Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beckham Behind the Scenes, Elle and Adidas

Okay, so Beckham is going to be the first male to be featured on the cover of ELLE. Yes, they've had other men on the cover, but never alone. THE Beckham will be all alone on the cover so I thought I needed another Beckham blog. Why? Hell, you don't need a why for Beckham.

Mr. Beckham has gotten much better looking with age. He was very appealing when he was younger, but age has added a depth that is alluring. I hope you enjoy the images of Beckham.


Carlos Romero said...

That Adidas commercial was really well done and intriguing made me watch the entire thing

Sara York said...

I know Carlos, that was an awesome commercial. I'm usually not into commercials, but that was worth it.