Monday, February 27, 2012

KevaD and Whistle Pass

Thank you so much, Sara, for inviting me to your blog. You’re very brave.

Hello, everyone. On book covers, I’m KevaD. In real life, I’m David Kentner, army vet, retired police chief, and former auctioneer. I also deal in antiques, but my wife keeps tearing off her price tag.

My first published book was a romantic MM comedy titled “Out of the Closet.” The only sex in the story occurs at the very end, and then just a touch of it. I wasn’t sure how a story of two gay men, written by a straight man, would go over. Especially one without sex scenes. I now have twelve books out - MM, MF, and one FF. Sometimes I included active sex, other times not. “Out of the Closet” remains my personal bestseller, and continues to sell even though we’re approaching the second anniversary of the book’s publication.

It wasn’t until three men I’ve known for twenty years approached me at a flea market that I understood one of the draws to that story. They thanked me for not including active sex. Yeah, they read the book. Robert, openly gay to his friends, closeted to his neighbors and community, asked if I would consider writing a suspense story without sex. The other two, a couple in secret except, again, to their friends, chimed in their support.

These men are my friends. How the hell could I say ‘no’? Not that I even thought about turning down the opportunity, because I didn’t. I went to work on “Whistle Pass” the next week.

A whistle pass is actually the name given by old time paddle wheel boat captains to the signal they’d send out in the fog when entering a narrow channel. If another boat replied, the captains hugged the channel’s starboard edges to avoid colliding. The idea of two men living in times so dangerous they’d risk their budding relationship becoming but a whistle pass came to mind.

I was born in Savanna, IL, a small river town where at the time freighters still used horn blasts to signal their locations in the fog. Savanna seemed fitting for the story’s location, and the town of Whistle Pass came to life. The Savanna I lived in as a boy was filled with corruption and illegal gambling protected by the mayor and police department. Naturally, I had to include what now seems like a writer’s godsend into the tale of Charlie and Gabe.

So, there you have the story behind the story.

Thanks for having me here. I suppose I should mention the Thermos of coffee I brought you came from that cop running radar down the street when he was busy writing a ticket. I waved so he’d know where you live. He didn’t look too happy.


On the battlefields of WWII Europe, Charlie Harris fell in love, and after the war, Roger marched home without a glance back. Ten years later, Charlie receives a cryptic summons and quickly departs for his former lover’s hometown of Whistle Pass.  

But Roger Black isn’t the lover of Charlie’s dreams anymore. He’s a married, hard-bitten political schemer who wants to secure his future by destroying evidence of his indiscreet past. Open homosexuality is practically a death sentence, and that photo would ruin Roger and all his wife’s nefarious plans.

Caught up in foggy, tangled events, Charlie turns to hotel manager Gabe Kasper for help, and Gabe is intrigued by the haunted soldier who so desperately desires peace. When helping his new lover places Gabe in danger, the old warrior in Charlie will have to take drastic action to protect him... or condemn them both.

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David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thanks for letting me hang out here, Sara.

Cari Silverwood said...

That's actually a really great idea for a story David. Good luck with the release. I love all that background story even if I don't read m/m. Sounds like you have a market waiting for you.

Dawn Roberto said...

Hi David and thanks for sharing. Congrats on the new book. Got it on my wish list.

Aimee said...
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Aimee said...

Thanks for wanting to hang out, David. The post was great. Thanks Sara, for putting David up and giving him a place to hang out.

(I should not be allowed to post ANYTHING until I've had at least 2 cups of coffee...sheesh, I need a keeper!)

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hi Cari,

Thank you. I'm grateful you took the time to drop in and comment.

Oh, Dawn!!
That makes my gray hair shine.
Hmm. That didn't make much sense. I need coffee.
Thank you!!

Hello Aimee,
I appreciate your comments very much.
Yeah, I'm in need of a coffee injection as well.
Thank you for stopping by!

R. Renee Vickers said...

This looks wonderful, David! Wishing you much success and many sales!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thank you, Renee.
I'm grateful you came by.

Evanne said...

Whistle Pass is simply wonderful. Please keep writing David!

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hi Evanne!
Thank so much.

Lorraine Pearl said...

Congrats, David. I loved reading about the story behind the story, too. Good luck.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thank you, Lorraine!
We appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Jadette Paige said...

A price tag on Virgina? Ummm, looks over at hubby to see cash possibilities. Shakes head, no, don't think it will work. He might leave the tag on.

Great interview baby! Keep 'em coming!

Sara York said...

David, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. I know I've found my next read in Whistle Pass. I enjoyed learning how the story came about.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hi Jadette!

Bless you for coming by.
I might have to rethink the price tag as well. An antiques customer stopped the other day and Virginia asked if he lived around here... from the back door...sixty feet away.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thank YOU, Sara, for being so kind as to allow me to be here. I really do appreciate it and I'm looking forward to your visit to my blog in the near future.

Amber Green said...

I love this story.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Thank you, Amber!