Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time Warner Cable Customer Service Failure

When Social Media works for customer service. On Friday, November 23 we experienced an entire shut down of our Internet and phone service for more than ten minutes. We didn't think anything of it. The Internet worked for the most part on Saturday and for some of the day on Sunday. Then it was gone, both the phone and the Internet useless. On Monday we called Time Warner. They sent someone out on Tuesday, then Wednesday nothing happened. Finally, when we were absolutely frustrated and ready to scream, both my husband and I started tweeting about Time Warner's lack of customer service. By Thursday morning we were connected with Time Warner's help account, @TWCableHelp, and suddenly things were happening. By noon our service was fixed, though it did go down again for a bit but as of right now, it's back up and working.

Why did it take getting onto Twitter to hash our out grievances just to get the Internet and phone working? We did all the things you were supposed to do to get TWC out to fix our problem but none of the proper channels worked. Has customer service fallen so far that only those who throw a fit get help? Of course we didn't throw much of a fit, just 3 tweets between the two of us, mild compared to some Internet fits I've seen. I hate taking our customer service issues to Twitter and honestly, I shouldn't have too. True, we are canceling our TWC account in December. We are moving to a neighborhood that isn't serviced by TWC so it's not like we had any choice in canceling our account. I wonder if TWC decided to not help us, thinking that we're a lost account so who gives a flip if we have the services we are paying for.

We already have enough stress in our lives with the impending move, our jobs, kids, dogs, and all the various other things that make up life. Having to borrow Internet service from our neighbors, praying that it worked (which it only did 25% of the time) while we submitted projects, waited on important emails and tried to make business calls wore us both down. Thank God we have Starbucks on Island so we were able to find a place to work. That TWC took more than one day, more than two days and more than three days, only fixing the problem once we took is public is shameful. That we didn't see a fix to the problem until after we publically tweeted speaks volumes about how disrespectful TWC treats it's customers.

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