Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm all for sex between two consenting adults. Sex that is crazy. Sex that is amazing. Sex that makes your body fracture into tiny bits so that you think you've died and gone to heaven. Sweaty sex that makes you pant and lose your mind. But I'm not for sex that is coerced or sex with minors.

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It is never okay, NEVER OKAY, to have sex with children. Men in the USA, and other countries, think they are cool or special if they have sex with young teenagers or preteens. They think they have a right to sleep with little girls or boys. They don't. The problem is bigger than most Americans think it is. Help stop the sex industry from ruining children.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fake Boobs or No Fake Boobs?

There's this woman who I know who has fake boobs. She looks like a barbie doll, except she's short. Her waist is small, and her legs are trim, but her boobs are about two sizes too big for her body. I affectionately call her Boobs, since I don't know her name.

I know that seems harsh, but she's a loud talker on the phone so I've been privy to some of her personal conversations about her ex-husband and her's relationship. Not sure what type of guy he is, but I have an idea as to why they got divorced. He expected a barbie doll that he could ignore in the marriage, and she wanted a relationship.

Boobs is very flirty with the guys. She wears clothes that show off her huge tits even when she is at a place where it's inappropriate to be showing off the titties. I think Boobs is selling herself short. I often wonder if she regrets getting breast augmentation, or is she satisfied being a caricature of her former self?

Getting a boob job isn't wrong if your motivations are right. Some women have breast augmentations because of illnesses that take part of their breasts, or they have a size -A cup and want a little more, others are confident and just want bigger boobs. But women like Boobs, who think that the fake boobs make them, usually end up disappointed in life.

Men drool over Boobs, but they only like her for one thing. She may find another husband, but unless he's a really great guy and wants to get to know her, eventually he's going to realize that she's not a barbie doll and he actually has to work at their relationship.