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The first part of Surprise Sleep Over

This sweet little read is one of my first MM books published. I hoe you enjoy.

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Surprise Sleep Over
Chapter One

Nick stared out of the fifteenth floor window of the Hayson building in downtown Dallas. His plane to CancĂșn was scheduled to leave in the morning, but based on the ice falling from the sky nothing would be taking off or landing at the airport. He called the airlines again and still got the same answer. He guessed he would keep calling until they cancelled, or it was so close to flight time he would try to make his way to the airport.
His floor had been empty for hours. Everyone with brains had left Jackson and Reeves Corp except him. At lunch someone had dumped fifteen contracts on his desk. Nick wanted to curse them and ignore the work, but leaving the contracts for when he returned wasn't his style. No question about it, he would finish the work before his week of vacation. Of course he hadn't believed the snow would hit this early either. Now a drive to the airport looked like a trip to hell.
Only one more contract to review and print and he’d be done. Lucky for him the deal was easy, no special add-ons or exclusions. Time slowed as he drew closer to finishing. Only a few more minutes, then party time started. Hell, who was he kidding? The roads were crap. It would take a miracle to drive more than a few miles in this muck.
The eerie hush of the streets made him jumpy. Usually cars zoomed past, but not today. It'd been thirty minutes or more since he'd heard anything outside.
A loud noise broke the silence. He mistyped a few characters, which he corrected before getting up to look for whoever was sneaking around the building. The noise had been the door by the elevator, he was sure of it. That particular door made a loud popping sound anytime it opened. Had someone come back to work? Impossible, with the roads the way they were.
Nick stepped closer to his door and hesitated. The smart thing would be to lock the door and call someone, but he wasn't a baby. And who would he call? Sure, he was afraid to leave the safety of his office, but no one who wasn't supposed to be in the building could get in.
The pounding of his heart and the sweat on his brow made him laugh. He was being ridiculous. This wasn't a slasher film. Some guy wasn't going to jump out from behind a corner and stab him or shoot him.
Nick shook off his fear and walked out of his office and straight into another person. He screamed and flailed his arms. The rapid beat of his heart echoed in his ears.
"Oh God, I didn't mean to run into you." The man stepped back, his hands grasping Nick's upper arms.
For a moment Nick fought the stranger's grip. Fear shot around his thoughts before he realised the man holding him was James from accounting.
"I didn't know anyone was still here." His heart still hammered in his chest and his breathing was erratic, but he wasn't sure if it was from the fright or the fact that James was touching him.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. How about you? Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I was just looking to see if anyone else was in the building. I'm James, by the way. I work down in accounting." James dropped his hands from Nick's arms and laughed. "I guess I don't need to hold on to you anymore."
Nick laughed too, not because James had laughed, but because he wanted James to touch him and so much more. But he was used to hiding those desires. So he laughed to cover what he really wanted, hoping the other man wouldn't see the desire he felt. "I'm Nick."
"I know who you are."
For a moment Nick couldn't speak. So James knew who he was. The company was big, but not huge. It wasn't totally out of the question for James to know of him, but he and James didn't have any reason to cross paths in normal day-to-day business, and they hadn't been formally introduced before.
Nick knew James only because the man had spoken at a company luncheon a year ago. After that Nick had been dying for a chance to meet the guy, but he was elusive. That didn't stop Nick from dreaming about James night after night. And now here he stood in front of Nick in the flesh. This was the perfect time to find a way to get to know the guy better.
"So anyone else here?" Nick asked.
"I don't think so. I've already searched all the lower floors. This was my last one."
"Well, I guess we have the run of the place." Oh, what a stupid thing to say. His face grew hot and his hands started to shake.
James laughed. "Yeah. It's a bad storm. I should have left earlier in the day."
"Same here. I guess I shouldn't have ignored the weather."
James stepped forward and looked into Nick's office. His shoulder brushed against Nick's, setting off fireworks in Nick's body. Somehow Nick managed not to gasp, or purr, or grab James by the back of his neck and kiss him until they both saw stars.
"And you've got a corner office with all of those windows. You had to have seen it coming."
Nick pushed away the excitement flowing through his body. "I had some last minute work." He tried to play it cool as he studied James. The guy was gorgeous up close. He had a few laugh lines around his eyes that made him look more appealing.
"Seen anyone driving lately?"
Nick forced himself to stop staring at James. "Um, no, it's dead out there."
Nick's cell phone rang and he grabbed it out of his pocket. "I've got to get this."
The automated voice on the other end gave him the news he didn't want to hear. His flight had been cancelled. Great, now his week in the sun was gone. At least he'd bought trip insurance so his money wasn't totally wasted. Disappointment sucked at his spirit. He'd wanted to be at the beach this week. It wasn't fair.
"Bad news?" James asked.
"Yeah. I was heading to CancĂșn in the morning. Now the flight's been cancelled."
"Bummer. Were you going with someone?"
"No, just trying to get away." Nick thought he saw relief pass across James' face. His interest was piqued. He'd been wondering about James since the first day he saw him. The guy was beautiful. In a suit he looked beyond yummy, but with only his dress shirt and slacks on Nick admired the man's body even more.
Nick dropped his train of thought before his eyes dipped to James' crotch. One look down there and even a straight guy would know exactly what Nick wanted.
He'd been dying to find out, but it would be rude to blurt out So, are you gay? That kind of question brought trouble.
"I guess your vacation is ruined."
"Yeah, I'll just come in next week and take vacation another time."
"Do you live far away?"
Nick laughed. Times like this he wished he'd bought closer into town, but he'd wanted the land. He should have driven his truck into town today, but he'd planned on heading home before the storm hit. Then he'd been saddled with fifteen additional contracts to write up. It seemed like everything was stacked against him on this freezing January day.
"Yeah, I live up north about forty minutes. Great place, tons of acreage, but sucks on days like this."
"I guess you're not going to be able to make it home tonight?"
"Nope, I'll probably just crash on the couch in the lobby."
"You could stay at my place."
Nick's heart stopped beating for a millisecond. Was James asking him to share his bed for the night? Would they lie naked together and stroke each other off? His cock grew hard just from the thought of touching James' naked chest.
He needed to get his mind out of the gutter. Nick pushed away all erotic images of James. The guy was just being nice.
"You know, that would be great. So how close is your place?"
"Across the street. I picked close over land."
"Really, just across the street? What are you still doing here?"
"Hmm, that's a good question." A haunted look crossed James’ face.
"Sorry, forget that I asked."
"No, it's okay. I live alone. Kind of sad, I know."
"It's not sad. I live alone too."
"You probably have projects you work on though?" James flashed a huge grin that melted Nick's heart.
"I do. I'm building a barn."
"I bet you get hot doing that work. I'd love to come out and see."
For a moment Nick swore James was flirting with him. Maybe he'd misunderstood what James was really saying. The guy was probably totally straight and would be appalled at what Nick was thinking.
"So, you ready to head over to my place for the night?"
James' cheeks were tinged slightly pink. Pink looked good on him. Maybe the flirting embarrassed James. Nick felt a little warm too.
"Let me grab my briefcase." Nick's knees shook as he walked back into his office. James was way too cute and the guy was super smart. He ran the accounting department for Jackson and Reeves, not at all an easy task. Nick knew James was well-respected in the company and in the business world. If James were gay and interested he’d make the perfect partner.
Who the hell was he kidding? That type of fantasy never worked out. Cute executive falls for working stiff. Ha, only in his dreams.
"Hey, looks like the snow is coming down fast."
Nick jumped up from his chair and spun round. He hadn't heard James come into his office. Thank God he hadn't been speaking out loud. Sometimes at home he talked to his animals, his dog, his cows and horses. He would be totally embarrassed if he'd spoken out loud about the true nature of his feelings for James.
"Yeah, looks rough. I guess I could try to make it home, but I really appreciate you giving me a place to lay my head."
James' eyes swept to his, their gazes connecting. Nick's stomach dropped and the air grew thick. Why had he said that? He swore he saw James' lip curve into a slight smile, but the smile was gone as fast as it had come.
"So, you ready to go?"
"Sure." Nick picked up his briefcase, turned off his computer, then closed and locked his storage cabinet. He followed behind James, beating himself up for being so stupid. Hitting on the guy was out of the question. It would be totally skanky to try to touch him or kiss him.
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