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Blood Demon Sacrifice

Recently I received the rights back for Blood Demon Sacrifice. So I put it back up on Amazon. Hope you enjoy.  Purchase Blood Demon Sacrifice - AmazonAReSmashwords

Blurb - James Skylar is a Protector by trade and a powerful witch by birth. His new charge has more power than he ever dreamt of, if she would only learn to use it. James is willing to do anything to protect Amy … even kill her if the Blood Demon gets too close.

They must work together to fend off the attacks by Heinrich, the blood demon, and survive two other factions who want Heinrich dead and therefore they want Amy dead. After escaping bullets, demons, and rogue cops Amy and James think they can defeat Heinrich, but the old blood demon won’t die easy.

Excerpt - 

Chapter 1

Metallic screeching, ripping, and squealing erupted down the hall, echoing through the building. “What the hell was that?” Amy Sundowsky shoved the tranq gun into her pocket and ran a few steps down the hall towards the commotion. Turning a corner she saw the first of the wounded. Pain exploded in her frontal lobe and wrapped around her head, blanketing her in a haze of nausea and throbbing. She dropped to her knees, smacking the floor with her hands.
An awful moan rose up at the end of the hall followed by the loud clang of metal, sending another wave of pain through her skull. She suffered a glance, wincing from the shards of light bouncing off the back of her cornea. Someone was dead. She just didn’t know whom. Blood, guts, grey matter, it all congealed on the floor and splashed up on the walls, leaving the hospital looking more like a war zone.
Someone stood on the end of a gurney, his teeth flashed red. A cut raked across his face exposing muscle and bone. His neck gushed blood, and he looked like the walking dead. Gruesome.
Amy closed her eyes then opened them to see him spring off the back of the gurney and run as his blood flew from his cuts and splattered her face, eyes and mouth. She gagged. The wounded moaned and Amy sprung into action. She army crawled to the first nurse crumpled on the hard tile. The cut along her jaw wasn’t the issue, but the gaping hole in her head poured blood like a sieve. Damn, this was tough.
Amy reached out with a shaky hand to check for a pulse she knew wouldn’t be there. Her hand was almost on the nurse when she pulled back. Protection first. One hallmark that had kept her safe, all doctors really, were the gloves and masks she donned like body armor. Fear skittered around her body. This was why she was here, to feel something, even fear.
With her hand on the nurse she searched for a pulse, nothing. “Damn, she’s dead.” Amy paused to close the nurse’s eyes.
“Amy, move on. Do Janice next then check the security guard,” Brad Herlinger called over his shoulder.
She glanced at Janice and cringed. The woman looked like she’d been hit by a car. Blood soaked her shoulder and ran from her nose, one of her legs twisted unnaturally, her foot pointing the wrong way. Janice didn’t have the best reputation with the doctors, but Amy wouldn’t wish this kind of terror on anyone.
“I’ve got a pulse. I need a gurney.” Amy glanced at the guard beside Janice, his face was smashed and grey matter oozed out of his skull. A laceration at his neck no longer flowed with blood. She touched where his pulse should be, hoping to find life still in his body, but she felt nothing. He was gone.
Amy turned back to Janice, and did everything she could to stop the flow of blood from her chest. Someone tossed a towel and Amy wiped the blood from Janice’s face. There were no cuts around her nose, only the laceration on her head. Janice might make it. She called for two young orderlies who wheeled the nurse away to an operating room where two of the best surgeons in the hospital would work to put her back together.
The crunch of the body bags zippers tore at Amy’s nerves. She didn’t want to think about the dead. Two nurses and three security guards had been taken to the morgue. Her heart tugged in her chest as an orderly pushed the last of the dead into the elevator. What a bad start to another long shift.
Her head ached, and her body hurt. She didn’t want to be here. A few months ago, when Brad had approached her about working once a week, she’d jumped at the chance, now she wondered if she should have stayed in the psych ward where life was more predictable.
On the other end of the ER the injured were being treated and would probably spend weeks in intensive care, if they lived. Her shoulders slumped under the emotional weight. She pulled at the protective gear, tossing it into the waiting laundry hamper.
“Bad night,” the nurse on duty said when Amy stopped off at the desk to check the charts.
“Yeah, not good. I’m taking lunch now.”
“You go on. I’ll mark you down on the log sheet as out. Get something refreshing, you look like hell.”
“Thanks.” Amy wandered outside, passed the smokers bench and headed for the woodsy park next to the hospital. Normally she would hang out at the coffee bar, sampling delicious pastries and chatting with other doctors, but tonight she needed to clear her mind.
The megawatt lights in the park chased the night away. She wished a few of the bulbs would go out so she could see the stars, but the over bright park was a safe haven in the big city. She made her way to a small bench not far from the huge gazebo. This was the place where she’d told Brad it was over. She didn’t want to think about Brad or anything else. All she wanted was a few minutes to recharge amongst the trees and rose bushes.
How had her life gotten to this point? She felt almost nothing at the loss of others. Her heart squeezing in her chest as the dead had been wheeled away was a good sign, but still there was an empty place that scared the hell out of her.
Lowering slowly to the seat, she closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath. Hands were on her, grabbing her under the arms. Her breath left in a whoosh as her heart hammered in her chest. Trying to remember what they’d taught her in self-defense class, Amy strained to scream but only a squeak came out. She flailed her arms at the hands clutching her shoulders. Her fingers slipped off his wrists and there was nothing else to grab onto. She was helpless against the hold on her.
It felt as though she were flying through the air. She twisted against the tight grip, but the chinch hold only intensified. When her legs finally hit the ground tall bushes surrounded them. The walking paths were lost to her, she could have been anywhere in the park, only the bright lights above assured her that he hadn’t taken her far. The man holding her down snapped his fingers and the lights went out, turning the park inky black.
Fear caught her breath. She couldn’t see the bastard who’d locked her in his grip and flew her over the bushes into this hellhole, but she sure as heck would make some fist to face contact as soon as she could see his face. Could the patient from the hall have not been as injured as she thought? Amy scrambled to her feet. Bushes blocked her exit at every turn. There was nowhere to go. The sound of metal rasping against leather brought her to a stop. Feelings of bravado fled. She was alone with a madman with no way out.
Hell, she was trapped.
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