Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hot Cowboy Loving - Wait, that can't be the name of my book

I'm kind of empty right now. I just haven't had the words to put into a post. You know how when something happens and it makes you sad...Well that's been me for the last few days.

I have been writing on my cowboy love story. I've written 16,000 words in the last 4 days. It's a great romance with loads of angst but no name for the book. I need to come up with a name and soon. I can't just call it The Cowboy Love Story. How stupid is that?

It needs to be something catchy, something inspiring. Brokeback Mountain is already taken and there are no mountains in south Texas near Houston. Texas Hill Country isn't mountains, it's rolling hills. The rolling hills of Texas are lovely but a book called Lovely Rolling Hills about two guys who fall in love and have some issues to work through wouldn't set the proper tone. There are a lot of snakes in Texas but the Snake Love Story isn't right either.

There are a lot of cows on the ranch but naming animals in a book title is a bit sketchy and has to be done carefully. There is a love triangle in this story. It's a very emotional tale of hard bodied cowboys, rich land owners and doctors. It's like Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my but none of the guys would qualify as bears so adding bears to the name wouldn't be wise. So I'm left with a story about hot cowboys who overcome difficult situations to have love but will they make it or will the hot cowboy run off with the doctor...Oh, why can't I come up with a name?

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Laura said...

I can't wait to read this, Sara, no matter what you call it. The title will come to you when it's time.

BLMorticia said...

I like the name hot cowboy loving. LOL :D

Sara York said...

I'm sure the name will be magnificent when it comes...At least I hope so. Thanks Gals.

Madame_Butterfly said...

I rather liked 'There's a lot of snakes in Texas' hehe

Chris Quinton said...

Finding the right title! Oh, how I can relate to this! *g*

How about Texas Heat? Heat on the Range? Texas Wildfire?

Sara York said...

Those are good Chris. And Butterfly, there are a lot of snakes in Texas, those without feet and those with two feet.

Elinor said...

What about "Hill Country"? Generic, but somewhat poetic. Sounds like a good one, though. :D

Shelley Munro said...

Titles are the bane of my life.
Texas Rough came to mind, but I don't know. Loved the photo. Very sexy.

Sara York said...

I love Texas Rough. Not sure if it will fly with a publisher but it fits.

Thanks Elinore, not sure Hill Country fits the story. Of course anything is better than what I'm calling it right now. The current title is the first five words of the first sentence. It's not a good title.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Choosing names is hard for me as love some unique and simple too.
I love cowboys, and there just something rough and soft all at the same time. You can always try a bit of different inspiration too.
How about: " A Little Rough in Texas Heat".
"A Little Texas Fever"
Just a couple of thoughts. I know you'll get your name soon...*S*
Thank you for being a part of the blog tour and loving your books. :)