Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I love sex!!!!

Okay, so I really love sex. Sex is great. It's fun, exciting and amazing. Orgasms are tops. Overall I think sex is such a wonderful activity you should have it as often as you can. Now with all good things there is a butt. Here's the butt...Recently on Facebook I ran into someone who believed that you could not get any STI's from oral sex. That's Sexually Transmitted Infections for those who don't know.

Safe sex is an important part of having sex. You can get sexually transmitted diseases and infections from having oral sex. I'm all for oral sex. I don't want to be a buzz kill but don't be stupid. Here's a link about having safer sex.

If you are going to have oral sex take some precautions. If someone has a mouth sore it's contagious. Don't allow anyone to perform oral sex on you when they have a cold sore. That's herpes and it will pass from genital to mouth and mouth to genital. The bacterium chlamydia can also pass from mouth to genitals and the other way.

AIDS can also be passed. Not as often as other diseases but AIDS is a virus, and as with all viruses, they like to spread. AIDS will search for a way to live in the new host. New medicines make it harder to tell if someone is sick with HIV and AIDS. Just know before you blow.

I don't want to be all buzz kill with this post but I also don't want ignorance spread. You can get STI's through oral sex. In fiction books it's easy to make the character go out and have sex without consequences. It's all made up in fiction book and in the movies. The author tells the story that they want to tell and they ignore the consequences of their characters actions if it doesn't fit their story. Be educated. Ask more than one person and research the answers you need to have safe sex.


June M. said...

Good post! I remember seeing a Lifetime movie where young teens were engaging in oral sex because they did not think it was "real sex". They ended up passing a lot of STI's around. I made sure that my teenaged nieces knew that oral was sex and that you could get STI's (or STD's) from them. I think it is very important especially to make sure the younger generation knows this and knows how to protect themselves.

Sara York said...

What makes it worse is the person on FB who didn't believe you could pass STI's that way was an adult....Strange having to use teen safe sex website to educate an adult. Good for you for talking to your nieces.

Davee said...

nice reminders and good education. thank you

dave94015 said...

Hi - I appreciate the link to safer sex procedures from PAMF. I also suggest those of us who have sex with many partners also get std/sti tests frequently.
Some younger gay guys think protection is unnecessary because they believe there is a treatment for all sti's (including aids!). Barebacking has become "fashioanble" lately.
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Amber Skye said...

What a choice to make...

Regarding the sex safety bit, I agree with you guys, although I had to learn later in life as well. What can I say - sex ed was all "abstinence only" in my school and my parents...well, didn't go there.