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First part of Over the Road by Patricia Logan

Patricia brings back the boys in Over the Road. I love Kyle, Ryan and Trace. You read them in Hot Summer Fun, now see what they are up to in Winter Heat. Purchase Winter Heat at Amazon, ARE

Over the Road
By Patricia Logan

Chapter One

“Have you ever been skiing?” Kyle Kincaid was stretched out naked, on the bed between his two lovers, Trace Martin and Ryan Harris. Trace’s large palm was making a slow journey up and over the curves of Kyle’s ass. Trace stopped and lingered on the tattoo of an American flag that he had on the small of his back. All three men had gotten the tattoo just a month ago, a symbol of their patriotism and connection to each other.
“I haven’t been and with this, I doubt I’d do very well; depth perception and all of that.” Trace indicated the black eye patch that he wore over the empty eye socket on the left side of his face. He’d been tortured in an Iraqi prison camp, four years before.
“Aw, come on Trace, be a trooper. I’ve never been skiing either and we can learn together.” Ryan reached out and put his hand over Trace’s on Kyle’s back and smiled that devilish grin that did Trace in, every time. Just when he got serious about something, Ryan’s bubbly nature would bring him right out of it.
“Come here!” The big warrior reached right over Kyle’s back and pulled Ryan toward him. The three ended up in a tangled heap on Kyle’s bed, laughing as Ryan turned the moment into a tickle party.
“Stop it! Stop it!” Trace gasped as Kyle joined in on the attack. His deep laughter filled the room. He picked Ryan up and tossed the much smaller man across the bed where he landed, giggling uncontrollably.
“Hey watch out,” Kyle yelled as Trace made a move for his waist where he knew Kyle was the most ticklish. “Help me Ryan!” Kyle managed to gasp before he burst into laughter, fighting Trace with all his might. The gorgeous blond flipped onto all fours straddling Trace and holding his forearms to keep the tickle-fingers away. In that second, as Trace was flat on his back, giggling and struggling, he looked into Kyle’s stunning face and his cock went hard. Kyle must have recognized the look in Trace’s eye because he immediately stopped resisting and ground his own groin against Trace’s cock.
“Uh oh, looks like the tickle party is over,” Trace heard Ryan’s comment but he couldn’t look away from Kyle; the beautiful blond’s clear blue eyes held him captive.
“I have another type of party planned,” Kyle growled.
“Ooh, feeling toppy, Master Kyle?” Trace asked with a grin. When wasn’t Kyle feeling toppy? He recognized the look in Kyle’s eyes immediately. Kyle was as much a top as their little Irish lover Ryan, was a bottom. The black haired man in question crawled across the bed and Trace watched him slip his arms around Kyle and reach for his pierced nipples. Kyle groaned and leaned back against him as Ryan pinched and tugged. Trace was a voyeur; they all were in truth, loving to watch it when the other two got into it together.
“Can I watch while you fuck Trace?” Ryan whispered into Kyle’s ear, loud enough for Trace to hear.
“Mm,” Kyle moaned as Ryan nibbled his earlobe.
“You’d like to watch me fuck our warrior?” Kyle growled as he began to pant in arousal.
“You know I would,” Ryan answered.
“Well what about you Ryan? Who’s gonna take care of my twink?”
“Oh, I’ll be busy, right here.” Trace watched as one of Ryan’s hands slid back around Kyle and a moment later, Kyle was moaning. He could only guess that Ryan was playing at his sexy hole. Though Kyle didn’t bottom that often, the men had coaxed a little more versatility out of the sexy former-Marine in the six months that they’d been together. He sighed in pleasure as Ryan leaned across Kyle’s shoulder and the men began to kiss. Trace reached out and took Kyle’s cock in hand, marveling once again at how lucky he was to have found these two men that he loved with all his heart.
Trace stroked Kyle’s dick and watched a drop of precome weep from it. A tiny gold ring with a ball threaded onto it, was pierced through the slit and winked in the early morning sunlight that filtered through the blinds. Kyle’s piercings, including the one in his brow and his ears, just made the man irresistible. Trace wanted to make a meal of him. Kyle’s eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned.
“Oh God, I gotta get in that ass Trace, right now!” Kyle’s eyes flew open and they stared at each other only a moment before Ryan backed up and Kyle slid off of Trace’s thighs. Trace shifted on the bed and reached under his knees pulling his long legs back against his chest, exposing his ass. In a matter of seconds, Kyle had his mouth between Trace’s legs and he was exploring his tight pucker with his tongue. It was Trace’s turn to moan. He vaguely registered Ryan’s movement across the bed to a nightstand where he yanked open a drawer and withdrew a tube of lube and a knobbed red dildo that they all enjoyed. The device was tapered beginning with one small ball and graduating to a wide ball at its base. Ryan returned to Kyle’s backside which was now in the air as he kneeled up on the bed giving Trace an amazing rim job.
“You gonna use that on Kyle, Ryan?” Trace asked.
Kyle moaned against Trace’s ass as he sucked and poked. Trace knew it was because he was anticipating the penetration of the rubbery contraption. Ryan looked across Kyle’s back and winked at Trace. Trace heard the tube snick open and watched as Ryan held the dildo up and squeezed lube over the head of it. “Wow Ryan.” He glanced down at Kyle who was licking back and forth between his pucker and his balls, sliding all over the perineum. Ryan placed his left hand on Kyle’s butt cheek.
“Get inside Trace so I can give you this.”
Kyle lifted his head and moved in close to Trace. He looked back over his shoulder at Ryan and Trace watched Ryan move in for a kiss. Their mouths slammed together and they kissed, all the while Trace continued to stroke Kyle’s cock.
“Fuck me Kyle,” Trace grunted, wanting to feel his lover inside of him. Kyle and Ryan broke their kiss as Kyle turned back to Trace and reached over his shoulder for the lube. Ryan handed it to him and Kyle squeezed a large drop onto his fingers where he coated his cock and then before Trace could react, Kyle was pushing inside of him. The sting was instantaneous and Trace automatically relaxed into it as Kyle pushed forward and through the ring of muscle invading the tight space.
“Ah!” Trace cried and Kyle stopped his advance but only for a moment.
“You can take it, Trace. You love this.” Trace couldn’t argue with Kyle. He loved being fucked by the blond stud. Kyle’s piercing felt amazing, tunneling in and out of his body. Trace shivered when Kyle began moaning. He looked over the stud’s shoulder and he could see Ryan kneeling up behind him, and he guessed that he’d begun inserting the sex toy.


Kyle was in heaven. Trapped between the two men he loved the most, his ruggedly sexy, nearly six and a half foot tall soldier boy and his hot black-haired twink with Irish ancestry and the cornflower blue eyes to prove it. As he focused on Trace’s gorgeous features, he didn’t even notice the eye patch. He loved him so much, he didn’t consciously register the deformity any more. The scars, which peeked out from beneath the patch, were invisible to Kyle, who only saw the man he loved. When he felt Ryan begin to insert the dildo into his ass, he relaxed, loving the feeling of having sensations there as well as on his cock, now buried deeply within Trace. The first knob popped in and as Kyle grunted, he felt Ryan’s kiss on one butt cheek.
“Easy baby, you can take this,” Ryan said quietly. The sound of his man’s voice sent shivers coursing through Kyle. He loved bottoming as much as topping but the men didn’t know that. They thought Kyle endured it for his lover’s pleasure but the feeling of fullness, being stretched, the initial sting of pain, were only secondary sensations to the darts of orgasmic intensity each time they hit his gland.
“Fuck me, Kyle,” Trace begged beneath him. Kyle was distracted by the second, larger knob, of the red device as it popped through.
“Shiiiit,” Kyle gritted out. He heard himself whimper. It hurt like a motherfucker as his ass stretched to accommodate the wider length of the tapered toy.
“Take it!” Ryan said, his voice rose only slightly. Kyle smiled, thinking how dominant his little sub sounded. Oh, Ryan would pay for this insolence if it was the last thing that Kyle did. Ryan would be taught a lesson by the real Dom in the room. He made himself a sexy promise. Kyle relaxed a moment and then surged forward plunging deeply into Trace, even as Ryan slid the third and larger ball inside his ass.
“Ah! Ah!” He and Trace cried out almost at the same time. They were both full of cock and loving the sensation.
“Oh my, you are both so fucking gorgeous,” Ryan drawled. Kyle felt pressure and then another ball popped through. This time he felt too full, too stretched, too much pain.
“God! It hurts Ryan,” he panted. Nevertheless, he surged forward, pulling out slightly and burying himself, balls deep, in Trace. Trace whimpered and arched his back. Kyle felt the shiver run through Trace and he knew his lover was close. He couldn’t fool himself either; he wanted to come himself and was close to the edge… if it wasn’t for the pain that he felt as the fifth and final ball on that torture device slid inside, he probably would have. As if Ryan could sense his pending scream of pain, he twisted the device and it suddenly found Kyle’s sweet spot. His orgasm instantly began.
“Oh god! Oh god! Ryan!” Kyle screamed and as he came, buried deeply within Trace, the warrior shouted out his own orgasm and painted his chest with creamy ropes.
“Come baby!” Ryan commanded as he held the dildo against Kyle’s gland. A wave of electric shocks flowed through Kyle forcing burst after burst of come into Trace’s ass as his balls gave up their all. Only a moment later, Kyle felt the splash of heat on his lower back as Ryan painted him with his own release, groaning out his orgasm. The three men collapsed on the bed in a tangle of wet limbs as the red Latex slid from Kyle’s ass.

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