Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Briefs Mike's Way Continued

Hello and welcome to my third week of Wednesday Briefs! I'm continuing on with Paulo and Mike's story. If you didn't catch it, click here and see where Mike and Paulo started their story.

Wednesday Brief's is flash fiction that will make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry, or even make you horny! This week, we had these prompts: I got you under my skin. The alternate prompts are:  Use Paul Bunyan, bad food, and wishes, or use paper mache in your story, or make a Doctor Seuss reference.

Today I used "I got you under my skin."

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And now I give you the continuing story of Mike's Way

Mike shut the front door, lust pumping through his veins. Paulo stood still in the entryway, his eyes on the huge stained-glass window in the den.

“Impressive,” Paulo said.

“Yeah. It’s my aunt’s old place. She was an artist.”

“It’s nice.”

Mike reached for Paulo’s hand, pulling him close. They were in each other’s space, their cheeks almost touching. Paulo’s breath tickled his neck, raising goose bumps on his skin. Their chest’s rose and fell as they breathed, pressing against each other with each intake of air.

Paulo tilted his head, skimming his lips over Mike’s chin. Mike wrapped his arms around Paulo’s waist, brushing his hips against Paulo’s abs.

Paulo groaned. “Feels good.”

Mike nestled his head in Paulo’s neck, nipping his earlobe. “I want you.”

“Yes,” Paulo hissed.

Mike stepped back, his graze raked over Paulo. “You look so good. Delicious.”

“Shower. Now,” Paulo commanded.

Pleasure snaked through Mike’s body. Paulo had shown some dominance earlier just outside the door. His show of control intrigued Mike. Just now when Paulo ordered him to the shower, the urge to submit raced through him.

“This way.” Mike usually stayed in control during sex. He’d let loose a few times, but normally he wasn’t the type to allow anyone to tell him what to do. But with Paulo, submission seemed thrilling.

Mike stepped into the bathroom and his stomach took a little dip. He wondered if Paulo would be pleased with him. A sudden bout of uncertainty washed over him. Pleasing Paulo became his focus.

“Mike, take off your shirt.”

Mike’s hands shook as he pulled his shirt overhead. He reached for his pants but Paulo stayed his hand, his eyes drilling into Mike’s. Blood rushed to Mike's dick, leaving him hard as a rock.

“I want to touch you before those come off,” Paulo said.

Paulo’s fingers feathered over Mike's torso, tracing his pecks and the line of hair down to his bellybutton. Mike sucked in a breath, his balls contracting from Paulo’s touch.

“You feel so good, sedoso. Silky,” Paulo said.

Mike closed his eyes, drawing in a deep breath and letting it go slowly. Paulo’s fingers traced the waistband of Mike’s pants. Every touch from Paulo left him craving more. His dick throbbed with need.

“I want you to unbutton your pants.”

“Yes,” Mike said. He obeyed Paulo’s command, only unbuttoning the pants even though he wanted to slide them off and stand naked in front of Paulo. He didn’t adlib, didn't move. What Paulo wanted is what he wanted.

“Good, you are doing well. I’m pleased,” Paulo praised him.

The thrill of being praised by Paulo filled Mike. Paulo stroked his skin where his jeans were open, causing Mike’s dick to leak pre-come. He groaned and pushed his hips forward, searching for relief.

“Ah, are you going to be naughty every time I praise you?” Paulo asked, his accent becoming thicker as the time dragged on.

“No, I’ll be good. I got you under my skin, I can't be bad with you.”

Paulo stepped close, his hands cupping Mike’s face. “Very nice. If you’re good, I’ll reward you. You like rewards, no?”

“Please, reward me,” Mike begged.

“Unzip your pants now.”

Mike took hold of the zipper key and pushed it down. The relief was only temporary as his fingers brushed against his cock. He wanted so much more than just brief contact with his dick.

“Take off your pants and underwear.” Paulo’s voice was thick now, his desire evident with each word.

Mike pushed his pants and underwear over his hips, exposing his dick to the cool air. Paulo gasped when Mike’s dick sprung free.

“Mue Deus, você é linda. You are beautiful.”

Mike stood totally naked, showing off his body to Paulo. From the way Paulo stared at him, Mike knew he was pleased. Paulo licked his lips, his eyes roving over Mike’s body.

“Turn on the water while I strip. I desire to soap you and run my fingers over your beautiful skin.”

Mike couldn’t look away as Paulo stripped out of his clothes. He fumbled with the tap, trying to get the temperature correct as Paulo unbuttoned his pants and slid down his zipper, his gaze on Mike as he undressed.

Paulo dropped his pants, granting Mike the view he’d been dying to get for weeks. His breath stalled in his chest and his heart skipped a beat. Dizziness washed over him as he took in naked Paulo. No doubt, he’d died and gone to heaven.


Nephylim said...

I loved it. I hope that Mike is a very very good boy and get lots and lots of treats :)

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Getting good, can't wait to see more. Every time I see the title, I think of Mikey Way lol

Cia said...

Very erotic in a kinky d/s sort of way. I liked it.