Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wednesday Briefs Independence Day

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs. I'm going to stop on Jeff's story and move on. It will be up eventually on Amazon. Here's the prompt for next week, a semi-tribute to the 4th of July - Use any sort of patriotic reference  or the alternate prompts:  cat, chocolate, mysterious  or Use a grand old flag or "I never told you that..."  or find a way to crack the whip in your story (take that any way you want to!)

I used "I never told you that"

Grant raced across the street to the golf course, his arms pumping and his legs flying as he ran to the shadows. The Watchers were after him but they tended to stick to the light. Security had gone to shit in the last twenty years. He’s been born at the end of the peace, before the chemical wars. There were pockets of safety, but not here and certainly not at night.

Devers skidded to a stop beside him. “You think we’re clear?”

“No clue, but I don’t want to tempt fate. Let’s stay here tonight.”

“Seriously, don’t you think the Danks will get us?”

“Danks, those lazy shits they don’t care about two souls taking cover for the night on the course.”

“Why do they still have this? Seriously, who plays?”

“Those who have money.”

“Money, I’d like to find someone who had any.”

“Devers, life ain’t so bad.”

Devers dropped to the grass and lay back, pulling Grant down beside him. “Why is this area safe?”

“It just is. Enough people with money, few of the Danks skulking round the area. Maybe it’s because the Watchers were so thick back at the last checkpoint. I don’t know how we got through, but it’s a miracle.”


“Yeah Devers.”

“Lay down and look up. I think I see a star.”

Grant stretched out beside Devers, their shoulders touching. He’d seen a star a few years ago but he hadn’t been allowed to go out much and then the clouds were usually so thick the stars didn’t shine through.

“Wow, look at that. I see multiple stars.”

“Are we supposed to make a wish?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“I never told you that I’ve never seen them before, stars that is. This is the first star I’ve ever seen. I’m going to wish for something.”

Grant lay still as Devers grasped for Grant’s hand. His heart thumped wildly. The freedom they’d experienced since leaving home six days ago had allowed them to progress to this point--holding hands. Grant had never been into girls. Everyone expected him to settle down with Maria but he hadn’t. Maria was nice enough, but Devers was his type.

“There, wish made.”

Grant lay still for a long moment, his head pounded with questions. Had Devers wished for something about them? After a long moment he felt Devers move. Grant tried to sit up but Devers pushed him down, his palm flat on Grant’s chest.

Devers hung over Grant, his face in shadows. The world around them faded as Grant paid one hundred percent attention to Devers.

His heart felt like it was going to explode as Devers lowered, his fingers dancing over Grant’s chest. He felt a soft puff of Devers breath on his face only moments before he felt the brush of Devers lips on his. Grant jerked and hitched in his breath. Devers stilled. Grant didn’t know what to do but he wanted more. He reached for Devers, grasping onto his shirt and pulling him closer.

“Please kiss me again.”

Devers lowered again, brushing his lips over Grant’s, this time slipping his tongue out, gliding it over Grant’s lips. Grant opened his mouth, letting Devers dip in, twining his tongue against Grant’s.

Devers slid his hand lower, his fingers playing across Grant’s bellybutton. Butterflies in his stomach turned into squirrels that made Grant squirm while his dick grew hard. The kiss broke and they were both gasping for breath. Devers slid his fingers lower, below the hem of Grant’s pants, the tips of his warm fingers connecting with Grant’s flesh.

Grant gasped. “Devers, touch me.”

“I thought you’d never asked.” Devers dove in for another kiss, his hand seeking out Grant’s rod, bring more pleasure than Grant ever thought existed.

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M-C. Houle said...

Intriging world and great characters. Sound to me like a winning first chapter. I want to know more about what they were running away from and what's going to happen next. Good job!

Tali Spencer said...

This opening grabbed me and never let go. I really want to know what kind of world this is and what problems they face.

Nephylim said...

I love this. You've said so much in such a small space of. What an interesting world. I can't wait to find out more.