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Intimate Interventions Chapter One

Intimate Intervention is based off of Matt and Tom, a short I released a year ago. There will be more books in the Harder With Three series. Enjoy Intimate Intervention

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Intimate Intervention
Chapter One

Slick heat zipped through Matthew Harrison as he stared at the young man diving into the pool. The guy swam from one end to the other, tanned muscles moving fluidly. It was hot out and Matt wished he could join him, but he had work to do.

Matt knew nothing of the new resident who had moved in upstairs from them three days ago, but he and Tom had spent hours watching the dude swim. Their tongues had hung out when he’d eased back onto one of the lounge chairs to bake in the heat of the sun. The man seemed to do nothing all day but sleep and swim. What the heck type of job did he have?

Of course, their new neighbour was young. Maybe he was still in college, but Matt didn’t think he was that young. If the kid was under twenty, he wouldn’t touch him. Matt stared out of the window and knew he was kidding himself. He would do anything to get a taste of the kid, as long as he wasn’t jailbait.

“I have to meet him.” Tomas Fairborn snuck up behind Matt and grabbed onto his waist.

Tom’s chin dug into Matt’s shoulder as he pressed his cock against Matt’s ass. His own cock responded with lust as Tom rubbed against him. He needed to get off, but he didn’t have time.

“Then take your scrawny little ass down those stairs and find out who he is,” Matt barked, and instantly regretted his moodiness. They should go together, but Matt had to take a call in fifteen minutes that he couldn’t miss—didn’t want to miss. He loved his job and after Mandy had left them he needed the work to keep him grounded.

“I might just go down there without you.” Tom stood tall, his hands on his hips and defiance evident in his frown.

Damn, the last thing he wanted was to piss off his lover. “Listen, I’m sorry. I want to meet this guy too, but I have work.” Matt’s heart squeezed at the thought of bringing in another guy. God, they’d only just reached a good place in their relationship. Maybe he should drop the subject. They didn’t need this new guy, though they both wanted him.

Tom relaxed his arms and came to Matt, pulling him into a tight hug. “I’m sorry, baby. I don’t mean to leave you out. I just want to meet him. You know I would never do this without you.”

Matt twisted around, with Tom in his arms, so he could look over Tom’s shoulder and out of the window. He spied the new guy standing up and diving into the water again. Matt’s entire body shivered and his cock grew hard. They might not need a full-time partner in their family, but he sure as heck wanted to lick this new Adonis. The new guy’s butt floated above the water as he lazily stroked through the pool. That ass was as fine as could be, and he was totally fit. Matt closed his eyes and thought about licking those sweet, round globes.

Matt opened his eyes and slid his lips across Tom’s, all the while watching the pretty guy in the pool. “Mmm, I know how you feel. How about we go up to meet him tonight? We’ll take cookies or something.”

Tom turned in Matt’s arms and stared out of the window. “With a body like his, do you really think he eats cookies?”

“Hell, if he doesn’t, you and I can use his body as a plate and eat the cookies off of him.”

“How old do you think he is?”

“I don’t care.”

“Matthew Harrison, I know you won’t even touch him if he’s under eighteen.”

“Okay, so I care a little bit, but he’s yummy.”

Tom spun around and pulled Matt into a crushing hug that ended with them lip-locked and hard. Tom pushed him up against the wall, grinding their dicks together. Matt’s phone rang and he groaned as he pulled away.

“Shit, work calls.”

“Damn.” Tom cupped his dick and balls and started massaging them. “So hard.”

“Yeah, I know. But work pays the bills and I love it.”

Matt slipped on his headset and answered the call. “This is Matthew Harrison, is everyone already on the call?”

Tom mouthed I love you before moving into their bedroom so he could work on his music. They needed to find a house soon. Tom’s music career had taken off and they needed to set him up in a studio, but that would have to wait for a few months.

The rest of the afternoon passed slowly, and by the time the call ended Matt had fifty emails to work through before he could get up from his desk.

“Still going at it?” Tom asked as he poked his head out of the bedroom.

“Ugh, ten more emails to respond to. Everyone wants a piece of me.”

Tom laughed. “It’s because you’re so hot.”

“Hardly, most of the team hasn’t even met me.”

Tom came out of the room and massaged Matt’s shoulders and neck with his right hand. Matt reached around and grabbed Tom’s left hand and kissed his fingertips, wincing at the dents and rough spots.

“Hurt today?”

“Not really. Just a bit sore from using the new guitar.”

Matt spun around and pulled Tom into his lap. “I wish you could jam loud when I work.”

“Eventually we’ll buy a house and put in some soundproofing.”

Matt pushed Tom off his lap. “Thirty more minutes and we can go meet the new neighbour.”

The minutes ticked by slowly as Matt replied to his last few emails. Tom picked up his laptop and read through a request for him to record in the studio. He loved studio work and spending time jamming with some of the greatest bands in the world. He’d spend a few weeks on tour with bands, but most bands mainly requested him for studio work because he played clean.

As he thought about the neighbour upstairs, his cock swelled against his leg, leaving him excited but needy. He should bend Matt over before they went upstairs to visit their new neighbour, but he didn’t want to delay it any longer. Mr New Guy would just have to deal with his stiff wood.

“You ready to go?” Matt asked.

Tom raised his left eyebrow and pointed at Matt’s crotch. “Really, don’t you think he might be a little afraid with your package almost out of its wrapping?”

“Maybe he’ll be flattered.”

“Baby, I know what you got, and you’re most definitely large enough to scare anyone.”

Matt’s face flamed red. “You’re not much better off. Got wood?”

“Come on, let’s just go up there and see what happens,” Tom said.

“Wait, do we want to bring cookies?”

“No, next time. This way it doesn’t look so rehearsed.”

Tom led Matt up the stairs outside their apartment to the new guy’s place. Tom hoped they weren’t inviting in trouble with their wandering eyes but they had both agreed that they wouldn’t let Mandy’s issues keep them from having fun. Their ex had gone off the deep end and tried to split them up so she could fit into a couple instead of a trio. He shivered when he thought of everything she’d done. Their new apartment in this new town was because of Mandy.

The move had cost them a bit of what they’d saved for a down-payment on a house. The bitterness he’d felt at having to put off their house-buying for a few months had dissipated. At least they weren’t stuck in the same town as her, having to put up with her wrath and stupid pranks.

Matt stopped Tom before they got to the top of the stairs. “We don’t have to do this, really.”

“You’re thinking about her. Am I right?” Tom cupped Matt’s chin and drew him in for a quick kiss.

“Yeah,” Matt said.

“We won’t go through that again.”

“But what if it’s worse?” Matt asked.

Matt wrapped his arms around Tom and held on tight, his face pressed against Tom’s pale neck. Tom breathed in deep, taking in Matt’s masculine scent that reminded him of the ocean and sea breezes. His heart squeezed and he knew he would do anything for this man, even go through another situation like the one they had experienced with Mandy. Keeping Matt happy was the most important thing in his life.

“I love you, Tom.”

His breath whooshed out and his throat closed up. “I know and I love you too. Nothing will change that.” Matt nuzzled Tom’s neck, planting kisses up to his ear and back to his collarbone.

“No lies from another can separate us,” Tom said.


Tom traced Matt’s lips with his tongue, leaning against him.

“Damn, I’m so hard,” Matt said.

“Babe, you look hot.”

“Let’s do this.” Matt pulled out of the embrace and raised his hand to knock.

* * * *

The voices drew James to the door. The deep baritones vibrated through the wood and straight to his crotch. He stepped up to the peephole and spied the two totally hot guys from downstairs wrapped around each other. They’d been spying on him for the last three days. At first their attention had made him feel strange, as if he were under a microscope. Then, two nights ago as he’d drifted off to sleep, he’d heard noises from below. He’d rolled off his bed and plastered his ear to the floor. He’d heard one moan, then another. He’d sat up quickly then lain back down, his dick growing hard in his underwear as the sounds of sex filtered up to his apartment.

The need to grab his dick had been so great, but he’d felt weird reaching for his cock while listening to the two guys humping below. After another minute of listening, though, he hadn’t been able to keep his hands off himself. The orgasm had been so deep that he hadn’t been able to stand for some moments. The shame had brought tears to his eyes.

He’d dry-humped the carpet as two guys had fucked below him, and now here they stood, at his front door. Heat rose to his face and he wondered what they would think if he opened the door with a full blush on.

James stroked his dick beneath the thick denim of his jeans. Should he open the door or hide in shame? Hell, they deserved to have him stare at them after the way they’d ogled him in the pool. So he’d had a few days of rest and relaxation before his new job started. Next week he would be locked in an office building every day, for most of the day. They hadn’t needed to stare, but deep inside he was glad they had. He must be coming down with something. Being attracted to both of these guys was dangerous. They were probably nice guys who were just trying to be neighbourly and not trying to get into his pants.

He stepped back and put his hands on the door instead of his dick. Damn, he was so hot. Down boy—you like girls, not guys. Keep repeating it.

A sharp rap sounded at the door and he jumped. He leaned in close to check the peephole again, not at all surprised to see both men standing at his doorway, with smiles on their faces welcoming James to open the door.

James caught his breath and smoothed his hands down his pants, then glanced down to see the huge lump made by his hard cock. “Crap.” James untucked his shirt and hoped that the material would hide his desire. He turned the lock and swung the door open.

“Hi. Can I help you with something?” Of course, the only things he wanted to help these two guys with were their bulging zippers and their aching cocks. Shit, don’t think things like that.

James tried like crazy to keep his eyes from sliding down their bodies, but he lost the battle. His gaze dropped to their chests, then a bit farther south before he glanced up quickly, his cheeks burning so hot that he knew he was blushing. Don’t be a skanky pervert.

The dark-skinned man stuck out his hand. “I’m Matt and this is Tom. We’re your downstairs neighbours.”

“I’m James, the one on top.” The second the words left his lips, heat rushed over his entire body. Oh, crap, why did I say that?

Both Matt and Tom’s gaze shot to his. Matt’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed over and over again, and Tom wiped his hands on his jeans. James thought both men had lust in their eyes...but he didn’t know if that was just wishful thinking. The only reasonable thing to do was to invite them in, but James didn’t know if he could cross that road. Would letting them come inside mean he was gay? No way could he live with that. His family was so homophobic it scared the shit out of him when he had thoughts like this. The one time he’d actually kissed a guy, he’d felt guilty for months. Had his brother found out, he would be dead.

“Come in.” His voice sounded thick to his own ears and he was surprised as hell that he’d actually said those words out loud. What was he doing? Inviting two gay guys into his place was like playing with fire.

Matt and Tom stepped into his apartment and James’ excitement amped up. His palms were slick with sweat and his knees shook. What the hell had he done? Total strangers were in his apartment and yet he felt fine about asking them in. No, that wasn’t right, he didn’t feel fine. He felt thick anticipation pumping through his veins, leaving him wanting something so dark and dangerous he could barely acknowledge the thought.

“It’s great to finally meet you,” the white one said.

“You’re Tom, right?” James asked.

“Yeah.” Tom’s face turned pink, and the blush looked good on him.

“Sorry, I’m bad with names. Can I get you something to drink?” He didn’t want to scare these guys off. He’d been with a girl before so he wasn’t a real virgin, but he hadn’t done more than just kiss that one guy. His family had always been too close by. He’d always lived either with his parents or in the same house as his brother, which had forced him to keep his desires quiet.

Now he was alone with two guys. He wanted to touch them and pet them. The desire to drop to his knees and ask them to play raced through him, making his knees weak. The image of Matt and Tom pleasuring him filled his mind and his brain fuzzed. God, I’m going to hell.

“Tom and I were wondering if you would like to join us for dinner tomorrow night? I’ve got steaks for the grill.”

James knew what would happen if he got together with the guys for dinner. “I don’t know.”

“Just dinner,” Tom said.

James was impressed. Tom had said the words so convincingly that he believed they wouldn’t try anything. Both Tom and Matt had seemed to sense his hesitation. They stepped away from each other and the tension in the room decreased.

“Really, we just want to be friendly. Are you new to the area?” Matt asked.

“Not really. I grew up here, but this is my first apartment on my own.”

“Tomorrow night we’ll be grilling steaks. Please, come over at seven.”

James knew it was wrong to want these men, but no matter what he knew to be right, he wanted both Matt and Tom. But could he do this? Could he spend an evening with two guys and not have sex with them? Hell, he was still a virgin as far as being with guys was concerned.

He was probably reading them wrong. They were just trying to be nice. They weren’t going to attack him. They’d been perfectly wonderful guys so far, and he shouldn’t judge them the way his brother would.

“Sure, I’ll bring something. How about pie?” James asked.

Matt broke into a smile and Tom’s eyebrow went up again. They both were so sexy that he wanted to get down on the ground and beg them to drop their pants. Both of them were showing hard through their clothes, even if they were trying to hide it. He was doomed and he couldn’t even stop himself. Heavy lust left him wanting things he couldn’t have. Maybe he should tell them he wasn’t going to go down for dinner. The fear of his brother finding out made him nauseous.

Tom stepped forward, his face only inches from James’. His breath slowed and his heart jack-hammered. James swallowed over the lump in his throat.

“Yum, I love pie.” Tom’s pink tongue darted out and swiped at his upper lip.

Hot damn, these guys were going to kill him. “Yeah,” James said, his voice low and gravelly. They had him by the balls and he was sure they knew it. He would do anything they asked, and it was probably written all over his face. James swallowed, hoping he hadn’t been standing there with his tongue hanging out, drooling over their bodies.

Trying to act cool, he stepped away from Tom. “Seven. I’ll be there.”

“Sounds great.” Matt grabbed Tom’s arm and led him outside and back downstairs.

James couldn’t help but step outside and watch as they went. When he finally pulled his tongue back in and retreated into his apartment, his phone was ringing. Fear washed over him. He picked up his phone and before answering he saw that it was his brother calling. “No freaking way.”

Hiding from Rick wouldn’t solve anything. Years of being watched had grated on his nerves, but he’d been good and kept his desires hidden as well as possible. His brother had agreed that James could live on his own after he’d spent a month convincing him that he would behave. How his family knew he had “gay tendencies,” as his brother called it, he’d never know. Maybe it was the way he’d watched the boys on the swim team in high school, or perhaps Rick had found the only gay magazine James had bought. But that would have been nearly impossible, since he’d thrown it in the dumpster after looking through it once. His one concession to James’ declarations of being straight had granted him freedom, but this might cost him everything.

He answered the call, darkness clouding his mind even before the phone was at his ear. “Hey, Rick, do you need something?”

“We’re having dinner tomorrow night. You need to be here at six-thirty.”

James held his groan in. Rick had no idea what he wanted to do with the guys downstairs. He wasn’t spying on him. At least, James didn’t think he was. “Does it have to be tomorrow?”

“Why? Do I need to come over there now and make sure you’re not falling back into your evil ways?”

The desire to scream almost overwhelmed James, but he held it in. “No, I’ve met some friends and we were going to have dinner tomorrow.”

“Is it guys?” Rick spat out.

Fuck, how does he know? “No, it’s a couple. They are just being nice.”

“Fine, but you’ll have to change your plans with them. You are meeting me tomorrow for dinner. This was part of our agreement.”

“Okay, I’ll go downstairs and tell them that we can’t get together tomorrow.”

“If they are God-fearing people who are decent, they will understand that family is more important than anything else in this world. Tell them your family comes first.”

James tried not to grind his teeth. “I will.”

“I’ll come by to get you tomorrow,” Rick said.

James’ entire body squeezed with fear. “No, I need to run some errands so I’ll just drop by your place.”

“You aren’t trying to hide something?” Rick’s voice was tinged with anger.

“Dang it, Rick, you are so suspicious. No, I just don’t see the reason for you to come all the way over here when I’m going to be on that side of town anyways.”

“Don’t ever hide anything from me. Ever. You got that?” Rick’s voice was hard and edged with the threat of punishment.

“Yes, sir.” James hung up the phone and dropped his head in his hands. Rick always made his life difficult. Hell, why had he been born into this family? But, like Rick had said, family was everything.

James made his way downstairs to tell Matt and Tom he would have to take a rain check on getting together. His legs felt stiff as he made his way down to Matt and Tom’s place. His heart was heavy with guilt. His family was so adamant about the evils of homosexuality and he’d tried so hard not to be gay, but it was a losing battle. Even now, after his discussion with his brother, he wanted to touch Matt and Tom, lick their bodies and feel their hard lengths in his hands.

Before he could even think about what he was going to say he was knocking on the door to the guys’ apartment, wondering how he could have both guys at the same time. He wondered if you could actually fuck two guys at once.

* * * *

Tom heard the knock and dropped Matt’s dick from his mouth.

“Hey, where are you going?” Matt said. “My dick needs you more than you need to find out who’s at the door.”

“Just a hunch.” Tom raced to the door and looked through the peephole. He spun around and flashed a smile at Matt. “You’re going to love this.”

Tom opened the door, flashing his entire body to James. “Oops.” Tom stepped behind the door, only half hiding his naked body.

James swallowed and his face went red. Lust showed in his eyes and his face turned red. Tom saw the length of James’ dick stretch under his denim. The guy was so alluring that Tom needed to touch him.

“Oh, God,” James moaned.

Tom reached out, grabbed James’ hand and pulled him into their apartment, then slammed the door behind him. Matt strode over, his dark skin gleaming with sweat and his cock sticking out from his pelvis, all hard and ready to play. Tom loved the way Matt moved, and he could see that James loved it, too. James’ pupils were dilated and he looked as if he was about to cream.

Tom traced a finger down James’ chest to the waistband of his jeans. James licked his lips, his gaze on Matt’s hard-on.

“You want to touch?” Matt asked.

James whimpered and shut his eyes. He leant back against the door and clenched his fists. At first, Tom thought he was just acting shy, till he saw the anguish on James’ face.

Tom wrapped him in a hug, kissing his neck. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

For a moment James did nothing, then he started shivering and he shook his head. Tom leant back enough to make out the tears running down James’ face. Something was wrong. He could have sworn James was gay, but maybe he’d been totally wrong about the kid. Oh, shit, what if he wasn’t eighteen?

“Hey, James, you don’t have to do anything. Matt, would you grab our clothes.”

“No,” James said, a bit too loudly. “Please, I want to…” James opened his eyes and bit his lip. “I’m so scared.”

“How old are you, James?” Matt asked.

“Twenty-four.” James shifted from one foot to the other, his gaze steady on Matt.

Both Tom and Matt breathed out sighs of relief. Matt moved in and wrapped his arms around both Tom and James. “We’ll be gentle.”

James wiped the tears from his face. “It’s not that. I want you both so much, but my… I can’t.”

“Why?” Matt’s voice was calm and soothing.

“Oh, God, this is so difficult. My family… They hate—”

“Babe, there is nothing wrong with love,” Matt said as he brushed a hand through James’ hair.

James’ gaze shot to Matt, his eyes wide as his nostrils flared. “Can two men actually love each other? I mean, here I am and you’re both coming on to me.”

Matt let out a bark of laughter and James jumped. Matt grabbed Tom around the waist, then kissed him. Their gazes locked and as Tom stared into Matt’s eyes he knew what Matt was going to say before his lover opened his mouth. Love flowed through Tom, making him happier than he’d been in a long while.

“I love Tom with all of my heart. We’re partners in every sense of the imagination. He’s the best thing that has ever happened in my life.”

Tom brushed his lips over Matt’s jaw. “Matt is the love of my life.”

“But how could you love each other and want me?” James said, his voice cracking.

“We may be committed to each other, but we’re not blind,” Matt said.

“So I’m just some toy? An object to you?” James’ eyebrows were bunched together.

“No.” Tom dropped his arms from around Matt. He pushed Matt to the side and stood directly in front of James. He placed his hands on James’ hips and let his eyes rove over his body. “Oh, you are not just a toy. We don’t use people. I think you’re special and want to show you how special you are. We do like to have fun with others but we explain our relationship first. You may not want to play with us after you hear how we are.”

“How are you?” James asked.

Matt was next to Tom, his hands brushing over James’ body as he planted little kisses on Tom’s bare shoulder. “I love Tom and that will never change, but that doesn’t mean I can’t care for you, too. If we actually have sex then it means that I care about you. It may not be true love, but I’ll never purposely hurt you.”

James hung his head as silent tears traced down his cheeks. Tom felt so bad for him. Obviously he’d been born into a family that was homophobic. Tom could only imagine how horrible living with a family who hated gays would be.

James swiped at his eyes and shuddered. He tried to smile but didn’t quite make it. He was so cute that Tom felt the urge to kiss James. He stepped closer, pressing his chest against James and leaning into his body, their lips so close he could feel James’ breath on his face. Their gazes locked and a chill raced through Tom. His dick woke up, going fully hard. Tom sucked in a breath, hoping that the dizzy feeling would go away before he fell to his knees.

James couldn’t breathe. Tom was so close, his bare chest pressing against him, his dick poking his hipbone. James’ dick was so ready to blow, he didn’t know if he could contain his excitement. If he moved even a centimetre, they would kiss.

He couldn’t stand it any longer. James leaned in, his eyes wide open as his lips met Tom’s. He moaned as his balls tightened and his dick throbbed.

Pre-cum leaked from the tip of his dick at the sound of Tom’s moan, creating a wet spot on his pants. Matt dropped to his knees and licked the tip of James’ penis through his jeans.

“Oh, fuck.” James knew he was about to blow. He hadn’t lost his load in his pants since he was a teen. Matt and Tom’s combined attention was too much for him to endure.

Matt worked fast on James’ jeans button and zipper. Before James knew what was happening, Matt had dug his dick out of his underwear and he felt tight, warm lips wrap around the head of his cock. He moaned and his toes curled in his shoes. Tom kept kissing him, running his hand over James’ chest, but that barely registered as Matt sank down on his cock. James drew his muscles in so tight he lost his breath and his knees gave out. Tom caught him and Matt held him up as James came, pumping his seed down Matt’s throat.

Matt sucked him until long after the last spurt of his spunk had ended, then he eased James’ dick out of his mouth and reverently licked him clean.

Tom helped James to the ground. He stared at Matt and Tom, wondering why he felt so good if this was wrong. He’d never felt this wonderful after making love to a woman, but with Matt and Tom he felt as if he’d actually accomplished something good.

He watched as Matt and Tom kissed. They rolled to the floor next to him, Matt moving to the top as he stroked Tom’s dick. Then he did something James had thought he would never see in person. Matt got up and retrieved some lube and a box of condoms. Tom stroked his own dick as he gazed at James.

James felt his dick start to wake up again as Matt rolled on a condom and spread lube over Tom’s ass, then on his own dick. Matt gripped Tom’s face, forcing his eyes from James, and kissed him roughly before sliding his cock into Tom’s waiting hole.

Tom arched his back, his chin tilted to the ceiling. He moaned and writhed while Matt pumped into him. Tom turned to stare at James, his eyes half closed and drunk with passion as Matt fucked him.

James reached for his own dick, stroking to match Matt’s rhythm. Tom reached between himself and Matt, stroking his own cock but keeping his eyes on James. Tom started whimpering and moaning and James knew Tom was close. The tightness in James’ balls built and he knew he would be going over the edge soon, too. God, to climax together would be amazing.

Tom’s eyes rolled up in his head and his face turned into a mask of lust, desire and pleasure. James squeezed his dick harder, closing his eyes and thinking of Matt screwing him…and that did it. His jizz spurted out of his dick, splatting on his chest as he milked his rod. Tom moaned and James opened his eyes, connecting with Tom’s gaze. The man looked satisfied beyond belief. James wondered if that was what he looked like after a good orgasm. He let his gaze drop lower, to the connection Matt and Tom shared. He saw the creamy evidence of Tom’s orgasm smeared on both Matt and Tom’s bellies.

Matt pushed hard into Tom, his head thrown back, his shoulders and neck tight with strain. James didn’t know what had possessed him to move, but he crawled over to Tom, bending low over his belly to lick up Tom’s cum, tasting each delicious drop.

Matt sat back on his heels, the condom tip white with his seed. James wanted to taste him, too, but he was too shy to ask so he just licked Tom instead.

Tom pulled James down next to him and kissed him, their tongues twisting together as they strained to get closer. Tom leant back and smoothed his fingers over James’ cheek, sending shivers over James’ body.

“You’ve never had sex with a man before?” Tom asked.

James couldn’t keep his eyes on Tom. He felt shame mixed with fear. “No.”

“Shh, baby. Come here.” Tom hugged him, holding him close.

For the first time James felt loved. He felt as though there was hope. He tried to shut down the feelings rushing through him, but he couldn’t. His world had been turned upside down by Matt and Tom. His family had spent so much time trying to convince him how bad being gay was, but he couldn’t believe it any longer. What he’d done with these two guys had been as close to real love as he’d ever felt. Somehow he had to figure out a way to keep Matt and Tom in his life.

Matt sat on the couch with James leaning back against him. He held the sweet man close, making sure to not get too sexually excited. James had been through enough tonight. From everything James had said, the guy sounded conflicted about his sexuality. Matt hated it when strangers bashed gays, but families trying to screw up their own just because of whom they wanted to have sex with was just wrong.

“I came down here to say I can’t come to dinner tomorrow.” James got up and picked at his jeans, his eyes on the floor.

Matt held his tongue. He heard the water stop in the bathroom. Tom was done with his shower and he’d be pissed off that James wasn’t coming. At least, Matt thought so—not because James wouldn’t be there, but because the reason behind his skipping the get-together had something to do with his family.

“You haven’t said anything.” James twisted around to look at Matt.

“Honey, I don’t want to overreact.” Matt brushed his thumb over James’ cheek.

“Just say it.” James’ eyes were full of misery and pain.

“Wait for Tom.”

“So you guys can gang up on me?” James sounded desperate and looked as if he were about to jump up and run.

“No, honey, so we can find another night together.” Matt cupped James’ chin and brought him close enough for a quick kiss. They stared at each other for a few seconds before James turned and settled his back against Matt’s chest.

“Why are you and Tom being so nice to me?” James asked.

“Tom’s the nicest man I’ve ever known. He’s amazing and wonderful and a really great guy. And we both like you.”

“You don’t really know me.” James was picking at his jeans again, his voice quiet.

“Not yet,” Matt said. He ran his hand down James’ chest, then back up to his face, cupping James’ jaw and turning him for a kiss. Their lips met in a light brush of pink against pink. Matt’s dick jumped.

James moaned and spun to face Matt. Matt sank to the couch and pulled James on top of him. The sweet kiss he’d planned on giving James turned into a passion-filled clinch with James grinding against him. He didn’t want to take James’ virginity tonight, but the man was so tempting he almost couldn’t stop.

Tom sat down on the coffee table beside the couch and James stopped kissing Matt. He jerked back and sat up.

James’ cheeks turned red and he started to get up from the couch. “Hey, I didn’t mean—”

“It’s okay. I kind of like watching you two kiss,” Tom said.

Matt pulled James back to him and James laughed, his chest vibrating against Matt. He and Tom didn’t need James in their family, but he liked the guy. He wanted to spend time with James and get to know him. There was vulnerability in James that Matt found enticing.

“James, sit up,” Matt said.

“What? Why?” James’ face was crestfallen.

“I like you a lot,” Matt said. “Probably too much since we’re just getting to know you. If we had sex tonight, it would be too early.”

“What? I’m not a virgin,” James said, his cheeks flushing pink.

“Just listen to me. Okay?” Matt grabbed James’ hand to soften his words.

James sat back on the couch and crossed his free arm over his chest. “Fine.”

Matt hated the attitude James was throwing off, but he wouldn’t get into a fight with the guy, not tonight. “I want you.” Matt smoothed his hand down James’ chest. “I want you so bad it hurts. I could easily take you into my bedroom and spend the night seducing you into everything my brain could come up with. But I don’t want to hurt you, and if we had sex tonight I probably would.”

“I’m tough. I can take it,” James said.

Tom sat still on the coffee table and Matt looked to him for help. James was so full of anger, rage and hurt that Matt could feel it vibrating from him. Tom shrugged his shoulders and Matt wanted to scream. But Tom didn’t know yet that James wouldn’t be here for dinner tomorrow night.

“When we get together for dinner. Let’s plan for it. Make it special,” Matt said.

“So, tomorrow night then?” Tom rubbed his hands together, an evil grin shining on his face.

“Sorry, I can’t come tomorrow.” James ducked his head.

“What? Why?” Tom sat forward, grabbing James’ knees.

“My brother is making me get together with him for dinner.”

“He could come too,” Tom said.

“No,” Matt said quickly.

“Matt, really. The guy would be welcome.”

Tom was super dense at times. Matt shot a look over at James and didn’t like what he saw. “Babe. Tommy, honey, James’ family doesn’t want him to be gay and I don’t think he’s comfortable with his family finding out he hangs out with gay guys.”

“God, this will never work.” James dropped his head to his hands.

Tom moved to the couch and held James. “It will be fine. We’ll do whatever you need us to do. I swear.”

“Why are you being so nice?” James whispered.

Matt felt James’ desperation. Family issues like James’ were rough on everyone, but he wouldn’t add to the pressure by telling James he wasn’t interested in the drama. Accepting only the easy fucks into his and Tom’s lives would be simpler, but that wasn’t what he wanted. James was worth the fight to help him break free of the bondage of his family.

* * * *

After hugging and kissing both Tom and Matt repeatedly, James left their apartment and trudged back upstairs. Rick was being an ass, but what could James do? He was in Rick’s debt and owed him so much.

James’ stomach growled. He hadn’t eaten dinner and he sure as heck didn’t want to cook anything. Being with Matt and Tom had left him zonked. After consuming a simple sandwich he took a quick shower, ignoring his hard-on as he washed off. He fell into bed and was woken suddenly by the shrill of his phone. It transferred to voicemail before he could get out of bed.

Had last night with Matt and Tom been for real? James touched his chest, sliding a tentative hand lower, past his belly, stopping at the edge of his underwear. He closed his eyes and bit his lower lip as his hand slipped under the waistband, brushing against the tight curls at the base of his dick. When his fingers closed over his semi-hard erection, the memories of being sucked by Matt washed through his brain. His dick ached for Matt’s tongue as he pumped up and down, trying to relive the experience.

His balls tightened and he was so close to climax that it hurt. He threw his head back and grunted as he fisted his cock fast and hard, imagining Matt hanging above him, watching.

The phone rang again, startling James from his pre-orgasmic bliss. The heat of embarrassment washed over him and he jumped up from the bed, his dick still throbbing as he ran across the room to catch the call before it fell to voicemail. Before he answered, he checked the display and saw it was Rick. Shit.

“Why didn’t you answer?” Rick’s voice was tight with anger.

“I was asleep.” James held his dick, willing his wood to deflate.

“It’s after seven. Are you getting lazy?”

“No, Rick, I just slept in.”

“You sound irritated. What did you do last night?”

James looked down at his dick hanging out of his underwear. Shit, what could he say? Rick would sense a lie. Why couldn’t he have a normal family? No one else he’d ever known had to go through this kind of crap. It was worse than the mob. “I met a couple from the complex.”

“Are they married?” Rick spat out.

“Rick, they are normal people who are very nice. Yes, they are married.” James hated lying but what the hell else could he do? Were Matt and Tom in a domestic partnership, just lovers, or had they taken the plunge and bought a marriage licence? He had no clue. Plus, that wasn’t the type of marriage Rick was talking about.

“Invite them to dinner tonight,” Rick commanded.


“Excuse me?”

“One of them has to work tonight.” Oh, God, the lies kept rolling off his tongue. He would be a total degenerate by the end of the week if this kept up.

“Fine, I should come pick you up and meet them.” A shuffle of papers sounded in the background. Rick was done paying attention to him and the conversation would wrap up soon.

Anger flashed through James. Rick would screw up everything for him if he came by. Fuck, he hated this. “No, Rick. I have errands to run today before I start my job next week. I won’t be here this afternoon because I’ll be on your side of town, and I will meet you at your house.”

“Hell, don’t you be using that kind of lip with me. You should be thankful for having a brother to look after you.”

James rolled his eyes and held back the sigh that he wanted to let loose. “Rick, I do love you, and I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. But you coming to pick me up is useless because I won’t be here. I will be on your side of town.”

The line went silent for a few beats and James prayed he’d stopped Rick from interfering for now. The issue of introducing Rick to the happy couple next week was a problem he would tackle later.

“Fine, I’ll see you at six-thirty sharp. Don’t be late.” Rick didn’t even say goodbye before he cut the connection.

James put his phone down, ignoring the urge to toss the thing across the room. Rick had done so much for him after their dad had died. Rick had put him through college, paid for everything and taken care of him and their sister. As much as he wanted to turn his back on Rick, he couldn’t. The guy had done so much for their family and it wouldn’t be fair to just walk away.

He ambled into his kitchen, ignoring the urge to masturbate, and grabbed a quick bite to eat before he headed out to go shopping. After graduating with his Master’s he’d scored a primo job at a software company. He would need more than one suit and dress shirt. Another thing Rick had done was given him three thousand dollars to get his clothes for the job. How could he be so ungrateful as to be gay when Rick was just trying to help him?

Meeting Matt and Tom had been an eye-opener. Those men were living the type of life he craved, but was too afraid to even dream about. The freedom to love each other without having to please anyone else was what he desired in life. If only he could be with Matt and Tom. James pushed away the fantasy of living as a gay man and devoted himself to the task of purchasing new clothes for his job.

He was at Rick’s at exactly six twenty-nine. Macy, Rick’s wife, answered the door. She looked haggard, but he guessed anyone would after popping out eight kids. How Rick worked and kept up with his family, while finding time to take care of James’ needs, amazed him. James couldn’t be mad at his brother when he thought of all the advantages Rick had given him.

“Hey, Macy, how are you doing?” James hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Great. James, are you really okay living alone? You can always come back here and stay. It’s scary out there in the real world and we don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Macy, I’m fine. It’s a good apartment complex and it’s only five minutes from my job. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay. You are growing up. I just don’t want someone to take advantage of you.”

James’ heart squeezed and he didn’t know what else he could say. He was a grown man and he needed his space to do his own thing. God, with a family who did so much to take care of him, how could he ever follow his heart and love a man?

Dinner with Rick and his family reminded him of all the reasons he’d left. They were great, but into everything. He had no privacy even when peeing. One of the kids would barge into the bathroom because Rick didn’t believe that locks on doors were appropriate in a house with kids. No way could he have ever brought a guy home—or a girl, for that matter.

After assuring Rick and Macy that he could drive home in the dark, he headed out to his car, wondering if Matt and Tom would still be awake. What would dinner with them be like? His dick swelled against his leg as he got closer to home. At least in his own apartment he could jack off without some kid popping into the bathroom to find out what he was doing.

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