Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wednesday Briefs - A Texas Rough Prequel: When Gresh met Lane

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs. This is a prequel for Texas Rough, due out August 1.

Here are the prompts for this week. “Tough road to hoe...” or the alternate prompts are: use: wood, fireplace, smoke or “What do/did you think about this?” or use: rope, a desk, window or include a gravel road in your story.

Gresh looked himself in the mirror, unable to hold his gaze for more than a few seconds. He hated himself for lying but telling the truth scared the shit out of him. His phone rang and flipped it open, answering without checking to see if he knew the number.

“Gresham Miller here.”

“Hey, you need to get your butt over here. If you want to be in charge of anything in the future you need to hop to it.”

“Yes sir.” Gresh answered, wishing he had the balls to tell his dad to go screw himself. It was a tough row to hoe working in the shadow of his father.

“And be on your best behavior.”

Hamilton hung up and Gresh blew out a huge breath. “Fuck!” He screamed, wishing he’d taken a job with any other company. Working for his dad sucked sometimes. He knew his stuff but his dad treated him like a baby. Like today, he was supposed to be in the office at eight thirty. They’d discussed it time and time again, and yet Hamilton called him at seven ten, bitching about him not being there. Seriously, he needed to think about leaving and going to work for another organization.

Gresh pulled on his Italian loafers and his suit jacket, checking his image in the mirror one last time. He’d bought the condo across the street from his daddy’s office with the money he’d made working on the ranch every summer when he was younger. His father had been pissed that Gresh had saved the money and been responsible. It made no sense but Gresh thought it had something to do with the fact that Gresh had always been closer to his grandfather than his father.

Hamilton had him do stupid tasks, more like a gofer than a MBA who graduated at the top of his class. Hamilton’s eight-thirty showed up and Gresh was dismissed till Hamilton placed a call to Gresh, demanding an audience.

Gresh squared his shoulders, and pushed open the door to Hamilton’s office. The fake smile on his face fell when he spied the sexy man standing beside Hamilton. He swallowed twice, willing his dick to not plump up.

“Gresh, I would like you to meet the new foreman of Crazy Hills. His name is Lane Daniels.”

The most beautiful blue eyes he’d ever seen in his life rose to meet his and Gresh felt like his world had shattered into a million pieces. He stuck out his hand to shake and electricity raced through Gresh, threatening to divulge his secret. He schooled his features, trying like hell to make sure his dad would have no idea how much he wanted Lane. Hell, if his dad had any clue Gresh was gay he’d disown him. If he figured out Gresh liked Lane, he’d fire the guy.

“Nice to meet you.” Lane’s voice tickled Gresh’s entire being.

If he had one night with Lane he would die a happy man. But he couldn’t let on how much he liked the guy so he sneered, “Yes, I’m sure.” The look of disappointment and confusion filled Lane’s face and Gresh felt bad immediately. He swore, one day he would make up the slight and show Lane Daniels how he really felt, he just hoped Lane wouldn’t be taken by the time he had a chance to tell him the truth.

The first of the Texas Soul series will be released August 1 from all major online retailers.

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Tali Spencer said...

The sexual tension leaps off the page, and I love how you set up Gresh as a character so effortlessly. I feel like I know the guy!

Nephylim said...

I agree with what Tali said. I feel so sorry for both of them. What a position to find yourself in. I hope Gresh gets his chance, both to make it up to Lane and to blow off his father... in the flippant sense of the words of course.