Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Briefs the last episode of Mike's Way

Hello and welcome to my fourth week of Wednesday Briefs! I'm continuing on with Paulo and Mike's story but this will be the last update on my blog. Look for the end of Mike's way to be released in April. If you didn't catch it, click here and see where Mike and Paulo started their story.

Wednesday Brief's is flash fiction that will make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry, or even make you horny! This week, we had these prompts: "...the trial cannot proceed." Or use the alternative prompts: lily, dust pan, sugar coated, or a close encounter of the (fill in the blank) kind, or Parthenon, virile, slander, or "The purple-headed monster reared its angry head."

Today I used Parthenon, virile, slander,

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Scarlett Knight     m/f
Nephylim     m/m
Eden Connor    m/f

MC Houle    m/m

Now I give you Mike's Way

Mike turned off the shower, his eyes downcast. How had he blown so quickly? What was wrong with him? He was young and virile. Paulo dried his torso with the towel and Mike couldn’t help but stare. The guy was beyond beautiful. Desire filled him again. He should be exhausted and ready for bed but sleep was the last thing he was thinking about.

“Let me dry you,” Paulo said. He stroked the towel over Mike’s chest, paying special attention to his bellybutton and pecs.

Mike threw back his head and groaned. “This feels good. You feel good.”

“Glad you like it and I know you will like what I have planned next.”

“What?” Mike asked.

“Do you have any rope?”

Mike shivered, his imagination went to work as thoughts of Paulo above him, dominating him.

“Damn, you want it bad.” Mike grabbed both of Paulo’s arms, holding them overhead with one hand. Paulo pushed him into the cold shower wall. “Look at me and don’t move.”

Mike’s brain fuzzed as he stared at Paulo, trying to focus on the commands his lover gave.

“Spread your legs.”

Paulo inched his feet apart, swallowing over the excitement running through his body.

“Good, you’re doing wonderfully. Now, I want you to tell me where your rope is.”

“I don--I don’t have any.”

“Hmm, that means I’m going to have to improvise. I might even have to spank you for not having rope.”

“Please,” Mike hissed.

“Please what?”

Mike fumbled for an answer, his words sputtered out of his mouth. “I don’t have anything. I just want you to tie me up...What, I don’t know what you expect, I just--”
Paulo’s fingers pressed against Mike’s lips, hushing him. The tension he’d been holding in his body melted away at Paulo’s touch.

“Relax. We’ll find something that will work.” Paulo leaned in, his eyes dark with passion. Their lips brushed together gently before Paulo pulled away.

“I want you,” Mike whispered, his fingers starting to go numb as Mike kept him pinned against the wall.

“When I ask you a question, say yes sir.”

Mike felt so stupid about babbling.

“Hey, come on. I want to look through your closet and see what I can use.”

“Yes sir.” Mike happily followed behind Paulo, watching him strut through the bedroom over to his closet.

Paulo stopped and stared at the art over Mike's bed. "Interesting."

"Again, my aunt. She loved ancient Greek mythology so she painted the Parthenon. It's cool." Mike loved the way his aunt had put paint to almost every wall, doing some type of mural or art work. "My aunt was accused of lying about her art then of slander by another artist a few years ago. It disturbed her so much she left the city, moved to Los Angeles."

Paulo searched through his clothes, grabbing a belt and the tie from his blue bathrobe. Mike licked his lips, wondering if Paulo would let him touch him right now. He didn’t want to mess up and make Paulo angry. Usually he was so sure of himself, confident and in control, but with Paulo he felt different. The man made him quiver in a good way.

“Lay down on your bed. Face down.”

“Oh God.”

Paulo lifted his right eyebrow.

Mike shivered. “Yes sir.”

Mike lay face down. He glanced back over his shoulder at Paulo, curious to what he was doing. With belt in hand, Paulo leered at him.

“I’ll make sure you enjoy this. Trust me.”

Need pumped through him, turning him rock hard and leaving him ready to come again. “Yes sir.”


M-C. Houle said...

We have to wait until April? Geez. that's cruel!
It was really hot, and I will read it when it'll be out.
Good Job!

Eden Connor said...

I loved this Sara, well done!

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Very hot indeed! Will you be posting the whole story here in April then?

Sara York said...

I'll be doing an Amazon free read and probably posting the rest of it here.

Anonymous said...

Although i havent said hi til now, i have been reading your blog and loving it. Maintain up the wonderful work! Cheers!