Sunday, May 20, 2012

Are You Enough?

Just a little piece I wrote. 

My soul lies dark, deep, twisting, turning, churching over the black abyss.
Searching for...Significance? Love? Life? All has vanished.
I look to the water; it reflects nothing.
You are not enough.

The sun has turned dark, mocking my obscurity.
I seek out importance in the bars and clubs, never finding anything worthy.
Laughable habitants, bent on destruction, drawing me in to heady wreckage.
You are not enough.

Tumble home. Seeking, exploring, dreaming that one day life will change.
Life stalls. No one cares.
No one ponders with me the significance of one lonely boy, ready to take on the world.
You are not enough.

Lost in his thoughts, unable to see clearly.
Kicked to the curb before he even has a chance.
Death awaits, its claws hook in.
You are not enough.

Run away, flee to the shore.
Time isn’t my friend. I’m old now, the youthful bounce of my step vanished.
Forever taken by the beast that has used me, consumed me, made me its bitch.
Pride, vanity, jealousy, insecurity. How can I sand up against the monster?
You are not enough.

The beast has defeated me. My vision grows dim, cloudy as the years fly by.
Buzz, the alarm rings. My eyes flutter open, clarity.
My skin is smooth. I’m the same. Youth is my friend. No monster. No beast. I live.

Time hasn’t cheated me out of today.
I can still live. I can accomplish my dreams. My dark soul can recover, if I allow.
Looking towards the sun, I rest in its beauty.
Change the chant in my head from “you are not enough” to you are perfectly enough. Live. Learn. Love. Never bow down to the beast.

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MA Church said...

That was so full of emotion.