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Jack's Christmas Wish - Bonni Sans

Hi Sara thanks for having me. First I would like to start by introducing myself to everyone. I’m Bonni Sansom a full time mom, author and domestic goddess. I love to write hot steamy romance novels and my first release was yesterday.

 Jack’s Christmas Wish was originally a short story that ran amok. The characters took me on a journey (Yes, they talk to me) that led me from a short sweet love story to a BD/SM steamy romance. They were quite adamant about their desires. But the gist of the story is Lissa is a woman that’s hit hard times and takes a job as Santa’s sexy helper in a department store. Derek the hero is a Dom and the widowed father of little Jack and Jack asks Santa for a new mom for Christmas. Through Jack, Lissa and Derek meet with an instant attraction that spins into a whirlwind romance.

I really enjoyed these characters. They were easy to work with and Lissa never ceased to make me laugh with her humor. Little Jack was such a joy to write, reminding me of my daughter.

One question that always comes up is “when did I know I wanted to be a writer”? I never knew I just wrote. It was just a natural thing for me. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil and don’t plan to stop. The first book I wrote took me about a year to complete, but I’ve gotten much quicker since then. On average I can crank out a book in about a month now. Since I’ve been writing professionally, it took me about three years to get published and I thank Sizzler Editions for that.

Again Sara it was a pleasure sitting with you and sharing my story with you. Thanks for having me. For a little treat I brought along an excerpt for everyone to enjoy. 18+ONLY!

Jack’s Christmas Wish
“Please Derek, touch me. I need you.”
“You got it, sweetheart. Lay down on the seat for me.”
She scooted down giving him perfect access to her folds.
“That’s it baby.” He pushed her tiny skirt up exposing her thong. He ran his fingertip up and down her seam through the silky scrap of material, getting a whimper from her. She tipped her pelvis up seeking out the source of pleasure. He was going to torture her. Oh the sweet torture.
“Do you like that Lissa? Tell me what you want.”
“I love it and I want you to touch me. Please? Do it now. Don’t make me wait.”
He pulled the thong aside and licked her slit from her tiny hole to her clit.
She closed her eyes and just let herself feel. Feel him touch and lick her. Her hands itched to spear through his blond hair and hold him to her. She clutched the leather seat in her hands, having to have something to keep her grounded.
“Damn, you taste good baby.” He flattened his tongue and made another sweep of her slit. He stopped above her clit and fluttered the tip of his tongue over it.
“Ohmigod!” She writhed beneath his tongue. She had to move, she couldn’t be still. Her world was tilting on its axis.
He moved down further on the seat making the leather squeak. She had her head propped on the door watching his every move. Only when he grazed her clit did her eyes roll up in her head. She was lost to him.
“I can’t get enough of you. Open wider for me.”
She spread her legs as wide as the dash would let her. She was so wet, slick with her juices for him. Her breathing was ragged with tiny mewling noises escaping her lips. The air was thick with her musky scent.
She was going to lose her mind. It was too much pleasure, too much stimulation. She’d never experienced a lover like him before.
“Ah, yes. Ohmigod, please.” She had no idea what was falling from her lips and she didn’t care. All she wanted was this man touching her, pleasuring her. Gyrating, her hips she ground her clit onto his face, feeling his rough stubble abrade her delicate folds, adding to the sensation. She was almost there, almost ready to explode.
This is the best present a girl could get for Christmas. Ho, ho, ho, merry friggin’ Christmas and a happy New Year.
Her eyes rolled up in her head. This was it.

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Bonni S. said...

Again Sara I want to say thanks for having me and I'm ready for the lucky winner to get my book. So leave a comment and your name and email address and I'll select the lucky winner at the end of the day. Good luck!

An Open Book said...

Love when the characters talk to me- that is something only an author can appreciate and understand- congrats on the release Bonni

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Kristin85 said...

Congratz!! Your book sounds awesome!! I cant' wait to read it!! I'm always looking for new authors to read!!