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Davee Jones and On Ellicott Street

I want to welcome Davee Jones to my blog today. I hope you enjoy her witty banter and her excerpts. Grab a cup of coffee, or tea and rest a spell while you enjoy a bit of Davee Jones.

  • If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
I have mild OCD, a vivid imagination, a vast vocabulary and know how to use them all to my advantage.
  • If you had to choose one person to have dinner with, who would it be?
I would have dinner with my wonderful husband, Alan.
 And why?
We do not take as much time alone as we should and when we do, we have fantastic conversations.  Besides that, we are still basically newlyweds!  LOL
  • As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
 I wanted to be a lawyer, it sounded so glamorous and professional. I also thought it would be cool to work in the travel business, such as on The Love Boat. C’mon, I know some of you remember that show. You remember the one that preceded Fantasy Island on Saturday nights. ;) I just dated myself. Whoops.
  • What comes first for you: Setting? Storyline? Characters?
I have not thought about this specifically until now. Great question. Once I reviewed each of my finished books, as well as any I have in progress, I realized the setting, storyline, and characters each inspired me at least once first in different works.
I also interject familiar places into each of my books and sometimes use the names of familiar towns as character surnames. I see it as a type of “signature” or trivia in my fiction.

  • What main genre do you write in?
Romance is the main genre I write in. I also have thriller, paranormal, and young adult themed books in progress

  • If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
 As it went through editing and proofing I like the way On Ellicott Street turned out. Maybe I could have made it a bit longer, though. I also would market more toward the male audience. I have male fans who appreciate that my romance also appeals to their tastes and avoids the “fluff” of some books. It’s a book couples could read together.
  • What do you have coming next?
My next book scheduled for publication is Finless in April 2012. Finless is a dark erotic romance with BDSM overtones.
  • Anything you want to tell us about Finless?
Be ready for some edgy opinions/lifestyles when you read it because I cross some sensitive thresholds with this book. To take a quote from the People Vs Larry Flynt – Althea Leasure-“Nobody on this planet wants their religion and their pornography together.”
While I do not write pornography, erotica is a close cousin and many people are uncomfortable combining Christianity and sexuality. Finless dabbles in both and does not discount a human because of their chosen sexual proclivities.
  • Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?
Writing takes a huge investment of time and commitment. Anyone desiring success must think about their writing career every day and, if not working on a book, be networking and researching. I submitted my first book to so many publishers; I was very disheartened at the rejection letters. I took it too personally, but now understand it is all part of the process. You must persevere if you want success.
Also, be willing to take criticisms and suggestions. As hurtful as it may be, there may also be some valuable information included in what you perceive as negativity.
  • What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?
No matter what I write-edgy, erotic, angry, funny, pensive, sad, etc-I always respect my faith in God. I want my readers to feel good by the end of any of my books by something included inside the cover. I do not Bible thump consistently through any of my books, so, even a non-believer should find something positive from my words.  However, the Lord and my guardian angel have seen me through some very rough patches, even when I was not attentive to my spirituality- That in itself enabled my faith to grow. It is my responsibility to share these blessings with anyone willing to listen.

  • One last short question:
Yes or no: Does size matter? ---I must admit- Yes.It.Does.

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And now a taste of On Ellicott Street

Eli’s rock-hard manhood throbbed. The self-release he had indulged in the night before was long forgotten under the spell of Cassie’s frenzied womanhood. He had enough control that she would be fully satisfied, he guaranteed himself that. Years of self-discipline taught him to hold onto his release, but, Cassie tested every technique he previously mastered. Eli finally slid his hand toward her pulsing mound underneath her panties. It pleased him to find her fully saturated, waiting for him to fill her. She moaned, urging him to continue his hands’ course toward her heated center.

Eli stopped and slowly slid her panties down her thighs, kissing along each leg. He moved so slowly, he finally touched her, “right there, right there.” Eli pulled the panties from her feet and threw them across the room. When he stood up, Cassie gasped in wonder at his physical form. “Eli, you are exquisite!” He loved how Cassie marveled at his chiseled beauty.

Eli’s rock hard cock stood unmoving at perfect attention, each of his muscles flexed throughout his body, and he stared down intensely at Cassie. Cassie spread her legs, clearly expecting him to thrust inside her, but he stopped and shook his head no. He bent down and kissed her saturated pussy instead. He expertly guided his tongue along her velvety feminine skin until he found her clit. He explored a few maneuvers until he found the one that made her squirm away from his mouth. He knew he found it.

He slightly tugged on her delicate skin, sucking it into his mouth. Gently using his lips to bring in air to blow discreetly across her clit, he stopped to lick lightly at the same spot. Eli brought her down and re-aroused Cassie several times before he allowed her release. Cassie came with the force of hurricane winds. She arched her back off the bed and screamed a primal groan of delight. Eli held her ass tightly and kept his face firmly planted against her pulsing pussy. He kept rolling his tongue around the soft, yet swelling labia. At the peak of Cassie’s orgasm, Eli slid his middle finger deep inside her and she moaned even louder.

When her body finally settled from the first climax, Eli decided it was time to reward Cassie with the gift of his expansive manhood. He stood up and admired Cassie’s naked body one more time before he took his place on top of her and slid himself in slowly, inch by inch, until he fully filled her. He arched his own back to force himself even further inside and Cassie bucked her hips toward him for even deeper penetration.


And, a few words from the upcoming, Finless

“The basement was transformed into a medieval dungeon.  The detail would mesmerize not only the s/M enthusiast, but, was tasteful and included authentic pieces to fascinate even the most pristine historical curator.  Nathaniel was adamant that the room not be tawdry or cheap in appearance.

 It would be a place of classic beauty and pain. 

He purchased the pieces himself and had them delivered to her place.  He also contracted the services of carpenters and masons to get the work done professionally.  It was a small token he would allow her to keep once he was bored with his time with her.  It was the least he could do.

 It was one large room.  The interior walls were an old English style cobblestone.  In one corner a swinging bed made simply of a black wooden slab hanging by chains from the ceiling.  There was enough room around the bed to participate in activities from any direction.  Sometimes, Nathaniel required Lily to sleep there alone when he was visiting.  There would be no Egyptian cotton sheets or pillows of any kind for her comfort.  However, on more than one occasion, Lily slept tightly against the hard wood, mummified in plastic wrap against the cold black surface. 

In another corner, a large stretching rack tilted ominously.  The crude wooden wheel at one end could be turned to pull the limbs in directions close to the breaking point.  Just above the rack from the ceiling hung a long chain on a pulley, which Nathaniel used to achieve a similar result.  However, standing while slowly being stretched up by the chain created the most beautiful illusion of streamlined curves and sensuous positions of the female body.  When Nathaniel chose to stretch Lily, she would be wearing nothing, and he would slowly and carefully bind her hands by the leather cuffs at the bottom of the hanging chain.  She would begin flat footed, and he would walk slowly around her body and as he touched and caressed, he would begin to pull the chain and her arms would first move further upward.  As her breasts flattened and her torso began to cave from the upward pull of the chain, she would move from flat footed, to the balls of her feet and finally upon her tip toes, much like in pointe ballet.  

Nathaniel was not so cruel as to require her to hold this position for long, but, the beauty of her elongated frame was so appealing to him, he might require this from Lily more than once during a visit.  Her toes sometimes becoming cramped and sore, and at times, bruised from her weight bearing down on them.  

Against one wall was a small fireplace.  More than one type of fire poker and branding irons were in the steel stand next to it. Nathaniel had never branded Lily, this would leave a permanent mark on her body and he was not inclined to make anything permanent with her unless he changed his mind about his intentions.  These items were simply there as the “promise ring” symbol of what could possibly be achieved.

In front of the opposite wall was a “T” shaped rack, built from wooden timbers.  Chains and cuffs dangled precariously from the top of the rack.  Next to the rack were an assortment of cat o nine tails, floggers, crops, and leather whips.  He could chain Lily from front or back and could inflict cracking and whooshing to her breasts or buttocks. 

A pillory, old-fashioned school desk, barbers’ chair, and armoire were scattered around the room.  A simple sink and toilet were discreetly mounted in a back corner. 

In another corner, a large chest held a variety of costumes, wigs, shoes, and a first aid kit.  Although, they never had a need before, one can never be too careful when playing in this type of environment. Although they shared a “safe” word in the event the activities went too far, she never before spoke it aloud to stop anything Nathaniel was doing to her.  This pleased him immensely and demonstrated extreme loyalty and cooperation on her behalf.  Nathaniel knew Lily so well that he knew her limits, and for her safety, would not press her beyond them.

He was after all, a perfect Master.


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Hi Sara, thank you so much for inviting me to your blog today. I appreciate you hospitality and hope to have the opportunity to return the favor!

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