Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday Briefs and some more of Jeff's Way

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Briefs. Where the stories sometimes keep on going and other times they truly are sorts. Join me in the ongoing saga of Jeff and Reese.

This week's prompts were:  "She/he works hard for her/his money..."  (lol  love this song!)
or the alternate prompts are: disco, banana, turtle  or use "macho man" or "If I can't have you..."  or use an inferno (in honor of my favorite disco song, Disco Inferno!)

I used inferno. Enjoy more of Jeff's Way

Jeff jumped from the bed, his breath heaving as he stood across the room. Reese felt cold and alone, his heart hurt like never before. Not even when he found out Cam died did he fell this cold and alone. “Jeff,” he whispered.

“Wait.” Jeff flipped on the light, bring the room out of the darkness. Jeff covered his face with his hands, and dropped to his knees. His shoulders shook and Reese felt tears pooling in his own eyes.

“I swear--God, please just hold me. You don’t have to--I just need someone,” Reese begged.

Jeff dropped his hands from his face, revealing a mask of pain. “I can’t kiss you. Not right now,” Jeff wailed. Jeff crawled to the bed, tears trailing over his cheeks. “I need you to hold me too. But I can’t do anything else because if I did, I would confuse you with Cam and I’d never want to do that to you. If I kiss you, I want to be thinking of only you, not Cam and how much I wanted him.”

Reese sobbed, grabbing a tissue to wipe his face. He’d made a huge error in judgment. “I know. It was stupid.”

“No.” Jeff held on tight to Reese. “I wanted it too. I’m so confused.”

Jeff turned off the light and crawled back into bed, wrapping Reese in his arms.

They snuggled together, crying quietly as they drifted off. At some point Reese woke and sighed, forgetting for a moment that the arms wrapped around him weren’t Cam. Then realization dawned and it felt as though his soul had been sucked out of him. More tears came and Jeff woke. He pushed Reese to his back, Jeff’s fingers feathering over his face. The magic from before filled Reese and he longed for the closeness of a kiss. When Jeff lowered and brushed his lips over Reese’s, the world stopped spinning because Reese felt like he was about to be thrown into outer space.

Reese closed his eyes as the world around him picked up speed. He couldn’t look at Jeff’s face, afraid of what he’d find. Then Jeff traced his fingers over Reese’s pec and Reese couldn’t help but arch up into the delicious touch. Jeff slid his fingers lower over Reese’s abs, circling his bellybutton as they continued kissing,

Reese gulped in a deep breath when Jeff broke the kiss and backed off, his hand still circling Reese’s bellybutton. This was the opposite of not kissing. Butterflies filled his stomach and his heart thrummed wildly. They were kissing, holding each other and about to start doing more if Reese were a good judge of anything.

“One question, before you do anything else. Who do you want me to me? Me or Cam?”

“You Reese, not Cam. I’m hot for you Reese, not Cam. Hot like an inferno ready to burn up this husk of a man. Sure, I’ll miss him, and I’ll regret never taking the first step to get to know him on a deeper level, but yeah, I want you, Reese, no one else.”

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MA Church said...

Oh, this is turning into a beautiful story!!! You mix sweet, tender moments so well with sadness. :)


Nephylim said...

I agree totally. There is much bittersweetness. I'm glad Jeff seems able to get past Cam to find Reece.

Tali Spencer said...

Sometimes powerful emotions need to be expressed through touch. You capture that beautifully.

jadelilac said...

I think bittersweet says it all.