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More of Jeff's Way on Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, the post that will make you smile, laugh, cry, or just enjoy the story. A few weeks ago I had a Briefs story called Mike's Way, if you would like to pick up the ending it's available at AllRomance for free. Last week I started the second story in the New Orleans Nights series with Jeff's Way. 

At any rate, here we go!  The next prompt is: "Hit me with your best shot"  or use these alternate prompts: "I can see clearly now...", or use these alternate prompts: canvas, moustache, pond, or "I'd follow you anywhere", or "Take your clothes off or I'll....", or chicken, pantomime, stock market, or "His/her eyes were as green as..."

I used His eyes were as green as...

More of Jeff's Way

Jeff arrived early to work and sat in his car, hoping to run into Cam on the way in. He hadn't actually fallen back to sleep after his little jerk off session. Thinking about it embarrassed the heck out of him. What would Cam think if he knew the way Jeff used thoughts of him? If he ever had to tell Cam that he jerked off almost every day just thinking about Cam's bubble butt and broad shoulders he would die of embarrassment. Jeff's dick plumped up and he cursed himself for letting his thoughts go so far.

He pushed open his car door and stepped out right into Janice's arms. "Jeff, so good to see you. You know, you owe me that date from the raffle for my alumni group. It was so good of you to throw your name into the hat for charity's sake."

Jeff wanted to groan, but he smiled instead. "Looking forward to it Janice." She smiled up at him before hugging him tight, crushing her breasts to his chest. I have to get out of this. No one at work knew he was gay. He wasn't just in any closet, he had a full walk-in with loads of built in storage to leave him feeling comfy while he denied the truth.

He turned to grab his laptop case out of the trunk of his car and froze. Cam stood by the back end, his mouth turned down in a frown and sadness filled his eyes. Oh crap! Cam took off across the parking lot, his gait stiff as he headed into the building where they both worked.

The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt Cam and that's exactly what he'd done. Not that they'd already had a relationship, hell they barely spoke at the office. He'd hoped to hide the charity date Janice had talked him into giving away. It was a good cause, downs syndrome support and research. His big sister had been a downs baby. She died when he was ten so he barely knew her, but he loved her still.

Jeff went in search of Cam, hoping to catch him before he had to hustle into his first meeting. He raced into the lobby and around the corner, headed to the bank of elevators when Marci, one of the secretaries stepped out from behind a pillar and smashed into him, spilling her iced coffee down his shirt.

"Jeff, I'm so sorry. Here, let me...Crap, that's bad. I don't think I can help much."

The shock held him still for a moment as he digested what this meant. Luckily, he had extra clothes in his car. "It's okay, Marci. I'll go clean up a bit then change. Could you tell Mr. Johnson that I might be a little late?"

Jeff headed into the men’s room, letting the door close behind him before he let the curse words fly. "Fucking shit day."

The back stall opened and Cam walked out. They both froze, Cam taking in the brown stain spreading across Jeff's shirt and pants. Suddenly Cam jumped into action, grabbing a wad of paper towels.

"Here, let me help you." Cam dropped to his knees and started blotting the coffee off of Jeff's shoes as Jeff loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

Jeff felt his dick respond to Cam on his knees. Soon his boner would be evident to Cam who would be eye-level to Jeff's crotch if he sat up just a bit and turned his focus off of the shoes. Cam must have sensed his attention because he looked up and gasped.

"Not exactly how I thought I would get you on your knees in front of me." Jeff clamped his mouth shut as heat raced up his neck to his face. He couldn't believe he'd spoken that out loud and from the look on Cam's face he couldn't either.

Cam lowered his gaze, his eyes bugging out when he glanced at Jeff's huge bulge. Cam's gaze shot back to him, his face turning scarlet as they stared at each other. His eyes were as green as the water at the base of Havasu Falls and Jeff wanted to dive in, forgetting work and just spend the day swimming in Cam’s allure.

Jeff reached for Cam’s hand and pulled him to standing. They were the same height so they stood eye to eye as electricity arced between them.


“I’m only going on that date because it was for charity. My sister had Downs and I couldn’t say no.” Normally he was in complete control of every situation but Cam threw him off balance and made him do the dumbest stuff. Like right now, he was going to kiss the guy. He leant in, closing the distance between them, his lips only a hair’s breath away when the main door to the bathroom opened and Cam jumped back. “Fuck,” Jeff whispered as he finished taking off his shirt while watching Cam toss the paper towels in the bin and head out of the bathroom.

“Dang, Jeff, looks like you were on the losing end of the cup of coffee.”

“Hey Miller. It sucks.”

“Need a shirt?” Miller asked.

“I’m good. I have clothes out in my car. I’ll be upstairs in about twenty.”

Jeff left the bathroom wondering how the hell he was going to get some alone time with Cam. They’d been so close to kissing, so close to him asking the guy out. Before he left work today he would corner Cam and get him to say yes to dinner.

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MA Church said...

Ah man! Sooo close!!! What rotten timing-not to mention having to wait to next week, lol. ;)


Talismania said...

Love the build-up and those obstacles! These two are already hot. :)

Savannah Chase said...

Ohhh, you tease...Can't wait for more..

Sara York said...

I can't help but be a tease with this one. They are too cute not to drag it out. They need more than just a quick go at it.

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Another great chapter, but now I have to wait *pouts*

Nephylim said...

Damn. So hot. So close. Beautiful. I have to agree with the others, they are so hot already and they haven't even kissed. I love the way Jeff loses it in front of Cam :)

Sara York said...

Thanks for the kind words. Jeff tries to stay in control but Cam just drives him crazy.

ashlynn monroe said...

Ooohhh I like these characters!