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Christmas Blog Hop

I love the holidays. RJ Scott is hosing a holiday blog hop, click here for the other hoppers.
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This year we are celebrating Christmas at the beach, our first holiday season here. So the beach may not seem like the most holiday centric place, but we're making the most of it. Nothing says Christmas like a nice suntan on the beach. Yes, dressing in our swimsuits and getting a tan is the type of Christmas activity that I'm getting into now. Wearing shorts and a T-shirt while applying sunblock is my new Christmas tradition. A nice crab boil and a sweet set of oysters roasting instead of chestnuts is what we'll be doing this year. Instead of a Christmas tree decorating the lawn, we'll have palm trees. Oranges are in season, so I think fresh oranges will be on our new list of traditions.

Really Christmas is what you make it. Adam, Mike and Nick have a heartwarming Christmas together, their first. Find out what happens to them in Push.

Blurb: Nick can't find the key to unlock his partner Mike's emotionless cage. Nick risks their relationship by bringing an erotic stranger into their bed, a one night stand of sensuality the duo has been starving for.

Adam isn't looking for commitment or conversation over morning coffee. For the past eleven years, he's been committed twenty-four/seven to raising his dead brother's children, and he just needs to break free for a night. Just one night. That's all. Dawn brings more than a new day for each of them.


Chapter One

The water turned off, signaling the end of Mike's shower. Nick sighed. There were things left unsaid, always had been between them. From the first time they'd been together, Mike had erected a wall Nick knew not to cross. They didn't speak of feelings, nor did they do the emotional thing. One place they worked well together was in bed and if they added a third to their mix, their connection was even better, allowing Mike to open to Nick's emotions.
He'd wanted to say something about the man to Mike the first day he'd seen him but their meetings were packed at the beginning of the week. As the week progressed, they had tapered off. With only one meeting this afternoon, at three, it left him free to do as he pleased.
Mike came out of the bathroom, his dark skin still moist with water he hadn't toweled off. His hair was cropped close to his head and his jaw cleanly shaven. He looked good, like a dark Adonis ready for battle. Thick, corded muscles bunched at his shoulders, leaving Nick full of lust. Nick rolled over, tucking one knee under the sheets and hugging a pillow tight, wishing Mike was still in bed with him. "You sure you don't need me to come with you this morning?"
"No, I'm good. Go have fun. We'll be leaving San Francisco soon."
"I saw someone you would like."
Mike turned to stare at him, his dark eyes narrowed. He breathed in deeply, emphasizing his muscled pecs. Nick sighed, wondering if they would ever progress past this stage and take things further. They lived together for convenience; Mike made sure Nick understood that completely. Any time emotions came into play, Mike shut down. The only time Mike had come close to being emotional was when they'd had Derek, the last guy they'd asked to join in on the fun. But Derek hadn't lasted.
"Really?" Mike asked.
"Yeah. Pale, dark hair. Beautiful. He'd look good against your black skin."
"Down by the bridge."
Mike pulled on briefs and slacks, zipping and buttoning them. "Think you'll see him today?"
"No clue, but if I did, would you want me to approach him?"
"Damn, I wish I could go with you today. I would love to see him."
Nick smiled up at Mike and rolled onto his back, deliberately tempting Mike with his exposed body. "So, if I ask him for a date, will you be okay with that?"
"Yeah, as long as I get to come."
Nick grinned as he sat up and grabbed hold of Mike's waistband. "I'll make sure you come, don't worry about that."
Mike growled playfully and tugged Nick up, brushing his lips over Nick's jaw and squeezing his ass with his hands. "I have to leave in five minutes and you start this now. I should bend you over and fuck you hard."
"Anytime you want, my ass is yours."
Mike kissed him deeply, leaving him breathless and needy. If only Mike would say the words, then maybe he wouldn't feel lost in this relationship. It could be worse; he could be dating a jerk. At least they were comfortable with each other.
Nick reluctantly let Mike leave, then showered and dressed quickly. He used a series of busses to make his way to Crissy Fields near the Golden Gate Bridge. If he didn't see the guy today, life would still be okay. At least he'd tried.
He sat on a bench near the park entrance for thirty minutes, knowing he needed to give up the hunt for the beautiful man with long dark hair and pale skin. But the smooth red lips and lithe body had enticed him.
Five more minutes passed and Nick decided to stop waiting for the guy. He walked toward the stairs leading up to the bridge. He and Mike would leave in two days, heading home to Tennessee. This would probably be his last chance to see the man. Nick sighed and looked back over the bay, wishing he had more time in the city. He loved San Francisco, the cute shops, the beautiful building, and the enchanting wharf. Maybe he and Mike could take their vacation here next year too.
Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a flash of black. He turned hopefully, searching for anyone with long dark hair. He saw someone, but it wasn't him, only someone who looked like his fantasy man. Defeated, he spun around and almost ran into the man he'd been looking for. Nick took a moment to recover before following the beautiful seraph he hoped might become their third. Nick moved closer, keeping his gaze on the man.
Before entering the small coffee shop, the stranger stopped and lifted his face to the sky. Nick saw his chest rise and fall as he took in a deep breath. Fog swirled in the air. The familiar red tops of the bridge were obscured and soft light filtered through, giving the man an ethereal glow. Beautiful. Nick thrilled at the sight, and then winced as thick denim confined his rapidly hardening dick. Now that he'd found the guy, everything seemed perfect for Nick to make his move. The weather, the Warming Hut, and his desire felt right and pushed him forward, ready to take a chance and talk to the beautiful stranger.
The man opened the door to the Warming Hut and Nick reached around, catching it, holding it open. The stranger turned and their gazes locked. Surprise shone in a pair of jade green eyes and the two men stood still for a moment, staring at each other. The stranger's cheeks flushed and his gaze crept lower to Nick's lips. Nick's dick pulsed painfully and his balls drew up close to his body at the blatant display of interest. Leaning in and kissing him now would be wrong, but he wanted to possess this man, marking the pale skin with love bites as he claimed that perfect body as his own. Slow down there, buddy. Nick calmed his racing heart, breathing in deeply so he didn't do anything stupid.
"Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee or something?" Nick asked boldly.
The stranger smiled before he glanced away. "Sure," he replied as he snuck another look at Nick.
His voice slid over Nick like a silk scarf, wrapping him in warmth. Not having this man would be a tragedy. He might not go for Nick's type of arrangement, but he prayed this stranger would want to join in. Blurting the plan out all at once would ruin any chance he had, so he'd go slow, dropping bits and pieces along the way.
Nick stepped into the Warming Hut, brushing past the man. When he faced the stranger again, he held out his hand, offering a friendly handshake. Excitement skittered around his belly as their hands connected. The stranger's eyes widened a bit and the pulse point in his neck fluttered. Had he experienced the same thrill as Nick? "How about we get a cup and go up to the bridge together?" Nick asked, wanting to spend as much time with this man as possible.
The green eyes creased in the corners as he studied Nick. They were still connected, neither of them dropping the other's hand. The wind blew through the door, rattling the wind chimes hung over the curio shop desk. The man took a step toward Nick, allowing the door to shut.
"Say yes," Nick begged, unable to hold back. God, he wanted this man too much.
They were standing only inches away from each other, close enough that Nick felt warm breath on his neck, sending desire straight to his cock. The scent of chocolate and coffee wafted around them, heightening the experience.
"I'd love to."
Yes! Nick wanted to shout, but he didn't. "By the way, my name is Nick, Nick Blakewood."
"Adam Simons."
"Adam. I like that." Desire to hold Adam tight and whisper his name filled Nick. Better yet, the thought of Mike holding Adam while Nick ran his tongue over the curve of this guy's ass stimulated him beyond reason.
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My Southern California beachfront Christmases left me homesick and heartbroken. I couldn't reconcile myself, although I tried! Christmas is what I make it with a real tree, cold weather, and decorations!

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I'm not sure I'd like Christmas at the beach. I absolutely love the beach, but for some reason I need Christmas to be cold. Clearly I will never be moving south. Love the excerpt!

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