry. He’s not the brightest dog in the world but he's super sweet and almost never pisses on other dogs, except when he does. He goes pee when he needs to and if a dog is standing in his way then so be it, but yelling at him won’t help.

Don’t get angry and lose your cool at stupid people. They will never understand why you are yelling. You can try to help them by correcting them kindly but once you see they don’t get it just let it go. It will do your heart and your peace of mind some good.


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Oh, great post. I have an anger control problem, especially at stupid drivers. I am trying to get over that. They are stupid and yelling at them in my car does no good, because they can't hear me and I just get my blood pressure up. So, great post to remind me not to get mad a people who piss on me, especially when they are so stupid (or self-centered) they don't even realize they've done it.

Sara York said...

Anna Kathryn, that extra energy can be used for so much more good. Just keep that blood pressure down because those other people in their cars are too stupid to know what they are doing wrong.

Lauryn Doll said...

... Wow! I'm speechless!

I can have a bit of a temper at times, but I realize it has to be coaxed out of me, i.e. you're laying me on my side and slowly sodomizing me with lies while you massage my tummy in the process.