Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shut-up and Just Write the F*#KING Book

Okay, this blog probably isn’t going to be very popular, and I’ll probably be bashed behind my back and maybe in public. I don’t care.

For some reason some authors are paying way too much attention to what reviewers are saying. I agree, if a reviewer gives you something good you can think on and improve your work with then pay attention but why the F*#KING hell are writers paying any attention to reviews that are meant to be mean. Why the hell do you care as an author? You are a freaking public figure, get used to the trashing. So what if a reviewer calls you a horrible author or says that your writing is a mockery to the genre? Seriously, you’re going to let someone like that ruin your day?

Stop playing to them. Stop getting in the arguments. Stop allowing the stupidity break your peace. If you want to be an author then realize that people will say some of the stupidest stuff about your books. Reviewers are not all knowing gods and they won’t make or break your career. A review is just their opinion. They get facts wrong and don’t read books thoroughly. It’s just how it is. So when a reviewer gives you a low rank, don’t freak out and tell the reviewer they are wrong. Of course they are wrong, but who cares.

Stop antagonizing the reviewers and write your next book. Always strive to improve your craft. Read over your work and fix what you can but stop the madness. Stop trashing reviewers. Stop trying to make them feel bad. Ignore the reviews and write. That’s what you do. You aren’t a review watcher; you are an author. If you want to argue with reviewers, become a critic not an author.

There are now groups of authors who are banning together to hate on GR reviewers...Why? They are not your primary market, your writers are. Stop focusing on the negative. So in response to the GR authors banning together there are GR reviewers coming together, the most recent Stop The GR Bullies, a group of bloggers and reviewers trying to stop the bullies. Really, has it come to this.

Grow up and start acting like adults. Reviewers have a right to their opinion. Leave them alone.


Tom Webb said...


Well said.


ERP said...

Truth, Sweets. Thanks for the post.

Tali Spencer said...

It boggles my mind, really.

After I write a book, all I can do is publish it or not publish it, share it with others or not share it.

I can't demand that readers love it. I can't demand people not say things that make me unhappy. I can hope they don't, but they inevitably will.

sue laybourn said...

I couldn't agree more. I've always maintained that, once a book has left my hands, it's fair game. If someone doesn't like it and writes a snarky review, then fine. That's their right. I may not like what a reviewer says but, then it's up to me to be a grown up about it.

Laura said...

Well said Sarah. I have been a reader all my life, and it may come as a surprise to some, but I managed to spend thousands of dollars on books without ever having heard of GoodReads. Shocking...I know.
For those who think the world begins and ends on their publicly posted opinions, whether couched as attacks, counter-attacks, reviews, responses to reviews, blogs, tweets, status updates, etc.... Get over yourself.
Go stand in a library, a physical bookstore, a garage sale...see all those books? Yeah, they don't care much what you think, either.
Let's get back to what we all love to do best, reading and writing.

David Kentner -- KevaD said...

Hopefully, one day soon, someone will ring the bell, ending recess and the playground shenanigans.

Or, someone could organize a bully convention and let them all duke it out over watercress salads.

CR Guiliano said...

Very well said Sara. Got my first low review, but I honestly didn't care. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as I am entitled to mine. I'm not out to please everyone. I write to please myself, strive to get better and to share what I've written with those that care to read it. End of story. Do I get thrilled over a good/great review? Of course, I'm human and needy. lolol

S.Lira said...

Amen Sister!

Sara York said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. David, I think the conference would end in more arrests than solving anything.

Anywho, I'm off to write. *blows kisses to all* happy writing.

Jaxx Steele said...

This is so true, Sara. When a reviewer reviews my work, whether it's good or bad, I remind myself that it is only that one persons opinion. I don't base my career on a good one and I will not let a bad one stop me from writing.

ryan field said...

What you said about being a public figure and getting used to trashing is so spot on! We can't expect everyone to love our work. And we have to learn to deal with the good and the bad as it comes. There was an article on the Huff Post this week by Lev Raphael about this topic, where a writer got a bad review from a NYT critic, and how poorly the author handled it. Seems to be going around everywhere these days.

Donya Lynne said...

I rarely even read reviews anymore. I'm too busy. I actually laughed when I got my first in I celebrated. A 2-star makes me feel like I'm legitimate now somehow, because I know I can't please everybody. I actually thanked a 3-star reviewer for pointing out a pitfall in my story. I was like, "Damn, I need you on my beta reading team!" At any rate, as long as the majority of readers are pleased with my books, I'm good. :) Great post.