Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jeff's Way, the fourth installment on Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs. I'm continuing the story of Jeff's Way, the second story from the New Orleans Nights series. To catch up read the beginning of Jeff's Way.

This weeks' prompts were: "That lucky old sun...", And the alternative prompts are: "The sunlight streamed in through the...", or peppermint, vodka, pole dancing, or "Brother, can you spare a dime?", or "kisses sweeter than wine", or write a time travel story involving dinosaurs.

I chose Kisses sweeter than wine.

Enjoy the third installment of Jeff's Way

Jeff laid his forehead on his arms, tears dropped onto his pants leg, the new, clean pants he’d put on after almost kissing Cam in the bathroom. Why hadn’t he kissed Cam? He should have leaned forward and brushed his mouth across Cam's sweet lips. He bet Cam would have delivered kisses sweeter than wine. Now he’d never have the chance to be with him again. Hell, for the last six months he’d wanted to kiss Cam, hold him or something but he hadn’t. Why hadn’t he?

Maybe it was because he was chicken shit. A total loser who couldn’t even tell the guy he liked that he liked him because he was afraid. For too long he’d let his fear rule his life. No more. For Cam’s memory he’d live differently. Hell, he would come out now, no longer hiding behind a layer of indifference.

The ambulance sirens bleated and Jeff looked up, focusing on the huge truck. The lights were running and the sirens wailing as the truck drove off. Jeff stood up, watching as it drove away. For a brief moment hope wound through him, maybe Cam had survived. Jeff moved through the crowd of people, keeping his eyes on the ambulance. The driver slowed and Jeff moved faster, running towards the truck. He could see in the back through the glass doors, someone was being tended to. A mask covered the person’s face, making it impossible to determine the identity. Another employee came up behind him and he turned. “Mr. Johnson, do you know who?”

“Missy Ellington.”

“Oh.” Jeff’s hope deflated, leaving him more depressed than ever.

“Two more employees are coming down on stretchers,” Johnson said.

Jeff grabbed Johnson’s shoulders, “Who?”

“Not sure, I just over heard--”

Jeff raced off, no longer listening to Johnson. He ran to the front doors but was stopped by a large fireman.

“You can’t go back in.” The fireman held onto Jeff’s arm, blocking Jeff with his big body.

“I need to know who is being brought down,” Jeff demanded.

The fireman eyed him for a brief moment. “Okay buddy. Just give me a second. I’ll call upstairs, but you have to promise to stay right here with me. No running towards the building.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Jeff didn’t want hope too much because if Cam wasn’t one of the few coming down alive, he would be crushed. His emotions were all over the place, leaving him half crazed with worry, dreading the bad news he feared would come his way.

The fireman touched a button on his shoulder and began to talk. “This is lieutenant Bailey. I need to know the names of the people you’re bringing down. Over.”

Jeff couldn’t hear anything from the fireman’s radio communication. He waited as the fireman nodded his head, saying nothing, just listening to the communication in his headset.

“Okay, I’ll tell him,” Bailey said.

Jeff wanted to force the fireman to tell him, demand the answer. The guy was being so slow. Didn’t he understand the urgency of Jeff knowing? Cam might be alive.

“First off I want to tell you that there are four people who were trapped when the fire started.”

Jeff nodded, though inside he was screaming for Bailey to talk faster, he didn’t want to interrupt the fireman and piss him off.

“The first person who came down was Missy Ellington. She’s in critical condition and we’re not sure she’s going to make it.”

“Oh God,” any anger Jeff felt towards the fireman taking his time disappeared. Missy could die. She had a baby last year. Oh fuck, this was bad.

“Delyn Miller is in good condition and coming down now.”

“Okay,” Jeff whispered.

“Then there are two other men up there. Neither of them have ID’s”

“Can you ask their names?” Jeff interrupted.

The fireman’s eyes glanced away, a terrible frown marred his features. “No, we can’t.”

“Oh no.” Jeff clutched the fireman’s thick coat, puling him close. “God no, are they alive.”

“Only one of them made it. The other was trapped behind the worst of it. The men tried to save him, but he didn’t make it. I’m sorry.”

The door to the front of the building opened. Two firemen carried a man on a stretcher but Jeff couldn’t tell who had survived.

To be continued

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Julie Lynn Hayes said...

I'll be on pins and needles til I know Cam is okay! Argh! Crying already!

MA Church said...

*Laugh* Very large pins and very sharp needles 'til next week! ;)


Talismania said...

Wow! Way to drive up the tension. I anticipate some high emotion next week, too. :)

VampWriter said...

I'm ready to pull my hair out!

lily sawyer said...

oh no you DIDN'T! you just did not give us a cliffhanger!