Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Briefs The Meet

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, the post that will make you smile, laugh, cry, or just enjoy the story. This week the prompt is - "Love is like basketball because...."Or the alternative prompts are: Doctor Who, banana,  Elvis Presley (for extra points, work in the word Daleks), or "Burn, baby, burn....", or litigation, sandwich, auto-erotic asphyxiation, and lastly "It's time to make the doughnuts..."

I chose Doctor Who, banana, Elvis Presley and Daleks, for the extra point!

Enjoy The Meet

Four days into Spring Break, Matt wondered if he'd ever meet anyone. So he hadn't gone to the beach, or skiing, or anywhere else fun, but he'd hoped to run into another lonely guy willing to take a chance. Duh, idiot, everyone’s abandoned the town. He should have picked up the extra hours at work, earning the cash to go play with other hot bodies.

Tonight's exciting events included a Doctor Who marathon with Daleks and all. Pathetic! At least he hadn't reduced himself to eating banana splits every night for dinner. Blowing up like a balloon over the break wouldn't do him any favors once the hot guys came home.

Matt stood, pulled up his shirt and checked his body in the mirror. He didn't look half bad, not as good as Charlie, his downstairs straight neighbor, but not too shabby. The Doctor Who episode started, one with David Tennant. It was the one where the Doctor and Rose planned on seeing an Elvis Presley concert, but they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not his favorite episode, but he had no other plans for the evening.

The night wore on, and Matt thought of ordering pizza, then he glanced down at his abs, dissatisfied with their shape. He ran across the street to grab a chicken salad during the "Fear Her" episode. He didn't like that one anyways.

The restaurant, a place he’d never eaten before, was empty. No one at the tables, and no one behind the counter. Crap was everyone gone?

“Hello? Anyone here.” Matt threw up his hands and turned to leave.

“Hey, I’m here. Don’t leave.”

Matt searched for the man that went with the voice. He didn’t see a soul. “Where are you?”

“Under here.” The voice called from the kitchen.

Matt moved towards the kitchen, stopping at the door. “Um, where?”

The guy laughed and crawled out from under a table in the corner, a screwdriver in hand. “Sorry, had to fix a few things.”

“Are you open?”

“Yeah, but I’m the only one here. Everyone else took off.”

Matt watched the guy move through the kitchen. At first he’d written this strange dude off as someone he would never be interested in, then the guy removed his ball cap, allowing curly dark hair to spill down around his shoulders, and Matt took notice. The stranger turned and flashed a smile that sent shockwaves through Matt’s body.

“So, you want something to eat? Pick a table and I’ll grab you a drink. I’m Brian by the way.” He stuck out his hand for Matt to shake but pulled back. “Sorry, I’m filthy.” Brian glanced down at his clothes and groaned. “Damn, let me change shirts, I’m a total mess. After that, I’ll get on some food for you. Go ahead, find a seat.”

Matt glanced at the table Brian had been under. “So is that table fine.”

“Um, yeah.” Brian hooked his thumbs in the hem of his shirt and pulled the material overhead, exposing his chest and glorious abs.

Heat rose on Matt’s cheeks and lust pumped through his veins. “Wow.”

Brian gazed up, his eyebrows rose in confusion. “Pardon?”

“I’m sorry, just never mind me.” Brian spun around, wishing for an easy escape.

“You think I’m hot, don’t you?”

Footsteps drew closer, but Matt was too afraid to turn. “I’m sorry,” he stammered. “I’ll go.”

“Don’t you dare leave.”

Matt peeked over his shoulder, his gaze dipping to Brian’s perfect body once again before looking him in the eyes. He swallowed, surprised at the lust burning there.

“You’re gay, right?” Brian asked.

Matt hadn’t been asked point blank before. He’d gone to a few clubs, experienced the lifestyle and had some fun, but he’d never had to out himself. The words he’d been so proud to shout at the Gay Pride event last summer died on his tongue.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’m gay too,” Brian laughed.

“I thought so.” Matt chewed his bottom lip, wondering how delicious Brian’s abs would taste.

“Why so afraid when I asked?”

“I don’t know. It’s the first time I’ve been asked directly. I mean, if I go to the clubs the other guys don’t ask, they assume.”

Brian touched Matt’s arm, sending shockwave through his body. They stood connected for a long moment, neither of them moving. The slow smile on Brian’s lips turned Matt inside out. He forgot about the Doctor Who marathon, David Tennant, and his empty belly, his focus zeroed in on Brian, the hot and sexy hunk he’d found at the restaurant across the street from his apartment.

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Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

That's some very hot writing.

Sara York said...

Thanks Michael. That means a lot.

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Wow, that is so hot! Need more!

Nephylim said...

Yummy yummy. I should eat out more often. What is it with everyone writing about food this week. You're all making me hungry.

Love the story. Nice twists and the use of the Dr Who and Elvis prompts was awesome

Sara York said...

I like these two guys. I'm not sure they'll have a repeat performance, but they were nice.

Scarlett Knight said...

Yeah, I agree, very smooth use of the prompt! Nice job :)

Sara York said...

Thanks Scarlet. It was the Doctor, he's easy to work into anything for me.

AJ said...

Oh I like this. Please say there is more Brian and Matt next week?!?