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Working for a Difficult Boss - The ABCs of Erotica R is for Revenge

I want to welcome Malia to my blog this morning. I'm so glad she stopped by. Hope you enjoy.

Have you ever worked for a "difficult" boss? When I say "difficult," I, of course, mean it in the most tactful way. I'm really talking about that boss from hell. The "difficult" boss is the boss you are stuck with where you wonder how on earth he or she ever got the job they have.
I'm pretty sure most of us have encountered this kind of boss at one time or another.
I once worked at a firm where the higher ups routinely threw tantrums and sometimes literally threw things (staplers, file folders) at people. Thankfully, I myself was never a target. One would think this would lead to someone being fired….but no.
So, imagine yourself with a boss like this. You have a boss who treats you with contempt. You have a boss who doesn't respect you or your work. What do you do?
This is the dilemma faced by a character I created in one of my recent release, The ABCs of Erotica - R is for Revenge. Grace is repeatedly treated badly by her boss, Victoria. Finally, one day, Grace has had it and she quits. Luckily, her firm offers her a position in another area. She jumps at it and moves on. However, her new love interest offers her a chance to get back at Victoria.
What would you do if you were presented with an opportunity to get back at that bad boss who caused you so much trouble? Would you do it? This is fiction, fantasy, of course, but Grace cannot resist.
Excerpt from The ABCs of Erotica - R is for Revenge
Grace pretended to pout. “Michael, really, tell me what you have planned.”
“I want it to be a surprise. And I think you will be surprised.” He smiled secretively.
“Give me an idea? Just a little one?”
“Grace, there’s a part of Victoria you don’t know about. There is a sort of stereotype, which happens to have a ring of truth to it in her case. She walks all over everyone. But honestly, what she wants is someone to stand up to her.”
“How do you know this?”
Michael shrugged. “Let’s just say, Victoria has another side. One I’ve never indulged with her before. But it’s there.”
The intercom buzzed. Michael answered the doorman and after a short conversation returned to the seating area. “She’s here.”
“She’s here? Victoria? Now?” Grace's voice rose in disbelief.
He opened the door to the coat closet. “What I want you to do is step in here.”
“What? What is Victoria doing here?” Grace’s stunned confusion made her clumsy as she stepped toward the closet.
He gestured inside. “Grace, come on. She’ll be here soon. Take your wine glass.”
Grace laughed. “Alright, fine. I’ll trust you on this one.” She entered the closet and pulled the door shut. The closet had louvered slats, and if she held her head just right, she had a good view of the living room area.
Grace heard a knock on the door and saw Michael go down the hall. A moment later she could hear murmuring voices. Michael and Victoria entered the living area.
“Victoria, would you like some wine?”
“Yes, that would be lovely.” Victoria removed her wrap and tossed it over the arm of the couch. “I was so pleasantly surprised at your invitation. We should have done this before.” Her voice was warm and welcoming. Grace had never heard Victoria use that tone before. She had certainly never used it toward her.
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Ciara Ballintyne said...

Wow, throw things??? Apart from the fact that is just childish and bad behaviour,it's illegal! Starting with occupational health and safety and working right up to assault! What is wrong with people.

I'm glad I've never had a bad boss!

Great excerpt.