Friday, April 13, 2012

Second Take on How Homosexuals Are Ruining Marriage and Families

Back in October I wrote a post about the dangers of homosexuality and how it impacts marriage. At the time there was a bunch of hubbub going around, people stating how homosexuals were ruining the American family unit and the dangers to marriage if homosexuals were allowed to marry.

My position hasn't changed. There is no way, no how, now means possible or even contemplate-able or any stretch of the imagination big enough to say that homosexuals have or even could endanger or threaten marriage. First off, homosexuals are not breaking down doors, pulling men or women from their houses and forcing them to cheat on their spouses. Homosexuals, though some of them do dress nicely and work out, thus looking amazing, they are not forcing the married American public or the public at large in any other nation to over spend and have money troubles, which most married couples site as the "reason" why they break up.

Homosexuals are not conspiring to look more interesting than straights because they are comfortable getting tattoos and showing off their bodies. They aren't taking over the world with fun drag queens and they certainly aren't ruining heterosexual sex.

The gay men and women of America have done nothing wrong in the demise and destruction of marriage and family values. They are innocent and to say otherwise is ignorance at it's best. If you believe gays are ruining your marriage, open your eyes and your mind and see that you are the problem, not gay people.

Recently a group of child actors did a video. It's priceless. Please watch, but I warn you, don't drink while watching. It's at Funny or Die


C R Guiliano said...

Hear, hear!! I completely agree and have never understood how anyone can think gay people have anything to do with the decline of marriage. For that matter, because of the struggles they have to go thru just to be equal, they make better spouses and parents then people who take marriage and family for granted. Great post Sara!

Anne Holly said...

Oh yeah. It's been nothing but mayhem in the streets here in Canada since laws changed in 2005.

Why, just a moment ago some strange jogger I didn't know actually... waved at me and said good morning!

It's getting scary.

Sara York said...

Anne, I've always worried about Canada and the change of laws. It sounds so dangerous having joggers and such waving at you and saying good morning. *Gasp* We are warned, warned I tell you.

Carah, thanks. It is amazing that people are so screwed up on this issue.

Anne Holly said...

That's nothing - I think I just spotted a piece of litter.

Anarchy cannot be too far behind!

Anne Holly said...

Honestly, my American siblings, all kidding aside - it's been almost seven years here, and we're fine. People still get married, have kids, live their lives, hold whatever values they keep sacred. We're fine. Civilization didn't crack.

Sometimes change feels weird, and sometimes equal rights make people uncomfortable if they aren't the ones oppressed, but society adjusts - and should adjust.

Again: Canada is fine. You will be, too, I promise.

Erin said...

First, the video was freaking hilarious! I literally laughed out loud! Too funny.
I don't know why anyone would have a problem with gay marriage. Opponents claim marriage is sacred and holy but let's look at the facts. Marriage was created as a contract in order to exchange property--women. There is nothing holy about that. Secondly, if marriage is so sacred, then why are there divorces? Won't opponents burn in hell if they get a divorce b/c that would basically be like shitting on God. If gays aren't allowed to get married because of its sanctity, then no one should be allowed to get a divorce. Equality, my friends. Hell, I only got married for the tax breaks. I don't a piece of paper or religion telling me how I should treat my husband. I know I will love him forever. I don't need to make vows stating such. But that's a different topic...
It's nice to know there are others out there that think this sort of discrimination is appalling and barbaric. Way to go, Sara!

Sara York said...

Thank you Erin, I agree about the divorce thing. The people who think marriage is so special should be barred from ever getting divorced.

Jennifer James said...

Your title freaked me out a bit. When I saw it on Triberr I thought I was going to come here and want to puke because of some kind of hate filled vitriol.

Thank God this was a sensible and sensitive post about the idiocy running rampant through my country. I'm generally proud to live where I do and enjoy the immense freedom inherent in that, but this stuff about homosexuals makes me so pissed off I can't see straight.

Love is love. Families are families. People need each other. And real love means that you accept and nurture the ones around you.

Sara York said...

Jennifer, it's sad that I have to title it that way to have any chance of the idiots who believe in that crap to actually come to this blog and read the words. Of course I'm probably kidding myself, thinking that anyone who believes that homosexuals are to blame would read more than one sentence then cave, unable to even stomach the second line. Ugh, if only we could get through to the people who think homosexuals are to blame.

Barbara Mazzuca said...

Kudos Sara. Really great post. I'm you warned about not drinking during that video. LMAO!!

susie kline said...

Love love love the video! Thanks for writing about this!

The Romanceaholic said...

Awww they need to leave my NPH out of this :P

Seriously though, the whole "gays threaten marriage" is such EPIC bullshit. I'm very ashamed to live in a state whose constitution has defined marriage as "one man, one woman" >:(


One day we'll catch up with the rest of modern civilization. I hope.

Raiscara Avalon said...

There is only ONE way that it ruins traditional marriage - and that's being married to a closet homosexual. (Personal experience;)) But that is no different than regular marriage where one or the other "steps out" of the marriage.

Wish everyone would just leave them alone. My ex-husband and the father of my daughter would thank you. :)

Sara York said...

Yes Raiscara, that does do damage, but you do have a wonderful blessing from that marriage, your child. I hope your ex does get some peace soon and your daughter can grow up in a world where men like her father have the confidence to live in the open.