Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drop and Give Me

Thank you Sara so much for having me today! I’m thrilled to be part of anthology of great authors but one of my favorite topics – very hot men in uniform. Or out of uniform… J layer by layer – slowly – okay, I’m digressing here… It’s not really that hard, there are hot men about…it’s an understandable distraction. J

I had fun writing this book and ‘working with’ Jason and Cade, although I’m not sure if they’re working since they either talked up a storm or ignored me. Oye. Anyway, I want to give away a copy of Uniform Desires to one lucky. Leave your email address with your comment to be entered automatically. I’ll announce the winner at the end of the tour.

Good books and hot men, really what more could one ask for? Make sure you’ve entered on each blog for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate! Not a hardship since we’ve all shared our favorite smex scenes from our books. ;)

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Patience and training have provided him with the tools he’ll need to fight for what he wants.
Home on leave, Cade Donovan isn’t looking for a hook-up, let alone love. Certainly not while he is out with his brothers. When Cade steps in to even the odds in a fight outside a bar, he is instantly drawn to the man being ganged up on. Acting on instinct, the Marine Corps sniper is drawn to the smaller man like a moth to a flame, refusing to give up until the man is his.
Being the younger brother of the school bully has made Jason Carlson’s life hell. During yet another retaliatory fight, a man comes to Jason’s aid just when he thinks his life and his luck have gone from bad to worse. Warned to stay away from his home, Jason accepts the invitation of his rescuer and soon realises that his life has been forever altered. He can have everything he desires, if he’s willing trust Cade with his heart.
When the reality of loving a man in uniform sets in, Jason must find the strength within himself to believe and know that love is worth fighting for.

Adult Excerpt:

Jason nodded and tugged at his uniform shirt. “Off! Take it off!”

“Hmm, bossy, aren’t we?”

“No, needy. Get it off.”

Cade made short work of removing his uniform and boots, while Jason stripped his own clothes off and stepped into the shower.

“Is that a hint that I stink?”

“Not at all,” Jason said, moving the curtain enough to give Cade a view of his naked, wet body. “I figured you would want a shower after travelling and I wasn’t willing to wait until you were clean to have you in my ass.”

Cade smiled and nodded. It had been a toss-up what he’d wanted first. Jason’s idea meant he didn’t have to figure it out. Cade stepped into the shower and ran his hands over Jason’s body. He’d missed this, missed being able to touch his lover whenever and however he wanted. His cock was hard and demanding. One of Jason’s hands wrapped around his shaft, the other manipulated his balls.

“Oh God!” Cade moaned, fisting Jason’s cock, swiping the forming pre-cum across the head and down his length.

Jason turned and offered Cade his ass.

Cade dropped to his knees and spread Jason’s cheeks, intent on tasting his lover before screwing him. Bright purple plastic stared back at him.

“What the—”

“I told you I wasn’t willing to wait. I stretched myself earlier and used one of the plugs. I might not mind the burn of your cock stretching me, but we’d both hate to have to wait to prep me,” Jason said over his shoulder.

Cade bit the buttock in front of him, withdrew the toy from Jason’s body and let it fall to the floor of the tub then stood. He reached around Jason for the bottle of lube that had been stuffed into the shower caddy then coated his cock.

“Are you ready?” Cade asked, positioning the tip of his shaft at Jason’s entrance.

“Yes, do it!”

Cade nodded and pushed forwards slow and steady until he was fully seated. The last bands of tension and fear released. He was home. He loved and was loved by the man of his dreams. Cade waited for Jason to adjust to his invasion before withdrawing most of his length. Sheathing himself in Jason’s body was unbelievable and he rocketed his hips back and forth. Bracing himself with one hand on the wall, he wrapped the other around Jason’s cock and stroked in time to his thrusts. Moments later, Jason careened over the edge, his body almost painfully clenching Cade’s shaft. Riding out Jason’s orgasm, Cade thrust a handful of times more before falling over the same cliff, shooting load after load into Jason’s body.

“Mine,” Cade said, kissing Jason’s shoulder, raising a mark as he did. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Why don’t we clean up and see about a repeat performance?” Jason offered, meeting Cade’s lips over his shoulder. “I’ll always be yours.”

“And I’ll always be yours,” Cade echoed.


Lyra L7 said...

Wow,I loved the excerpt!!!
Besides it being hot, now I want to know what happens afterwards...

Lyra L

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So need the book NOW!!

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I'd love to read this story.

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I enjoyed that! Hope I win the hop! Thanks!

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Great extract and yummy covers I'm going to have to read all these me thinks :-D

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Great excerpt.That scene was so sweet and hot! Can't wait to read more about Cade and Jason. Thanks for the blog hop.


Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Awesome excerpt! I can't wait to read the rest of the book..*S* I love that cover...*S* This story sounds like a strong emotional read, my favorite. Adding to my must list..*S*
Thank you for the giveaway!

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Oh my. Interesting characters.

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Awesome excerpt! Please count me in I'd love to find out what happens next to Cade and Jason...


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Love men in uniform, the book looks terrific. please count me in.


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