Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Briefs Jeff's Way, the second in the New Orleans Nights series

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, the post that will make you smile, laugh, cry, or just enjoy the story. A few weeks ago I had a Briefs story called Mike's Way, if you would like to pick up the ending it's available at AllRomance for free. This week I'm starting on the second story in the New Orleans Nights series with Jeff's Way.

At any rate, here we go!  The next prompt is: "Hit me with your best shot"  or use these alternate prompts:

unicorn, mandolin, some sort of plant, or "hit or miss", or "sex on the beach", or "I thought I knew (fill in the blank), until he/she....", or bartender, math, elephant

Today I used hit me with your best shot.

Introducing Jeff's Way, the second story in the New Orleans Nights series

Cam hopped off the bar stool and stretched his legs, wondering how long it would take to seduce Jeff? The guy never wavered, never did anything stupid, never messed up. He was a rock, solid in body and soul.

"Want another drink?" Mike, the bartender asked.

"No, thanks though."

"Rough day?" Mike swiped a towel over the bar and Cam noticed for the first time a gold band on his left ring finger.

"Wait," Cam said.

Mike stopped wiping the bar and cocked up an eyebrow, "Yes?"

"Your ring. Are you married? I thought you were gay."

Mike's cheeks turned pink and he smiled. "I'm gay and yes I'm married. We had a commitment ceremony last Monday. The state may not accept my status, but me and Paulo are solid."

"Wow." Cam sat back down, wondering if some of Mike's luck would rub off on him.

"So, you dating anyone?" Mike asked.


"But you want to?" Mike opened another Bud and sat on the table in front of Cam. "On the house. Why don't you hit me with your best shot and tell me what's up. The bar's quiet tonight."

Cam scrubbed his hand over his scruffy jaw, thinking about Jeff and his mile long legs, his narrow hips and his luscious shoulders. "I've got it bad. He works with me."


"You would think it was, but he's so...I don't know, strict. He's like a rock, always on time, always right, always the best at everything he does."

"Is he gay?"

Cam felt his insides turn, this was the scary part. "I don't know."

Mike let out a bark of laughter, and wiped down the bar again. "Cam, my boy, you need to figure that out before you make a move. What if the guy is into pussy? You gonna be able to stand that?"

Cam slammed down the rest of his beer, shaking his head. "Hell, I'll have to. Not like I can make him gay if he isn't."

"Does he ever come in here?" Mike asked.

"No, I've never seen him outside of work." Cam had settled up his tab earlier but threw an extra two dollars on the bar, and stood again, this time turning to the door and walking out into the muggy night. He had to get up the courage to talk to Jeff. It was driving him crazy not knowing.


Jeff threw off the covers, trying to cool off his sweat soaked body. Fuck, not another one of those dreams. Tentatively he slid his right hand down his chest, scraping his palms over his nipples and gasping at their sensitivity. As he moved his hand closer to his cock he shut his eyes, envisioning Cam on his knees, his lips pressed against the head of his dick.

“Fuck.” Jeff grabbed onto his rod, jacking once then again, all the while wishing Cam was with him in bed, sucking him, holding him and fucking him. He wanted to wrap his legs around the man and let him sink in to his willing channel, fucking him over good.

Jeff’s tight ring of muscles flexed causing him to moan. He was close to going over the edge. His balls rode high and he squeezed harder, sending him crashing over the wall of orgasmic bliss. “Cam,” he whispered, wondering how he could get the guy into his bed.

Tomorrow, somehow in the morning he would screw up enough courage to ask Cam to dinner. Fuck, that was lame. Maybe drinks. Lamer. No dinner, he would ask him to go out to that little place off of Toulouse Street.

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Talismania said...

I love New Orleans! I can just about believe I'm there while reading this. :)

MA Church said...

*Grin* sounds like they both have the same idea... now to just get them to act, lol!


Sara York said...

The Chartres House Cafe at the corner of Chartres and Toulouse has excellent food and great pecan beer.

Nephylim said...

Ah if only :) Life is made up of the things not said and the things not done. I hope at least one of them says or does something.

ashlynn monroe said...

Great short!

Victoria Blisse said...

Love stories where you get both POV's!

Elyzabeth M. VaLey said...

ohhh, who will say something first? I hope they both find the courage!

BLMorticia said...

Oh love NOLA> I have the book and can;t wait to read. Nice piece!

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Ooh, great start! The only nice thing about being behind in reading is I don't have to wait to read the next installment, I know it's there lol I love NO too, wish I could go there some day. It's just down the river from me a ways :)