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First Chapter of Hot Summer Hogs by Patricia Logan

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Hot Summer Hogs

Patricia Logan
Chapter One

Jake rolled over and spooned in behind his husband, listening to the tempo of Cade’s breathing increase. Married for two years, Jake was just as turned on by Cade today as he had been the very first time they’d kissed. He was hotter than hot for the gorgeous six foot four inch Native American with the greenest eyes any man could ever possess. He slid his rock hard cock up and down between the tight butt cheeks of the man in front of him, pulling him closer to his chest.

“Mm, you keep that up baby and I’m just gonna have to fuck you,” Cade drawled, his Texas accent noticeably thicker in the early morning, just before dawn.

Jake chuckled as he wrapped one hand around Cade’s fat erection, working it to its fully hardened state as he buried his face in his lover’s long hair.

“I was hoping you’d say that Cade. Roll over and get me ready.”

As Cade twisted around, he straddled Jake who lay flat on his back beneath the sexiest man Jake had ever seen. Nipple piercings held barbells and his long thick cock was pierced with a Prince Albert ring, a gift from Cade to Jake, shortly after their wedding. Jake loved the feel of the piercing sliding in and out of his body, and had a hard time quieting the whimpers he made when Cade breached him. Jake lifted his hands to Cade’s chest and tugged on the barbells, reveling in the involuntary moans that escaped Cade’s lips.

“Christ, that feels so fuckin’ good baby,” Cade groaned as he lowered his lips to touch Jake’s mouth. “Gonna fuck you so hard, gonna come so deep inside, you won’t know where you end and I begin. Gonna fill you up.”

Jesus! Jake thought as his eyes rolled back in his head. His cock was already painfully engorged and leaking precome. Cade tongue-fucked Jake’s mouth and Jake hardened even more. The thought of Cade fucking into him the way he was demonstrating with his tongue, had him wild with lust. Though Jake had been married to Molly, his wife, for nearly twenty years, resulting in the birth of his two now-grown children, sex with his wife had never, ever been like sex with Cade. The man had captured Jake’s heart from the first day they’d met and over two years since their wedding in Iowa, Jake was still out of his mind for Cade.

“Mm,” Jake moaned as Cade disconnected from his mouth. He licked his lips as he stared into two greener than green pools. “Fuck my ass, Cade. Please baby, I can’t wait any longer. I need your cock stroking inside me.”

Cade grinned wickedly as he winked at Jake, reaching for the lube in a bedside table. They fucked bareback, had been since shortly after they’d gotten married and the feeling of Cade shooting deeply within his tight walls always thrilled Jake to death. He reached down and pumped his erection as he watched Cade squirt the lubricant onto his fingers and smear the gel between his thumb and other digits, preparing to breach Jake and lube him up.

“Pull your legs up and out for me Jake,” Cade whispered, his voice a barely leashed growl.

Jake grinned and pulled his knees back against his chest, opening as wide as he could in anticipation of Cade’s invasion. He didn’t have to wait long because Cade leaned in and kissed him long and hard, using his tongue to tease another groan out of him as a long middle finger breached Jake’s passage. Jake jumped at the contact though he should have known it was coming. They’d made love three or four times a day since their first encounter in Cade’s motorcycle shop more than two years before. Cade’s Fabrication built the most sought after bikes in Texas and were rapidly becoming as popular as Orange County Choppers which were already world famous bike builders. Cade’s nationwide sales numbers and backlog of willing, impatient buyers had grown the business to a waiting time of nearly two years. Jake was very impressed with his husband’s skills in the bike building world but even more impressed with his lovemaking skills at the moment.

“Jesus! Cade! Get another finger in there,” he gasped. It was added almost immediately as Cade twisted them, searching out and finding Jake’s prostate. “Mother-fucker! Fuck me, Cade!” he screamed, instantly. “Fuck me! I’m gonna blow in seconds!”

Cade chuckled and moved into position as he pulled his fingers free of Jake’s hot hole. Lining up, Cade slid the head of his dick into Jake, waiting a moment as Jake adjusted before pushing in farther. Jake arched his back off the bed as Cade’s length filled him. He immediately felt the piercing rolling along the walls of his channel. Sweat broke out all over his body as Cade locked eyes with him.

“Fuck, Jake. I never get used to how hot you are. You’re burning up my cock, babe.” Cade punctuated his statement with a groan as he pulled back before shoving back inside again.

“Ahh yeah, move like that Cade! Harder! Faster!” Jake gasped as he began to shudder, his orgasm rising. He let go of one leg, lifting it to rest on Cade’s shoulder. Reaching between them with his free hand, he began to pump his own cock. A thick puddle of precome formed on his chest. Cade braced himself above Jake and began pounding into him, increasing his pace, repeatedly hitting the sweet spot, deep inside.

“God, that’s fuckin’ sexy,” Cade grunted, watching as Jake stroked his cock harder. Jake loved putting on a show for Cade, getting him all worked up.

“Comin’, Cade! Can’t hold back!” Jake cried as he spurted thick white ropes of come between them. His orgasms seemed to get better and better each time. Cade was a talented lover. He opened his eyes to find Cade watching him closely, his own face twisted with a lustful grimace. Having made love with him hundreds of times, Jake knew how close Cade was. “Come on, baby!” Jake growled as his lover began to shudder.

Cade grunted and buried himself balls-deep in Jake, his eyes rolling back in his head as he held himself still while he let himself fly.

“Jesus Christ!” he cried as Jake felt the first rush of Cade’s come bathe his insides. Cade’s cock continued to throb deep within as he dropped his head to Jake’s chest reaching for a puddle of Jake’s come with his tongue. Jake squirmed beneath Cade and wrapped his arms around him, squeezing the tight globes of his ass, bringing him as close along their lengths as he could. He let his knees fall back onto the bed. Cade continued to lick and suck Jake’s steamy come as Jake’s muscles relaxed while Cade stretched out to cover him. It just gets hotter and hotter, Jake thought.

“Mm,” Cade said as he kissed Jake. Jake tasted his own release on Cade’s tongue as he relaxed his legs and stretched out beneath his lover. Cade kissed him long and hard, caressing his lips at the end of the kiss with soft bites. They lay wrapped together, recuperating as the rapid beating of their hearts, returned to normal.

Finally, Cade lifted his head and he reached up cupping Jake’s cheeks with both hands. A big grin broke out on his face. “Wait right here. I’m gonna get us cleaned up and then I have a surprise for you.”

Jake grinned back as Cade lifted himself off of Jake’s chest and strode to their large master bathroom. He heard water running and a few minutes later Cade sauntered back into the room with a steaming damp washcloth. He crawled onto the bed and began wiping the remnants of Jake’s puddled spunk from his chest and then went to work on Jake’s ass. Once he was cleaned up, Cade threw the washcloth onto the floor and rolled to the side, propping up his head with an open palm.


Cade gazed lovingly at the man who was his moon and stars. He’d never been so happy in his life, though there had been other lovers. No one had ever come close to his gorgeous blue-eyed, brunet stud. He placed his free hand on Jake’s chest and ran his fingers through the dusting of hair that had just begun to turn silver. Leaning down, he took a nipple in his mouth for a second, before licking it to a point. He knew that he could make love to Jake again and again but he had some exciting news to tell him. Jake met his eyes as Cade ran his gaze over his husband’s beautiful face, letting it linger on Jake’s full lips. Cade had to squelch the urge to kiss him.

Jake reached up and touched Cade’s cheek, his brows furrowing. “What is it, babe? Is everything okay?”

Cade brought his gaze back up to Jake’s eyes. He leaned down again and kissed first one eyelid and then the other. After a peck on the lips, he raised his head again. “I have a question for you, Jake.”

Jake didn’t lower his hand; instead he slid it around the side of Cade’s head and into his hair. He knew that Jake loved his waist-length black hair and felt the love in his touch. Jake nodded.

“What is it, Cade?”

Cade smiled. “Do you think the kids would be all right by themselves for a week or so in August?”

Cade’s daughter Sparrow and Jake’s daughter Grace were on summer recess from college. Both girls were twenty. Jake’s son Thad, who was eighteen, had taken a summer job working for Dylan and Connor Black. The couple owned a construction company in the small town of Westburg, Texas where they all lived. Black Construction, Yates construction before they married, was a small but thriving firm. They had a backlog of green projects that they’d been lucky enough to secure in the last year or so and Thad was a busy kid, waiting to start college in the fall. In response to Cade’s question, Jake tilted his head to the side.

“Honestly, I don’t see why not. They are all responsible kids and the girls were talking about getting a job at Slappy’s for the summer.” The diner style restaurant was a popular burger joint and teen hangout in town. “What’s going on, Cade?”

Cade grinned again as Jake dropped his hand. “Sturgis.”

“Sturgis? Like the biker rally?” Jake sounded genuinely surprised. “When is it? Where is it, again?”

“The Black Hills of South Dakota. This year, it’s August sixth through the twelfth but there’s a ton of events scheduled in the days prior to that.” Cade sat up and crossed his legs, sitting beside Jake, taking his hands and lacing their fingers together. “I’ve never been but I’ve always wanted to go. What do you think Jake?”

Jake lifted their twined fingers and kissed the knuckles on Cade’s hands. “I think it sounds excellent. What kind of events are there?”

Cade blew out a breath. “Man, a ton of stuff. There’s a bunch of music venues with famous bands, racing contests, and even beauty pageants. There’s a Wounded Knee bike run, a pickle licking contest, a…” He stopped as Jake began to laugh.

“It sounds like one great long week of partying,” Jake chuckled. “A pickle licking contest? You’d win that one hands down, babe.” He grinned as Cade laughed.

A second later, Cade jumped him, straddling his lover as he swooped in for a kiss. “Yeah? You like the way I lick your pickle?” Cade began to tickle Jake, eliciting giggles from the big man.

“You know it, stud,” Jake gasped. A moment passed where they wrestled and both became aroused again. Reluctantly, Cade glanced at the bedside clock which read six AM.

“Let’s get the kids up and tell them our plans, babe.” Cade excitedly jumped out of bed and walked to the bureau where he drew out clean boxers.

Jake watched Cade’s body hungrily as he slipped into a tight T-shirt, hiding his gloriously tattooed pectorals and biceps. He jumped into a pair of jeans choosing, as he often did, to go commando. Jake began to chuckle and rose to dress as well. Jake ran a hand through his rumpled curls checking the mirror for the state of his bedhead and followed his man out of the bedroom.

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