Monday, January 30, 2012

Flash Fiction, a Speedo and Broken Bones. What do they all have in common?

It seems like I've been writing quite a bit of flash fiction recently. On Saturday I had a minor surgical procedure called balloon sinuplasty. Basically they give you a lot of topical drugs, including the legal form of cocaine, numb you up and shove a plastic balloon up your nose, and as they put it, they open the airways. Sounds nice, right? What they really mean is they crush the bones on the inside of your nose to force the area to be wider. Yes, I was awake for the procedure so I heard the bones being crushed as they were working.

A few things I've noticed, my voice sounds different. Not bad, but different. I have enough voices running through my head, and now I have another one I don't recognize when I speak. A bit disturbing...If you cry after having your bones in your nose broken, it hurts. I had a misunderstanding with someone on Sunday, and let's just say I've cried a bit. It freaking hurts to cry. Another thing, just after the procedure I had to run into a Walgreens. While I was in the store I noticed that people freak out when you have blood running down your face. If you ever have balloon sinuplasty don't go into a store after the surgery.

The last thing I figured out, I can write when I'm doped up on Valium, legal cocaine (notice I didn't say the illegal versions) and all the other fun drugs they shot into me. Click here to read the flash fiction I wrote while I was doped up. I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday Princess Slave, got to love those princesses

Fear raced through her, her eyes darted around the room, searching for an escape. Finally her eyes locked with those of the cocky king. His mouth turned up at the corners, his gaze steady on her face. A strange tingle ran up her spine, one she couldn’t shake off. The king lowered his eyes and licked his lips. Her body grew uncomfortably hot.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday with Kage Alan

Welcome to this week's Flash Fiction Friday with Kage Alan. He's been overseas celebrating the Chinese New Year, and now he has to pay for his fun. Read on and see how I torture Kage this week. Check out the other Flashes when you're done with this piece.

Kage watched the sun rise through half closed eyes. He’d been here all night waiting for Pookie to rescue him. He'd tried the door and the window then yelled until his voice was raw. The fire in the grate had died down hours ago, and the chill of the January morning seeped in.

"Find me, damn it," he whispered.

Damn Ninjas! She'd threatened him and won. Who knows what type of crap he'd have to say just to get out of her prison.

Sometime close to noon he heard the commotion below. The door burst open, but it wasn’t his lover.

Oh God, what do I do now?

Does Kage get free? Will he ever make it back to America? Who knows, but while he's away pick up one of his books.

Gaylias: Operation Thunderspell

Agents Nicholas Inker and Anthony Hamilton: one's American, the other is Chinese.  One has the brains, the other the brawn.  And the one thing they share, besides annoying each other, is an arsenal of insults for anyone caught in the crossfire. Enter the League: they're the latest international threat, a terrorist group with an unknown agenda and untraceable funding. Until now... Guided by Debora, their trigger-happy handler, Nicholas and Anthony are assigned to uncover the League's innermost workings.  What they find, however, is completely incidental to their real mission-each is determined to get the last word in, no matter how high the body count. They're two agents, one couple, entrusted with your national security. Let the bickering begin!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs: Mike's Way

Hello and welcome to my first edition of Wednesday Briefs! Flash fiction that will make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry, or even make you horny! This week, we had these prompts:  silk pajamas, cat's meow, wunderbar. The alternate prompts were: Born in the USA, Mahem, mollycoddle, dandruff, Stairway to Heaven, or Puff the Magic Dragon. For myself, I chose the Stairway to Heaven reference.

Don't forget to check out the other Wednesday Briefers.

Nephylim    m/m
Lindsay Klug   m/f
Lily Sawyer     m/m

Without further ado, I give you Mike's Way.

The haunting refrains of Stairway to Heaven echoed through the bar as Paulo stacked the chairs on the tables. Only he and Mike were still there, the waitresses had taken off five minutes ago after cleaning the tables.

Mike polished a glass, his back turned to Paulo as though he were ignoring him. Paulo stacked the last of the chairs, ignoring the awareness for the other man that wound through him. Mike hadn’t ever said anything that would lead Paulo to believe he was gay but he had a feeling. Of course since Paulo was from Brazil and Mike from the US they didn’t communicate as well as they should. Usually Mike glared across the room as time ticked by while he mopped the floor. It wasn’t his least favorite job, but when he’d hired on as bouncer he’d agreed to clean up afterwards.

As he mopped the floor he thought about Mike’s full lips and his broad shoulders. Mike’s slim hips and curvy ass weren’t too bad either. They guy was built well but it was his smile that did Paulo in.
Paulo wasn’t paying attention to where Mike was and jumped, letting out a yelp when he backed into the guy.

“Shit, I didn’t know you were right there.” Paulo hoped Mike didn't complain about this. He swore the guy didn’t like him, and now this, he might lose his job.

Mike stepped forward, blocking Paulo in a corner, trapped between a table and the wall. Paulo’s gaze connected with Mike’s and lust shot straight to his dick. Mike stared at him for a long moment. Sweat trickled down Paulo’s back as he stood still, wondering if Mike was about to do something like punch him.

Mike’s hand rose and Paulo flinched. Mike hesitated then reached out, smoothing the pad of his thumb over Paulo’s rough stubble. Paulo held his breath as Mike closed in on him, taking the mop and set it against the wall. They were only inches from each other, and for the first time Paulo noticed the blue flecks in Mike’s dark eyes. He’d thought the guy had dark eyes but now he saw their true color. 

Mike’s gaze flicked down to Paulo’s lips and he smiled. Paulo breathed out slowly, trying to steady his breathing. Mike cupped his jaw with one hand, the other planted firmly on Paulo’s waist.

“Paulo,” Mike whispered as he leaned in and brushed his lips back and forth across Paulo’s mouth.

His skin tingled and his muscles tensed as Paulo forced himself to remain still and not attack Mike. With as much restraint as he could muster, Paulo placed his hands on Mike’s waist. His fingers curled in, itching to travel over the man’s body, searching his tender flesh and hard muscles.

Mike broke the kiss and lifted his head enough so they could look each other in the eyes. Paulo couldn’t believe they were kissing, much less touching. A shiver overtook him and shook him all the way to his toes. Mike breathed in deep, his right hand squeezed Paulo’s waist. No words were spoken as they both moved closer, pressing their bodies together, chest-to-chest, dick-to-dick.

This time when Mike lowered his head for a kiss, Paulo opened his mouth, running his tongue over Mike’s lips. Mike groaned and opened for him, their tongues twisting against each other as Mike slid one hand down the back of Paulo’s jeans.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday His Hero Anthology with Zane's Inferno

Nick leaned in, pulling Zane into a crushing kiss. His tongue invaded Zane’s mouth, taking pleasure as he pushed Zane up against the wall. Nick’s hands were down Zane’s pants, grabbing his ass and squeezing hard as he ground his pelvis against him.

The kiss ended all too soon and Nick pulled back, leaving Zane totally bereft. Their breath came in gasps, heating up the tiny space where they’d hidden their little liaison.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday Devon Rhodes

Welcome to today's Flash Fiction Friday with Devon Rhodes. For more FFF click here.

The gun pressed to the back of Devon's head didn't worry her as much as the bomb set to explode in three minutes.

Mitch was bigger than her by a hundred pounds, meaner than a rabid dog and dumber than a stump. The seconds ticked by, but he didn't budge his hold on her. She counted down the time as fear pumped through her.

“Tell me the code,” Mitch said.

Devon nodded, Mitch didn’t have time to escape anyways. Mitch removed his hand.

"Let me go and I'll give it to you."

Mitch pushed her away and she stumbled towards the door. Would she make it?

I hope you enjoyed my Flash. Devon was a great sport and had no idea what I was going to write. Did she escape??? I don't know, we'll have to leave that for another episode. In the meanwhile check out her website and her books.

A Ring And A Promise is part of the His Hero Anthology.

Careers in military service are never easy on relationships—even less so when both lovers are in different branches...and both are men.

Naval Academy graduation now under their belts, Cary Barrientos knows the reality of the upcoming separation from his roommate of the past four years. Owen is more to him than just his best friend—he is the one person Cary can see spending his life with.

Owen Marsh knew that when he became Cary’s lover, the day would come when he would have to walk away. Now that day has come, and he’s having a hard time convincing himself that it’s just sex between them. Even with DADT repealed, there is no way a Marine and a Navy flier can be together. He’s just being realistic not expecting more.

When Cary switches their Academy rings, hoping Owen won’t notice, he makes a vow—he will do whatever he has to do, including believing enough for the both of them, to make their unlikely relationship stand the test of time. But when his Marine is called up for duty overseas, can a piece of jewellery and a promise be enough to get them through?

To read more FFF click here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thirst by Lisa Worrall

Today I welcome the amazing Lisa Worrall to my blog. She has a great backlist on Amazon so check out her books.  I hope you enjoy Thirst.


Detective Max Bowman is hunting a serial killer terrorizing the city, who leaves victims drained of blood. No fingerprints, no clues, no ideas. Only a mysterious inscription carved into each body.

Frustrated with the lack of progress, Max takes a break in a local pub.  Attacked by the attractive man buying him drinks, he is left for dead in the alley behind the bar.

Waking up in Carter Gray's bed was the last thing he expected.  Who was this mysterious man?  What was his dark secret?  Why does he make Max tremble with anticipation every time their eyes meet?

It becomes apparent that Carter is the only one with the 'expertise' to help him find the killer.  But is his attraction to Carter clouding his judgment and is he refusing to acknowledge that the killer may well be Carter himself?


Pain, lots of pain. Max tried to force his eyes open, but only one would comply; the other already swollen shut from the impact of a closed fist. He wasn't sure how long he'd been lying in the alley behind the bar. He dimly remembered a tall blond man with piercing blue eyes who introduced himself as Tony, or it might have been Tommy, buying him a beer, followed by way too many shots, he'd stopped counting after the fourth; remembered laughing and joking with him, flirting and being flirted with in return. Nothing seemed out of place. Nothing that was until the man suggested they go somewhere quieter.

Instead of heading out into the brightly lit street, Max had found himself being jostled from both sides into the alley behind the bar. The blond held onto him on his left and from nowhere a dark haired man grabbed his right arm. Too late Max realized that everything was out of place, just as the blond man's fist connected with his face and his knee with Max's groin.

The two of them punched and kicked him, and all he could do was curl in on himself on the ground and hope he could minimize the damage. He didn't want to think too much about the sharp snap he heard when a hard boot connected with his ribs, nor the meaty sounds of flesh upon flesh. Max was assaulted by a wave of dizziness and he felt darkness reach out to engulf him in its warm embrace, but he mentally shook his head and stubbornly refused to let it claim him. He felt hands grabbing at his keys and his wallet and then more pain as a boot connected with the muscle in the left cheek of his ass. His head was pulled back by a vicious hand twisting in his chestnut-colored hair, his glassy brown gaze locking onto piercing blue as the word "Fag" was spat at him and his head was slammed back down on the dirt.

Max heard their retreating footsteps and he tried to lift his head, the pain in his side causing a cry to fall from his lips at the movement. He coughed and cringed as he saw dark splatters of blood hit the ground. Wiping the back of a shaky hand across his lips, he stared at the stain of red on his skin. He stumbled to his knees, trying to use the wall beside him to pull himself up. His legs buckled, and he crashed back to the ground, a deep groan wrenched from him as he fell. Suddenly, he felt two strong arms, one around his shoulders and one under his knees, lifting him as if he weighed no more than a small child. His head lolled to the side, coming to rest on a firm shoulder and he had a glimpse of jade green eyes looking down into his as the dark claimed him once more.

* * * *
Carter pulled open the door of his black 1968 Ford Mustang and eased his ward carefully into shotgun, slowly reclining the seat to make the position more comfortable. Taking off his heavy woolen coat, he rolled it and slipped it behind the man's head to prop up the semi-conscious man. He gazed down at the battered face he had been watching all night from his dark corner of the bar, aware how beautiful it was underneath the swelling and bruising. The man's name was Max that much he knew, because he had heard him introduce himself to his assailant. He frowned, furious with himself that he had realized too late the blond twink and his accomplice's plans for the young man. If he hadn't been distracted, if he hadn't been so thirsty…

Carter slid behind the wheel, his green eyes glittering in the muted glow from the dome light as he closed the door behind him. A small smile lifted his lips as he headed his car toward home. The two men who had robbed and beaten Max and left him for dead had already paid for what they'd done. Glancing into his rear-view mirror, he parted his lips and ran his tongue down his elongated incisors.
They wouldn't be hurting anyone ever again, and he wasn't thirsty anymore.

Bio for Lisa Worrall
I was born in Romford, Essex, but am now living in Leigh on Sea, ten minutes away from the seaside town of Southend on Sea, which boasts the longest pier in the world.  My claim to fame!  I am having a total ball creating stories for the characters clamoring in my head for attention. And I am totally amazed by the support they've received and hope to give them voice for as long as people want to hear what they have to say.

On a personal note, I am the single mother of two children, aged eight and six, which makes for some interesting conversations, which sometimes end up in my stories!  As if that wasn't enough to make me prematurely gray, we also have acquired a puppy called Winnie, named after my biggest vice... the Winchester brothers in Supernatural.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cock and Bull Closer, The Wonderful TA Chase

Hello Sara and everyone,

Thanks for hosting me at your blog, and thanks to all the visitors stopping by to check out the last stop on the Cock & Bull Blog Tour. I hope you’ve followed us all since January 2nd when I hosted Julia Knight to start the tour off.

I thought I’d end the tour with a little bit of heat. Nothing wrong with that, right?  My upcoming release, The Longest Stride, will be available at

Amber Allure on January 22nd
I don’t have an actual link to my specific book, but here’s a link to the Amber Allure front page, and The Longest Stride will be on there when it comes out. Also, it’ll be discounted for the first week. Who can pass up a sale? Lol

So I’ll share the blurb for The Longest Stride and an excerpt:

Branimir Javlosk moved from Montana to Kentucky over twenty years ago, following the man he loved to a strange new place. They started a rescue farm and rehab center for retired racehorses, or any equine that needed their help. Branimir gained a reputation as a horse whisperer, able to take the most frightened horse and teach it to trust. They were on top of the world until Branimir’s lover died in a car accident.

He’s continued on, allowing the horses that need him to fill the empty place left by his lover’s death. Yet Branimir has a secret hidden deep inside of him. One he only lets out on rare occasions when there is a need. 

Austin Jameson Spellsin is the youngest and favored son of one of the country’s richest men. Austin’s not interested in working in the family business of building oilrigs. He wants to ride horses in the Olympics, eventing to be specific. Yet with all his money, he’s never found the right horse for him. Until one morning, he stares at a scar-covered, half-starving mare and sees the look of eagles in her unvanquished gaze. 

Of course, falling in love with the damaged mare isn’t going to make her want Austin, so he turns to the one man he knows can help him. Taking Mary’s Gospel to Branimir Javlosk seems the best way to win the mare’s troubled heart. Little did Austin know, not only would Mary’s Gospel lose her heart to the older cowboy, but Austin would find himself wanting to heal the wounded soul hiding inside Branimir. 


Austin smiled. “You know what my secret is. I can’t whistle.”

Branimir chuckled. “I’m not sure why you’d keep that a secret, but thanks for sharing. I’ll still sleep with you, even though you can’t whistle during sex.”

They laughed until Austin met Branimir’s gaze, and they came together hard, teeth clacking as they kissed. He threaded his fingers through Branimir’s head and moaned low in his throat as Branimir grabbed his ass. Wiggling and squirming, he straddled Branimir’s lap.

He ground his erection into Branimir’s, and their groans mingled. He dropped his head back and kept rocking their groins together. Branimir encouraged the rhythm until panting filled the room. Sweat dripped down his cheeks and Austin leaned forward to nip Branimir’s neck.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured as he nibbled along Branimir’s throat, taking little bites as he went.

“As are you.” Branimir squeezed Austin’s ass, running his finger along the seam of Austin’s jeans and pressed just a little against Austin’s hole.

The pressure from Branimir’s finger made Austin want more. He reached down and opened his pants, revealing his cock. Branimir caught on to what Austin was doing, so he undid his own jeans and brought their naked shafts together. 

“Holy shit!” 

The heat of Branimir’s skin along with the strength of his fingers wrapped around his own shaft drove Austin closer to the edge. He thrust, fucking Branimir’s hand, letting their pre-cum ease the friction, but only slightly. There was a little bite of pain to the hand job. 

“I’m coming,” he warned.

“I’m right with you.” 

Within seconds, warm cum spilled from them, coating their cocks and Branimir’s hand. When his last drop squirted out, Branimir came, adding his own to Austin’s. As his climax faded away, he fell forward onto Branimir’s chest. 

“Wow. I needed that,” he muttered.

“So did I, but I want in your ass.” Branimir patted his ass before gathering him close and standing.
“Let’s go take a shower and see where we can go from there.”

“Sounds great to me.”

He wrapped his legs around Branimir’s waist and rested his head on Branimir’s shoulder, letting his lover carry him upstairs. He marveled at how strong Branimir was, considering Austin wasn’t a light weight, but Branimir wasn’t out of breath when he hit the top of the stairs.

They moved down the hallway to the bathroom where Branimir set Austin on the counter before turning on the shower. Austin sat there for a moment, watching his lover strip. It shouldn’t have been erotic, because Branimir wasn’t trying to be. He unbuttoned and removed each piece of clothing without even looking at Austin.

When Branimir revealed his upper body, Austin gasped. Scars marred his chest and back like he’d been in a lot of fights. One scar looked more like a horse attacked him. Austin jumped to his feet and went over to run his fingers over the jagged line.

“Wow, that had to hurt,” he commented.

Branimir stiffened, but didn’t pull away. “It did.”

“How did it happen? I can’t see you not paying close enough attention to let a horse nail you like that.” Austin noticed how tense Branimir appeared as he continued to trace the old wound.

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t really expecting it from this particular horse. He’d never shown any signs of aggression toward me before, but I guess it just goes to show you can’t get distracted, even around a horse you trust.”

Austin studied Branimir, something in the man’s voice telling Austin there was more to the story. Yet the way Branimir turned away from him told Austin, Branimir didn’t want to talk about it.

“Looks like you had quite a few run-ins with crazy animals.” He whispered a caress over Branimir’s chest, pausing to tweak his nipple.

Branimir hissed and reached for Austin’s pants. “You need to get naked and we need to get wet before all the hot water is gone.”

Austin chuckled as he ripped his clothes off and crowded Branimir into the shower stall. He inhaled sharply as the wet fell over Branimir’s body, outlining all those wonderful muscles and tanned skin. The man must sunbathe in the nude because there wasn’t a tan line anywhere. Austin almost swallowed his tongue at the thought of Branimir lying on the grass out under the sun. God, he hoped he got to see it just once before he had to leave.

“Shit,” he muttered as he soaped up his hands and grasped Branimir’s cock with them. He pumped while Branimir dropped his head back and groaned.

“What’s wrong?” 

He could tell Branimir had a hard time focusing on what Austin said and Austin wanted it that way.

“Nothing Just remembered something.”

Austin pushed the thought of leaving out of his head. He didn’t have to go for another month and after that, he’d figure out how to get back to Branimir and his farm as often as possible. Long distance relationships were hard on couples, but luckily, he had the money to make it work, even if he had to fly back to Branimir every week.

What did that say about his feelings for the man? They’d only spent time together for the past month or so, and while he knew Branimir better than he did when he arrived, there were still lots of things he didn’t know about the man. 

Branimir grabbed Austin’s shoulders and brought their mouths together, quite effectively stopping Austin from thinking about anything except the feel of Branimir’s thick cock in his hand. 

Their tongues competed for dominace as Branimir pushed Austin up against the cool tiles. He grunted at the coldness on his back, but his chills disappeared when Branimir slid his hands down to grip his ass with strong fingers.

“Oh fuck.” He moaned, arching into Branimir’s solid body. His own grip on Branimir’s cock tightened, but his mind short-circuited at the touch of Branimir’s fingers to his hole.

“You want something,” Branimir murmured, tongue trailing over the curves of Austin’s ear.

“God, yes. I want you inside me. You’re gonna make me feel you for days.” His eyes rolled at the thought of Branimir’s larger than average cock fucking his hole.

Branimir growled low in his throat before pressing closer to Austin and nipping the side of Austin’s neck. Austin exhaled loudly and turned to brace his hands against the wall, tilting his ass out in a blatant offer. He jumped when Branimir slapped his butt.

“Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Austin rested his forehead on the tiles and closed his eyes, calming his breathing so he didn’t hyperventilate. At what point had his entire focus narrowed down to the shower stall and the man about to fuck him? Nothing else mattered except getting Branimir’s dick in his ass. 

He grunted when a slick finger rubbed over his hole lightly before breaching it. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on relaxing his muscles. Branimir buried his finger as deep as it could go into Austin and they both grunted. Within in minutes, Branimir had four fingers stretching Austin, getting him ready for Branimir’s thick shaft.

“I’m ready, Branimir. I want you inside me right now,” Austin demanded.

Branimir chuckled and eased his fingers out, drawing a mumbled protest from Austin. “Can’t have it both ways, sweetheart. It’d take far more lube for you to be able to deal with all my fingers and my cock. It’d be like me fucking you with my fist.”

Austin almost came as the image of Branimir’s hand buried in his ass popped up in his mind. “Oh my God!”

“Hush, honey.” Branimir soothed Austin by stroking his hand over Austin’s back. “That’s something to think about later. Right now, I want to shove my dick into you as hard as I can until you’re screaming my name.”

“Do it.”

He dropped his head again and shut his eyes, admiring Branimir’s controlled power as his lover thrust slowly, inch by hot inch. He was panting by the time Branimir stopped, his pubic hair scratching Austin’s butt.

“Are you okay?”

Austin thought for a moment, evaluating every atom in his body. Was he okay? He hummed and angled his hips, drawing Branimir in further. Oh yeah, he felt great.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Get moving, stud.”

Branimir froze and Austin wondered what he’d said. He clenched his inner muscles, dragging a groan from Branimir. That was all the man need, Austin guessed, considering how quickly Branimir started fucking his ass. Hard and fast, just like Austin wanted at that moment.

He grunted and jerked as Branimir nailed his gland with each stroke in and out. Stars burst before his eyes when Branimir leaned forward and bit the spot where his neck and shoulder met. 

“Branimir,” Austin screamed.

Without even being touched, Austin came, spilling his cum all over the shower wall and floor. He massaged Branimir’s cock, doing his best to break the man’s control. It worked.

One. Two. On the third deep shove inside, Branimir froze and shouted Austin’s name while filling the condom he wore. His hands gripped Austin’s hips, leaving behind bruises, but Austin didn’t care. He barely acknowledged it when Branimir slid out and somehow managed to get them cleaned up, out of the shower, and into bed without a mishap, considering how useless Austin was.

They snuggled together under the blankets in Branimir’s bed and Austin thought about how sexy Branimir made him, but also how much love he felt in every touch Branimir gave him. It was crazy of course, because no one falls in love so quickly. Austin sighed and wiggled to get closer to Branimir. He’d worry about all that in the morning. Right then, he wanted to sleep in the arms of his lover and absorb his warmth.

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt, and keep The Longest Stride in mind at the end of the month.
Thanks again, Sara, for letting me stop by. If anyone wants to check out my other books, you can hit my blog, My website is down at the moment because I’m getting a new one designed. Also, if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to email me at chase.ta at gmail dot com. 

Also, I’m giving away a copy of The Longest Stride to one lucky commenter today. Though you’ll have to wait until it comes out. Or you can pick something from my backlist if you don’t want to wait.

Have a great day, everyone.

Don't forget to comment because there are some great prizes on the Cock and Bull Tour.

Grand Prize: $150 Amazon gift card
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday His Hero with Zane's Inferno

Pre-Order His Hero

Zane took a deep breath and pushed erotic thoughts of Nick out of his mind. The guy would probably kill him if he knew what he was thinking. The gentle touch of Nick’s hand on his face and chest made it difficult to stop his impure thoughts but he’d be damned if he’d get a boner laying on a gurney in an ambulance. Talk about a loser moment.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday Illegal Liaisons

Hope you enjoy my take on this photo. Each week a group of us write Flashes. Click here for more.

“It isn’t fair,” Lisa said.

“The virus wiped out most of the female population, we just have to be careful. They wouldn’t understand.” Karin kissed Lisa again, brushing her lips over Lisa's worried brow.

“I hate being a fucking breeder. Seventy four of us and we’re just breading rats. No life. No love.”

“I love you.” Karin kissed her again.

“Yes, and I love you, but we can’t be together.”

“I hear someone coming,” Karin whispered.

They separated, Lisa’s heart aching.

The door opened, a tall dark man stepped in. “Number fifty one, it’s your turn.”

Tears filled Lisa’s eyes. Her turn to breed.

For more FFF's click here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not doing what we should, where do you fit in?

Why do we not do the things we know we should? I have a long history of procrastination. It's a wonder I get anything done. With writing I'm fairly good about not procrastinating. As of this morning I've written 30,000 words this year on a novel. I'm good with that. It's the difficult things that I procrastinate on. Or those things I perceive as difficult.

I've been meaning to have a difficult conversation with my son for a while. I pushed it off on my husband but he's no better than I am. I finally had the conversation and it wasn't difficult or hard at all. Check that one off my list.

Grading my daughters work. That's one I hate. I haven't graded her work in the week since we went back to school. Got that one done and it was easy. My son's work, that’s a different story. He's behind and going to have to school on the weekends until he gets caught up. Great, another difficult conversation with him.

Then there are the things around the house. I hate paying the bills. We have the money to pay them I just hate having to pull everything together and make those decisions. I also procrastinate with going to the doctor.

Maybe the reason I don't procrastinate with my writing is I'm busy not doing everything else and fill that time with writing. Oh well, it's off to work on writing and not pay the bills. Where do you fit into the procrastination game?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Texas Rough for Six Sentence Sunday

Lane braced his hand against the window then pulled it away, not wanting to leave a smudge. He stumbled over to the kitchen but didn’t grab a beer, a beer with his raging hormones would spell disaster. Lane stared down the hall to Gresh's bedroom. Gresh was getting naked behind that door. Lane closed his eyes as he leaned against the counter imagining Gresh standing in the center of the room with nothing other than his underwear on.

This is from Texas Rough, a new book that I'm working on. Hope you enjoyed. 

For more SSS click here.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hot Cowboy Loving - Wait, that can't be the name of my book

I'm kind of empty right now. I just haven't had the words to put into a post. You know how when something happens and it makes you sad...Well that's been me for the last few days.

I have been writing on my cowboy love story. I've written 16,000 words in the last 4 days. It's a great romance with loads of angst but no name for the book. I need to come up with a name and soon. I can't just call it The Cowboy Love Story. How stupid is that?

It needs to be something catchy, something inspiring. Brokeback Mountain is already taken and there are no mountains in south Texas near Houston. Texas Hill Country isn't mountains, it's rolling hills. The rolling hills of Texas are lovely but a book called Lovely Rolling Hills about two guys who fall in love and have some issues to work through wouldn't set the proper tone. There are a lot of snakes in Texas but the Snake Love Story isn't right either.

There are a lot of cows on the ranch but naming animals in a book title is a bit sketchy and has to be done carefully. There is a love triangle in this story. It's a very emotional tale of hard bodied cowboys, rich land owners and doctors. It's like Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my but none of the guys would qualify as bears so adding bears to the name wouldn't be wise. So I'm left with a story about hot cowboys who overcome difficult situations to have love but will they make it or will the hot cowboy run off with the doctor...Oh, why can't I come up with a name?

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Cock and Bull - Come find out what it's about

It is officially the first day of the Cock & Bull Blog Tour! The first stop is at TA Chase’s blog. Go here. Remember, at the end of our tour, we’ll be giving away a grand total of $300 in Amazon gift cards! Every comment you leave along the way enters you into the grand prize drawing. Details and our full schedule can be found here.

Happy New Year!
Grand Prize: $150 Amazon gift card
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3rd: $50 Amazon gift card
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I hope you’ll join us!