Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not doing what we should, where do you fit in?

Why do we not do the things we know we should? I have a long history of procrastination. It's a wonder I get anything done. With writing I'm fairly good about not procrastinating. As of this morning I've written 30,000 words this year on a novel. I'm good with that. It's the difficult things that I procrastinate on. Or those things I perceive as difficult.

I've been meaning to have a difficult conversation with my son for a while. I pushed it off on my husband but he's no better than I am. I finally had the conversation and it wasn't difficult or hard at all. Check that one off my list.

Grading my daughters work. That's one I hate. I haven't graded her work in the week since we went back to school. Got that one done and it was easy. My son's work, that’s a different story. He's behind and going to have to school on the weekends until he gets caught up. Great, another difficult conversation with him.

Then there are the things around the house. I hate paying the bills. We have the money to pay them I just hate having to pull everything together and make those decisions. I also procrastinate with going to the doctor.

Maybe the reason I don't procrastinate with my writing is I'm busy not doing everything else and fill that time with writing. Oh well, it's off to work on writing and not pay the bills. Where do you fit into the procrastination game?


Davee said...

I'm such a closet procrastinator and I hate that trait about myself. I even set rules that I cannot do _______ until I have finished _______. It works for me. But, I detest that trait so much that when anyone else does it in my house, I blow up probably more than I should.
Great topic

Sara York said...

I hate that part of me. Like right now I know I need to pay the bills. They are sitting not 10 feet away but am I doing it? No.

Kellie Kamryn said...

sometimes I do the same thing - easy little things I let pile up like paying bills, finding a new accountant, making appointments - mostly because it's another thing I'll have to do! Some days I want to do nothing, lol

Heather said...

Oh dear - I am a HUGE procrastinator. Having such a bad time at the moment. So much to do that I've ground to a halt and can no longer thing. I've done next to nothing since Saturday...

Eliwrites said...

I have a really hard time with procrastination on my best days. Since I am bipolar and it is currently not under control, I haven't gotten anything done except writing and reading for weeks. I am going to have to break down and ask for help, which makes me procrastinate more since I hate to admit that I need help. But...I do.

I do hope to get back to the point where procrastination is something I do, not ruling my life.