Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jeff's Way: Another Installment for Wednesday Briefs

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Words. This week's prompts are :  "Love means never having to...."  or the alternate prompts of: use: peanuts, consideration, candelabra, or "I would have gone to .... except that I....", or "Penny for your thoughts",  or "Frankly, my dear, I don't...."

I used Frankly, my dear, I don't...

Enjoy the next installment in my New Orleans Nights series of Jeff's Way.

He watched from across the street, the family huddled around the gravesite. They’d had a private gathering for family only. He’d caught wind of the time and took the day off. He found it strange that the family hadn’t wanted anyone at the funeral. So unlike the normal New Orleans way. He guessed that those standing around the grave were family, but he had no idea. The burial was quick and efficient with the family pulling away only twenty minutes after they arrived. Seriously? He shouldn’t judge. He didn’t know what else they had planned to honor Cam’s life.

Jeff glanced around and saw no one. He hopped out of his car and strode over to the cemetery, standing in front of the grave where Cam’s burned body lay. There were so many things left unsaid. If he ever got another chance to love another he’d take it.

Tears streamed down his face, staining his cheeks. He did nothing to wipe the moisture away. Thoughts of Cam at the building’s cafeteria, laughing with friends filled his mind. Cam chatting with co-workers. Cam walking into work ahead of him, glancing back to smirk and wink like they shared a secret. Why hadn’t he just asked the dude out? He sobbed, dropping his head back and closing his eyes, wondering why someone so sweet as Cam had to die.

A hand came to rest on his shoulder and he jerked. His eyes flew open and he turned his head to stare directly into the green eyes he’d been remembering only seconds before. The air stilled and his vision drew down to a pinpoint. His head filled with rushing blood, blocking out all sound as he tried to keep his balance as the world swirled around him, tilting on its axis.

Same brown hair. Same green eyes. Same smooth skin. Strong arms came around him, locking him in a tight hug. Not a ghost, too solid.

Jeff’s knees went weak, but he shook off the confusion and pushed out of Cam’s arms. “Fuck, is that you? Cam?”

The man shook his head, sobbing harder. “No,” he wailed.

What the hell was going on here? Exactly the same lips, neck--Jeff glanced down--body, and hair. It had to be Cam, but Cam was dead, his body laid to rest. “I don’t...Cam?”

The man who he assumed was Cam calmed and wiped his nose on a handkerchief. He cleared his throat, his gaze shifting to the grave. “Reese, I’m Reese, Cam’s twin.”

The air sucked out of Jeff and again his knees threatened to buckle. Why hadn’t he known about Cam’s twin? Fuck, he ‘d been such a louse, not even getting to know the guy. Sure, he’d had fantasies about the man, wanted him like crazy, but he hadn’t actually taken the time to get to know him. Depression hit Jeff and he crumpled.

Reese caught him, pulling him up against his chest, tucking Jeff’s head into the crook of his shoulder, stroking his back and whispering calming words in his ear.

They stayed locked together for what seemed like ages, only separating when a car drove into the cemetery.

“Are you Jeff?”

His brows pinched together as he tried to remember if he’d said his name earlier. “Yes.”

“Cam talked about you all the time. Hey, we’re having our own wake over at this bar. Please say you’ll come.”

“Wake? You’re inviting me to the wake. I thought the family wanted to keep everything private.”

“Hell, they won’t be there. I didn’t even get to come to the funeral.”

“Why not?” Jeff stood a little taller as anger wove through him. Why would Cam’s family keep his twin brother away from the service?

“We were twins, everything the same, same hair color, same eye color, same sexual preference. The family didn’t like it. Both of us were kicked out after we were caught playing with one of our friends. We argued but my mom said and I quote, 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn' like she was Scarlet or something. The family disowned us.”

“Oh. I'm...sorry.”

“Yeah, not that we ever did each other, but we...Hell, I shouldn’t be telling you about this. Let’s just say that Cam and I chased and caught plenty of tail together.” Reese glanced to the sky, his eyes filling with tears.

Jeff didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around Reese, pulling him close. “Sure, I’ll come to the wake and you can tell me anything you want about Cam. I would love to hear more.”

“Okay, I’m parked around the corner. Follow me.”

Jeff and Reese headed out of the cemetery together, Jeff drinking in the site of Reese, all the while marveling at the information that Cam had a twin. It seemed too strange to be standing with the exact replica of Cam, but he wasn’t Cam. He shook his head, trying to wrap his mind around the new information.

To be continued...

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Havan said...

Oh talk about bitter sad with the opportunity to be happy...

Sara York said...

Yes there is a promise, but Cam had to die. He was too sweet.

Nephylim said...

Aww how sweet. Cam had a twin eh? Hmm... Let's hope we're not looking at rebound here. Although I guess that technically there's nothing to rebound from as there never was anything between Jeff and Cam. This is really getting interesting

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Great job, Sara, can't wait to see more!

MA Church said...

Aw, that was both so sad and bittersweet... and one hell of a twist, lol! Brilant.


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