Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mike's Way, the ending

If you were reading Mike's Way I've written the ending. It's available from ARe for free.

The haunting refrain of Stairway to Heaven echoed through the bar as Paulo stacked the chairs on the tables. Only he and Mike were still there; the waitresses had taken off five minutes ago after cleaning the tables.

Mike spent his time polishing the glasses, his back turned to Paulo, ignoring him. Paulo stacked the last of the chairs, discounting the awareness for the other man that wound through him. Mike hadn’t ever said anything that would lead Paulo to believe he was gay, but Paulo had a hunch. Of course since Paulo was from Brazil and Mike from the US, they didn’t communicate as well as they should. Usually Mike glared across the room as time ticked by while Paulo mopped the floor. It wasn’t his least favorite job at the bar, but when he’d hired on as bouncer, he’d agreed to clean up afterwards.

As he cleaned he thought about Mike’s full lips and his broad shoulders. Mike’s slim hips and curvy ass weren’t too bad either. The guy was built well, but it was his smile that did Paulo in. He wasn’t paying attention to where Mike had moved and jumped, letting out a yelp when he backed into the guy.

“Perdão, Eu não...Sorry, I didn’t know you were there.” Paulo cursed his inability to remember to speak English. He hoped Mike didn't complain about him being clumsy. He swore the guy didn’t like him and now this. He might lose his job.

Mike stepped forward and blocked Paulo in a corner, trapping him between a table and the wall. Paulo’s gaze connected with Mike’s and lust shot straight to his dick. Mike stared at him for a long moment. Sweat trickled down Paulo’s back as he held still, wondering if Mike was about to do something like punch him.

Mike’s hand rose and Paulo flinched. Mike hesitated then reached out, smoothing the pad of his thumb over Paulo’s rough stubble. Paulo held his breath as Mike closed in on him, taking the mop and setting it against the wall. They were only inches from each other, and for the first time Paulo noticed the blue flecks in Mike’s dark eyes. He’d believed the guy had brown eyes but now he saw their true color.

The first in the New Orleans Nights series.

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