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Wednesday Briefs more on Jeff's Way and learn what happens with Jeff and Reese

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, a place for fun, drama, angst and happy endings. Each week I receive the prompts then write almost 1000 words. Here are the prompts for this week: use a safe word in your story, The alternate prompts are:  cherry, innocence, scarf, or "I thought you were .... but you really aren't, you're.... ", or  use any Beatle title in your story, or use: independence, master, control, or make a 50 Shades of Grey reference. This week I used "I thought you were...but you really aren't, you're..."

Enjoy the next instance in Jeff's Way

Parking was always a bitch near Bourbon Street so when they pulled onto Royal and then whipped into a private drive he rolled down his window, leaving his car idling. Reese stepped out of his car and Jeff had to shake himself. Cam was dead and the man who looked just like him, wasn’t Cam.

“Hey, won’t we get towed? It’s a private drive.”

“No, this is where Cam and I lived.”

At the sound of Cam’s name Jeff went cold. This was his house? He had no idea Cam lived in the city near Bourbon Street. God, he really knew so little about the man though he’d wanted him so much.

“The bar’s isn’t far. We can walk from here,” Reese said.

Jeff rolled up the car window and opened the door. His legs shook as he stepped out, glancing at the house that Cam lived in. Reese came over and wrapped his arms around Jeff. The touch shocked him and he stiffened. Reese felt like Cam in his arms. A sob broke from his lips, and he shuddered. “When I first saw you, the second I spied your face, I thought you were Cam, but you really aren’t, you’re so much like him.” Jeff sobbed again.

“Let it all out.” Reese patted his back, rubbing in circles, murmuring loving words. “It will be okay.”

Jeff gulped in air, trying to calm himself. “Oh God, he was your brother and here I am crying. I’m so sorry.”

“Hey,” Reese pulled away, his eyes glossy with tears, “I’m at peace. We talked a lot about death. I don’t know why, but Cam kept bringing it up, over and over again, and you know what. He was happy with his life. Said the best thing he ever did was come out and not live a lie. He told me last week that if he died at least he lived being who he wanted to be.”

“Oh God,” Jeff sobbed. Reese tucked Jeff’s head at his neck and held him tight as Jeff sobbed, trying like hell to gain control of his sorrow but finding it near impossible. “I should have...I don’t know. He was so sweet. So special.”

“Yes, he was. Come on, let’s go to the Bone Shack, it’s Cam’s favorite hang out. We’ll grab a beer and some food, talk about Cam and you can see how happy he was.”

Jeff tried to dry his eyes with his hands. Reese noticed and handed him some tissue. He had no idea why losing Cam hurt him so much. Maybe it was because there had been so much potential and now it was all gone.

They walked the few blocks to the bar and Reese stood outside the door, looking in at the lively crowd. “Cam wanted to invite you here, thought about asking you to grab something to drink after work but he never took the chance, fearing you would say no.”

“I would have come with him. At least I hope I would have said yes.”

“You would have.” Reese opened the door, ushering him in. The room went quiet then everyone erupted in shouts of greeting. A few people came over to hug Reese and pulled Jeff into a tight hug as well. Names were exchanged but he couldn’t keep up.

Two guys walked up together, one looked to be the bartender, his towel tucked into his apron. “Reese, glad you came out. I’m so sorry about Cam.”

“Thanks Mike. I wanted to introduce you to Jeff, one of Cam’s friends.”

Mike took an appraising look, his smile contagious. “Jeff, nice to meet you.” Mike pulled Jeff close, wrapping both arms around Jeff’s back, his lips right next to Jeff’s ear. “Thanks for coming out. I know you made Cam’s life brighter.”

Jeff pulled back, his brows bunching. “You do, how?”

“He liked you and the way his eyes lit up when he spoke about you.”

“I wish I could have been more to him,” Jeff whispered.

“Hey, you didn’t make him unhappy, which with his background, him being happy was good. Come on in and have a beer. Let’s toast to Cam. He would have liked that.”

Jeff followed Mike and Reese to the bar, taking a seat on one of the end stools. A steady stream of people came up, offering words of condolences to Reese and Jeff. By the time most of the people left Jeff realized he’d drank too much. It had been a long time since he had to sleep in his car and he didn’t relish the way his back would feel in the morning, but no way he could drive until he sobered up.

Reese stood and pulled Jeff up. They left the bar and stumbled down the street in the dark, neither of them talking. There wasn’t much left to be said. Jeff saw his car and tried to head over but Reese stopped him. “No way you’re driving tonight. You drank too much.”

“Yeah, I was going to sleep in my car.”

“Hell no, come on in. You can crash here.”

Jeff eyed the home, not sure if he could face seeing Cam’s things. If he saw where Cam lived the loss would be that much more devastating. “I don’t know.”

“I insist.” Reese dragged him to the door and shoved him inside. “You want to shower before you sleep, or just hit the sack?”

Jeff fell mute as he stared at the main room, wondering which chair was Cam’s favorite seat. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“For me, please? I need to hold someone. I’ve always had Cam to hold when life got bad, but I’ve got no one now.”

Jeff’s heart slammed against his ribs and the air grew too thick to breathe. He didn’t know if he could sleep in the same bed with Reese. He closed his eyes and thought about what Cam would want. It was obvious. Cam would want him to comfort Reese, even if it broke his heart. Jeff reached out, and took Reese’s hand, allowing Cam’s twin to lead him to the bedroom where they would both sleep together tonight.

To be continued...

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First Chapter for Not That Type of Guy

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Chapter One

Aiden Jackson took the disposable cell phone out of his pocket, plugged in his earpiece and answered the call. “Go.” Aiden spoke with his lips in a thin line, dark sunglasses covering his eyes as he searched the bustle of people waiting for their train at the Waterloo Station in London.
“They know someone’s here,” Chuck said, his voice whisper quiet.
“Shit, they on to me?” Aiden took off his shades and picked up a book. He leafed through the pages, acting the part of bored tourist on holiday.
“No, I can see you, and you’re good.”
Aiden put down the book and moved through the little shops, exploring the crap for sale, wishing he were anywhere else but here. Maybe on a beach, or playing golf even, though he hated the game. This close to the end of a mission always made him jumpy. If he were on a beach, he would have the satisfaction of another successful operation notched on his belt.
“You’ve got someone tailing you now.” Chuck’s voice sent a shiver through Aiden.
An untrained person would turn to find their tail or they would run. Hell, even a semi-normal person would roll his shoulders, but Aiden did nothing. After flipping a few more pages in the book, he put it down and picked up another.
“Any ideas?”
“Yeah, but you’re not gonna like it,” Chuck said.
“Tell me.”
“Fuck no; just meet me in the men’s room two stores to your left. And go with whatever I do.”
Aiden dropped the book and headed out of the store. Chuck could start a fight or act like they were old friends. Twice before he’d worked with Chuck, and everything had gone according to plan. Of course Chuck wasn’t the guy’s name. Hell, none of them knew the real identities of the other operatives, too dangerous.
He passed a group of people and a few other travellers. The eyes of his watcher were on him. The hair on the back of his neck rose as he passed by a squat stocky guy of eastern descent. Pakistani?
Aiden pushed open the bathroom door, surprised when Chuck grabbed his hand and yanked him into the back stall. Chuck turned the flimsy lock on the door, closing them in the small space. Chuck’s hands were on Aiden’s chest, caressing his nipples through his shirt. Anger brewed deep in Aiden’s belly. His phone screeched and he turned it off, checking his watch for the time.
Chuck’s tongue teased Aiden’s nipple through the cloth. Aiden wanted to yank Chuck’s blond wig, pull him away and ask what the fuck he was doing, but the main bathroom door swung open, and the clip-clop of dress shoes echoed in the tiled room.
Was it the guy following them?
Chuck gazed into Aiden’s eyes, and a small smirk tilted his lips before he slanted his mouth across Aiden’s.
What the fuck?
Aiden froze. The extensive shit he’d suffered through in SEAL training, and then with the CIA, helped him keep his cool as the guy invaded his space, kissed him and touched his body like a girl would. Chuck’s tongue probed Aiden’s lips, demanding entrance. For a moment, Aiden wavered on accepting the kiss. He couldn’t do it. It went against everything he’d fought to keep hidden.
His darkest desires were playing out in this kiss. The lust he’d kept in check, the dreams that haunted him, all here, wrapped up in this one fleeting moment of joined lips that was a joke to Chuck, but a fulfillment of desires for Aiden. His breath came in halting gasps as Chuck licked at the slit of his lips. It felt so good. Aiden opened his mouth, admitting Chuck’s thick tongue.
A hint of spice and dark chocolate fired on Aiden’s taste buds, drugging him with the heady clutch of Chuck's embrace. The kiss deepened and Aiden felt a bubble of excitement build in his chest. Mother of God, I fucking like this!
Where the prosthetics weren’t disguising Aiden’s features, the scrape of Chuck’s beard made his skin tingle. A rush of desire flooded his body and zipped straight to his cock. Their tongues warred as Chuck pulled him in close, trapping him in a cocoon of unfamiliar lust and desire.
Aiden barely registered the footsteps of the guy chasing them. He didn’t pay attention to the man outside the stall and when the door burst open from a solid kick, Aiden jumped.
Chuck broke the kiss, his glare deadly. “Do you fucking mind?” he spit out at the intruder.
Aiden kept his face adverted as shame burned through his veins. He should look at the guy, but embarrassment flooded him. Keep it hidden, deny everything. At the last minute he glanced at the guy, trying his best to keep his face covered with his hand as he studied the man following them. His muscles tightened and his cock brushed up against Chuck’s belly, leaving him confused. The shame almost overwhelmed him as his father’s bigoted accusations came back to haunt him.
Chuck pushed the door closed and fumbled with Aiden’s zipper. Cold air shocked Aiden’s senses as Chuck reached in and scooped his dick out of his-body warmed underwear.
Aiden gasped, almost choking on his own spit. Chuck dropped to his knees and sucked Aiden into his mouth. Chuck’s tongue rasped against Aiden’s foreskin, pulling it away from the tip of his uncut cock.
Aiden wanted to push Chuck away. He wanted to have the strength to demand Chuck stop, but he didn’t. Every errant desire he ever had was being fulfilled right now. Maybe it was the operation, the excitement of almost being caught by their enemies, or maybe it was the rough scrape of stubble against his thighs, or the prickle of Chuck’s fake moustache on his rod.  Whatever the reason, Aiden fingers sought out Chuck’s thick hair, recoiling a bit at the feel of the wig’s weave. He clutched onto Chuck’s ears and pushed the guys face into his crotch as he face-fucked his mission partner.
The rush of blood to his cock and balls was more powerful than when he was with a woman. His heart thundered in his ears, making him dizzy. Aiden closed his eyes and threw back his head, no longer caring a guy was giving him the best head of his life. Fuck, I’m face-fucking a guy!
His balls rose high and tightness pulled at his stomach, sending waves of hot and cold down his legs. His knees wanted to buckle, but he wouldn’t fall to the floor.
Outside the stall he heard the enemy speaking on his cell phone. “No, it’s just two faggots dicking together.”
Heat washed over Aiden’s body. It was as if his father were here, judging him of the crime. I’m not a fucking faggot.
Messing around with Chuck felt better than any girly fuck he’d ever done before. Every muscle of his body tightened, his orgasm built. He didn’t want to think about what his father would say or whom he was doing, but he couldn’t help but marvel at the strength of Chuck’s shoulders as his dick leaked pre-come down the guy’s throat.
Chuck reached around and spread Aiden’s checks, brushing his fingers along the crease of Aiden’s ass. The sensation took Aiden by surprise, causing his heart to pump wildly.
“Damn, that’s good.” Aiden felt heat creeping over his face. Why had he spoken out loud?
Then Chuck did something Aiden thought he would never be brave enough to allow anyone to do. One finger, then another, slid into Aiden’s ass, pushing past his tight ring of muscles. He gulped in a breath, shocked at the pain.
“Awe...Fuck.” Aiden couldn’t stop the rush of come jetting from his balls and down Chuck’s throat.
The guy searching for them escaped the restroom, but not before telling them to get a room.
Chuck nursed Aiden's dick, draining all of his seed and swallowing it with a satisfied moan. The man crawled up Aiden’s body, lips scorching a path over his abs and his pecs. A final kiss seared Aiden’s brain with images of scruffy beards, strong muscles and rough sex, and the taste of his own semen.
The kiss ended and Aiden checked his watch, worried they were late for their train. FuckityFuckFuckFuck. Only a minute thirty-six and he’d popped his fucking cork and shot his jizz down Chuck’s throat. How the hell had he blown his load so fast, and with a guy too?
The last time he had sex he almost thought he wasn’t going to reach orgasm. Hell, he hadn’t been with a chick in months, many months, which explained everything. The private desires he had weren’t for real, just pent up lust. The need for release had him hot and bothered. No gayness at all, just desire making his dick hard and his balls full.
Liar, liar.
He checked his watch again, sure he’d spent longer kissing the dude and letting the guy suck his rod than a minute thirty-six. Never had he blown his load under three minutes, and here he was going off like a kid in heat in half the time.
“Time to hustle.” Chuck’s voice broke into his thoughts.
Aiden shook his head and stored his package, zipping up his jeans without looking Chuck in the eye. Aiden dialed Chuck as they left the bathroom and moved to separate parts of the platform, their conversation all business, ignoring the moments earlier when Chuck had sucked Aiden off so quickly.
His training kicked in and Aiden forgot the sex, forgot the kiss, and forgot the amazing feeling that rocked through his body as another man had sucked him dry. He focused on the mission at hand. In three minutes, a train would pull into the station. He and Chuck would board and sit as close to their target as possible.
They did the impatient tourist thing again, Chuck filtering through his bag fifty feet away and Aiden browsing a newsstand. God, he wanted to lick Chuck’s neck.
“Ride’s here,” Chuck said and disconnected his phone. No more contact during the assignment. Rules were rules.
Aiden boarded the train and found his mark sitting with his three bodyguards. He sat two rows away and on the opposite side of the car, facing the guy. Aiden opened the newspaper he’d bought for this occasion. He observed Javad Shirazi without openly watching, a true art form few mastered. Any direct eye contact would alert the man to their interest, and the last thing he or Chuck wanted was for Javad to get antsy and suspicious.
The guy who’d followed them into the bathroom wasn’t on board. Aiden wondered how much security Javad had. Did he have men at every station looking for a professional hit man? Did he really think the government would be that obvious?
Javad Shirazi had been a particularly itchy thorn in the ass of the American and British governments for the last four years. He’d come onto the terrorist scene quietly, funding one bomb plot then another, till he was the head of a cell located in Germany. This week, he’d taken his family on vacation. Stupid fuck ran a legitimate medical supply business, which afforded him the opportunity to take frequent trips with his wife and daughters, a luxury the parents of babies he’d murdered would never have.
Last week, the CIA received information regarding Javad’s morning itinerary, including a brief meeting with two members of a terror cell here in London. Officially, the government didn’t want to blow their surveillance on two low level members of the London cell when there were more pressing matters at hand. The call was placed. Chuck had requested to work with Aiden.
The thought of Chuck sent heat racing to Aiden’s crotch and face. He groaned and shoved away the illicit images of Chuck wrapping salmon pink lips around his wand. The train jostled, reminding him to focus on the mission at hand.
The Vauxhall Station was less than two minutes away, which apparently was more time than it took him to come into a guy’s mouth. Aiden shook off the self-recrimination and slid the safety nub off the ring on his left hand, careful to not prick himself.
Announcements were made, and people stood. Chuck jumped up from his seat and took a step towards Javad. This is where the plan could easily go wrong. They’d spent days working out, practicing and running through how to get Javad to smoothly take the coin Chuck offered. It wasn’t a normal coin, but one covered in a film that when introduced to the subject, made the poison in Aiden’s ring more potent. The chemical on the coin had no scent, no taste and no color. The subject would never know he’d been given a doctored coin.
Chuck bent down, his face full of surprise, just like they’d rehearsed. “Wow, this is cool.”
A few people turned to check out the interruption in their boring commute. Javad didn’t move.
“Huh, interesting.” Chuck stood and moved his head to look at all the passengers.
The men with Javad were getting antsy like Aiden knew they would. Aiden hated and loved this part of their missions. Sure, it was easy to stand two thousand yards from a mark and pump lead into him, but where was the fun in that? Personally, Aiden could waste an orange at three thousand yards; a human at two was chump change. Working a person up close allowed for much more creativity, and the creative aspect of this job kept him from going crazy.
“This must be yours.” Chuck held the gold Iranian coin out for Javad to take.
The coin wasn’t anything over the top. Just a piece they’d picked up from a corrupt eBay dealer after the government had shut him down, worth about a hundred to two hundred American. Enough to make Javad want it, but not enough to make him recoil.
It was common knowledge Javad loved coin collecting and often carried pieces of his collection with him when he travelled. He would bring them out to show off, so it was reasonable to assume he might have a coin of worth in his pocket.
Javad took the bait. He fingered the gold coin, rubbing his thumb across the surface and examining the marks on the front and back. His eyes grew larger for a millisecond then he broke into a huge smile.
“Ahh, thank you very much. I seem to have lost something important this morning. Ali, give him a twenty pound note.”
“No, I don’t need anything for giving you back what was yours. It’s nothing.”
Aiden could have said Chuck’s lines for him since they’d rehearsed the interaction so many times. They knew their mark, knew what he would do when given the coin and how he would react. Chuck played the dumb American tourist to a T, reveling in the stereotypes, almost too much. Had Chuck not just sucked him off he would give into the pleasure of seeing the big guy work, but now Aiden couldn’t look at Chuck without popping wood.
“I insist.” Again, Javad didn’t stray from what they’d assumed he would do. They’d done their homework and knew the man.
The train pulled to a stop and the doors opened. Javad stood, his movements spry for a man in his sixties. But Javad didn’t go the way they'd predicted. Instead, he moved away from Aiden towards the far exit, tossing a wrench in their careful plans.
Aiden improvised. He folded his paper, careful of the poison wrapped around his ring finger. They’d joked about the delivery method. Poison wedding band, just like the real thing.
Aiden jumped up and pushed forward. Javad’s rear guard blocked the aisle. Aiden hated they were going to miss their opportunity to strike. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Chuck move and bump into the rear guard. The guard’s face went red as Chuck used his bulk to push the guard into the row of seats opposite of him.
Aiden used the opening to pass the guard and come right up on the back of Javad. Before he could deliver the poison, he tripped and fell forward. He yelped, and Javad spun around, reached out and grasped onto Aiden, supporting his body weight. Aiden purposely thought about Chuck’s mouth on his cock, forcing a blush and making him look embarrassed. He reached forward and grabbed onto Javad’s arm, letting the poison ring prick the terrorist’s skin through his coat
Javad didn’t flinch. Aiden knew exactly what the stick from the ring felt like, knew how much force to make the small needle sink into the other man’s arm through the clothing he wore. Knew exactly how to move to keep Javad unaware of the poison introduced to his system.
If Aiden had done his job right, the terrorist had no clue what really happened and, judging from the utter lack of reaction from Javad, Aiden had done exactly what he’d meant to do.
“I’m so sorry. I’m such a klutz. Pardon me,” Aiden said.
Aiden shook his head, again pushing the thought of Chuck on his knees to the front of his mind, leaving him stammering with sweat popping out on his face, the perfect reaction of embarrassment and awkwardness to cover for the cold hatred running through his blood. He struggled not to think of the fifteen women and seventy children who’d been murdered by this man’s work. He didn’t think of the pictures hung on the board in their war room. The bomb blast that killed four babies last May, which Javad had financed, didn’t cross his mind. Only Chuck, his eyes staring up at him as he opened his mouth and sucked in Aiden’s cock.
“It is fine. Are you feeling unwell?” Javad asked in perfect English.
“No, no, I’m fine. Just a bit clumsy, that’s all. I’m so sorry.”
Javad helped Aiden right himself, and waved off his angry guards.
“Be careful,” Javad said.
“Sorry.” Aiden watched as Javad and his guards moved on. He picked up his newspaper and left the train, following after Javad and his entourage. The guards glanced back, but left him alone. Aiden stopped by a support pole and mopped his brow with a hanky, playing up his role as a bumbling idiot. He took the time to place the cover back on the small needle on the ring to avoid an accidental stick, so practiced in this task; no one would have any idea what he’d done.
Aiden checked his pockets and turned around in a slow circle, acting like a lost tourist. He assumed a stupid, but pleasant look on, his face and moved towards the exit. Javad and his group were moving up another stairwell and going on their merry way. Little did they know, in less than thirty minutes Javad would suffer a heart attack, and no doctor in the ER would ever think to check for poison or look for the skin prick where the poison had been delivered.
All was well as Aiden headed to his safe house only four blocks away. He walked five blocks up and circled around, making sure he wasn’t being followed. After punching in his pass code, he entered the safe house, shucked his gear, tore off the prosthetics covering his chin and cheeks and removed the brown contacts hiding his eyes’ natural ice-blue color.
The teeth were next. Wearing the fake teeth didn’t bother him too much as long as he didn’t have to eat. He had no idea how the hell Chuck had given such good head with his disguise on. Aiden forced his mind to consume other aspects of the day and forget the blowjob. No way in hell would anyone at this safe house or at headquarters ever find out Chuck had sucked him off in a minute thirty-six today in the Waterloo Station in the middle of London.
After removing his disguise, he opened the door to the main part of the house and entered the room. Another makeup artist hired by The Company waited for him. A wig and a new nose were fitted along with a pair of glasses to match the ID he travelled home on. Never a good idea to walk around in his normal state for too long. Any pictures of him at the airport might filter back to a social media site or be viewed on the news. He couldn’t take the chance, especially when he’d left the country under an assumed name. Minimize the risk in every operation. Not only his personal motto, but a good plan too.
Aiden watched the news as he waited for his plane. His seat was business class because first would have drawn too much attention. BBC news flashed across the TV screen. Aiden adjusted his glasses, trying his best to appear like a Poindexter even with his six-two, two-ten frame packed with muscles. He felt he was doing a decent job of it since few women or men even looked at him.
Thoughts of Chuck on his knees flashed through his mind as he made his way to the restroom. His dick firmed up, causing heat to flare up his neck and face. Shit, he had to stop thinking about Chuck’s perfect mouth wrapped around his cock. As he stood in the bathroom stall, he pinched the underside of his penis hoping the pain would cause him to deflate. It worked.
A few minutes before the gate agent called for his boarding group, a story flashed up on the news, Javad Shirazi had died of an apparent heart attack in London earlier today. The funeral had already been planned for tomorrow in his home country. The medical examiner did as thorough of an investigation as possible with the restrictions placed on him by Muslim religious practices. With the heart attack confirmed, no other complications were suspected. Shirazi’s body was on a plane on the way back to Iran.
Aiden didn’t smile, didn’t change his breathing pattern, displaying no outward signs to show the elation he felt at the news the man he’d assassinated today had actually died, and apparently of natural causes. The small victories like this kept him in the job. No, he hadn’t prevented Javad’s men from killing those babies or the other children last year, but he’d prevented a corrupt man from funding any more disasters. One terrorist at a time, and they would get it done.
The flight back to DC passed without incident. He refused to think about the bathroom episode again. He quietly slipped back into the country as Nick Lawson, took public transportation to mid-town and removed his disguise at a gas station he knew had no videotapes or computer images from the cameras. No one had followed him. He was safe.
At home, with the comforts of his real life surrounding him, his mind flitted over thoughts of Chuck touching him, kissing him and then finally sucking him. He tested each memory for only seconds before pulling away and refusing to think of sex with Chuck again--Until he did.
Aiden stepped into the shower, his mind all over the place trying to not think about his cock in another man’s mouth. He washed his hair and roughly scrubbed his body, ridding his mind of the explicit thoughts of fellatio.
When his soapy hands came in contact with his dick, he lost the battle. A string of excitement pulled deep in his gut as he stroked his cock all the way to his balls, grabbing them and squeezing.
“Ahh, yeah.”
Hot water beat against his back and steam filled the shower. He imagined a man kneeling before him, his tongue darting out, licking the tip and then lips sucking him in, swallowing him whole.
A flash of his father’s angry face filled his mind. “Fuck, I’m not gay,” Aiden whispered as he pushed away the thoughts of his father and his condemnations.
Stroking harder, he jerked his meat like a punishment. Images of men ready to please him filled his mind. Tears burned his eyes as he stroked up and down on his cock.
“I’m not gay,” Aiden spoke louder this time, his voice carrying over the flow of the shower. His father’s words of admonishment roared through his head.
He tried to substitute in images of women. But they wouldn’t stick. Tears ran down his face, mixing with the water sluicing off his body as thoughts of one of his SEAL team buddies, Mike, filled his head. Mike was lanky for a SEAL, not beefy like Aiden. His lips had been the perfect shade of red and Aiden imagined him putting those lips to good use.
Aiden groaned and fought the images and the words of his father, telling him not to be such a faggot.
“I’m not fucking gay!” Aiden shouted as though screaming the words could somehow convince the ghost of his father he was straight. His voice bounced off the flat tiled surface and rang in his ears.
Mike’s image popped back into his mind, and his muscles tightened, his breath stalled.
“I’m not gay,” he whimpered as images of Mike on his knees flowed through his thoughts.
His knees went weak and his brain fuzzed as he squeezed his dick.
“I’m not gay,” Aiden sobbed.
Another image of Mike, ass naked, diving into the pool as they finished training for the day, rushed to the front of his mind. The need to touch another man did him in.
His cum splattered against the shower wall, emptying from his balls. Aiden dropped to his knees, his sobs unintelligible now. He flinched, remembering the beating he’d received from his father’s hand the one time he’d been caught masturbating to the NBA calendar that hung above his bed--And not the cheerleader version.
Aiden curled up on the shower floor, shame flowing through him as he cried, determined not to think about men and all their deliciously hard body parts. He half expected his father’s ghost to whoosh into the room, shrieking at him for liking men.
The water turned cold as his tears dried. He crawled out of the shower, drying with a towel, but never once touching his junk. The betrayal of his dick pierced his heart and left him numb.
Aiden couldn’t look at himself in the mirror, couldn’t bear the shame. He crawled naked into bed after brushing his teeth. His mind replayed the mission, skipping the part where Chuck blew him.
Aiden sat up, his heart thundering and his stomach churning. What if Chuck put their little tryst into the report? Fuck, this could ruin him.
He pulled out his computer, plugged it into the secure line and logged onto the reporting site for The Company. The report wasn’t in. Shit. He could contact Chuck, but calling the man would be suspicious. The government tracked all communication between operatives, and he had no idea what Chuck’s real name was, just like Chuck had no idea who Aiden was.
Aiden tapped his foot, unsure what to do. Aiden couldn’t submit the report on this one. Chuck had been the lead. Once the report was filed into the system, he would file his addendum based on his experiences, but he couldn’t change the initial report.
Aiden refreshed the screen, praying Chuck was home and finishing up the narrative. He held his breath, knowing he wouldn’t sleep until the paperwork was filed, and he was sure no mention of him being sucked off by Chuck was anywhere in the documents. After twenty white knuckled minutes the report surfaced. Aiden opened the file and read through the document quickly. No mention of the sexual act was included in the account.
Aiden breathed a sigh of relief and read back through the report more slowly. Chuck had said they were able to avoid their tracker by going into the bathroom. He shut down his computer, thankful Chuck hadn’t mentioned their sex act.
He climbed back into the cold bed and rolled to his side, surprised to find his dick hard and poking the mattress. Why the hell was he hard again? Thoughts of Chuck caused him to bone up. Aiden clenched the sheets before sitting up and grabbing his personal cell from his nightstand.
Three messages. The first was from his mother, the second from Jessica, and the third from his brother. He skipped the message from his mom and listened to Jessica.
“Hey, Aiden! I’m back in town for a few days. Call me. It’s my cell, and you know the number.”
He groaned, remembering the last weekend he’d spent with Jessica. One night with the girl would cure him of any gay inclinations. She was a former gymnast and could bend any way he wanted.
He hit "call back" before even checking his calendar. Any plans he had could be changed. Work, real work, wouldn’t call him in on another mission for a while. Time down for assassins included meeting with a shrink and spending time being debriefed. The debriefings wouldn’t go past five in the evening, and he would be free for whatever she had in mind.
Jessica answered her phone. “Hey, Aiden, glad you called.”
“I want to see you tomorrow night.”
“Tomorrow, what about tonight?” Jessica’s voice tinkled with merriment, annoying the hell out of him.
He checked the time. It was only nine, but he was exhausted and sure as heck didn’t want to see a woman right now. No way could he perform tonight with the thoughts running through his head. Plus, he wanted to have a very special night with the girl, one where he could prove to himself, and the ghost of his father, he wasn’t gay.
“Sorry, just got in from out of town. I’m exhausted and about to go to sleep.”
“Okay, but I’ll be thinking about you all night long.”
Jessica sounded like she was pouting. He imagined her lips stuck out and her eyes all doe like. His dick didn’t respond, instead, he was soft as bread now.
“Where are you staying?” Aiden asked.
“The Westin, Georgetown.”
“I’ll be there at six thirty to pick you up. Dress for dinner.”
“I can’t wait.”
Aiden hung up, hating that his dick had played dead while talking to Jessica. She was beautiful and smart. She’d graduated from Georgetown with a doctorate in biochemistry. The girl was special. Tomorrow was soon enough to put his libido to a test. Jessica was so amazing, he wouldn’t stay limp for long.
Aiden lay back on his bed, satisfied with his course of action. Tomorrow he’d be able to prove he wasn’t gay and this whole incident with Chuck was just a thing. Jessica would work on him and get him back on the right path.
Aiden fell into a deep sleep, forgetting the gay moment, his assignment, and even Jessica. This sleep was full of peace and no dreams, a blank mind totally exhausted from little rest and intense concentration.

His alarm went off at six, and Aiden showered quickly, forcing his mind to stay on his work and not stray to anything sexual. A driver picked him up at seven, and he spent the day writing reports and going over every detail of his London assignment. The interviews would start tomorrow because staff was light today, and they were needed on another task. Aiden arrived home early and lifted weights, working hard at staying disciplined and thinking only of Jessica.
The limo he’d rented pulled up in front of Jessica’s hotel three minutes before six thirty. Aiden loved how she waited for him downstairs, not forcing him to come up to the room or go in and call her down. She looked absolutely ravishing in a jade green dress. The color complimented her eyes and made her reddish-blond hair seem like a halo. The girl knew how to dress, even down to her expensive Louboutins, similar to the blue ones she’d worn the last time they’d gone out.
Seeing Jessica pleased him. The emotion wasn’t some cover for what had happened on the other side of the pond. Pure happiness at seeing the woman made his heart balloon with hope. When they met in the lobby, he lowered his lips and kissed her on the cheek. The scent of wild strawberries and something darker filled his nostrils. The girl had gone all out to please him. He liked it when his dates tried hard. Any minute now, he would plump up and the specter of homo-man would be banished from his mind.
When they strolled out of the hotel, Jessica stopped and a wicked smile lit her face. “Nice move, Aiden. I’m impressed.”
She slid into the limo like she’d done the move a thousand times before. The Louboutins made her legs look spectacular. All the men and half the women outside of the hotel turned to stare at Jessica as she slipped into the car. Her visit to DC couldn’t have come at a better time.
Thoughts of men doing sexual acts to him were overshadowed with his memories from the last time Jessica came for a visit. She’d worn a blue dress and matching heals. She never opted for the typical black or red dress, but she always outshone the other women wherever they went. The girl was a total looker and at Aiden's side for the evening.
Jessica pushed the button to close the privacy shield between the backseat and the driver. Any minute now, Aiden expected to start experiencing the aphrodisiac affect this woman had on him. She leaned forward and the front edge of her neckline gapped enough to reveal the deep cleavage of her perfect breasts. Even if his dick didn’t respond, he appreciated her attention.
Their eyes met, and she smiled. “This is over the top, even for you, big boy. Love how you’ve grown those blond locks out too.”
In the past, he’d loved the way she’d teased and flirted with him, always making him feel special, but today, her efforts were wasted. He found her engaging, but no attraction fired inside him at all.
“Just think of it as a nice evening out,” Aiden said.
“Hmm, did you get a new job or a raise?”
Everyone thought he was a sales jockey. It was easy to cover, and he could speak boring mumbo-jumbo if anyone asked too deeply. Usually people enjoyed talking about themselves too much to pay attention to what he did.
“Na, just wanted a special evening out with you.” Which was true, he wanted tonight to be special. He needed a bump to his ego and needed to spice tonight up enough to feel real desire for a girl.
The ride to the Equinox, the restaurant he’d chosen for the night, passed quickly, and they were seated at the elegant tables, sipping their Merlot before Jessica could tell him about her work. He loved hearing about the lifesaving medicines she developed in cancer research at the pharmaceutical company she worked for up north.
Hope filled him as she spoke animatedly about her life and her job. Everything about their date progressed wonderfully, until a tall, lanky man with a runner’s body in a deep blue suit entered the restaurant and came into his line of sight. The runner guy caught his stare and smiled a lopsided grin. Aiden’s heart lurched. A short guy with black, spikey hair stood beside runner man and bumped his shoulder. Were they a couple? He felt butterflies in his stomach and tightness in his balls.
Aiden turned back to Jessica, focusing on her lips and her eyes, anything to get his mind off the guy with the sweet brown eyes and sultry smile. Jessica hadn’t noticed his panic as she told him about a new cancer-fighting drug she’d been working on.
“Really, it’s the best hope, but it won’t be ready for human trials for four more years.”
Aiden needed to say something. “Wow, that long?” Damn, he needed to be more attentive to the conversation. Really, he couldn’t think of anything else to add. He hadn’t been paying any attention since the sexy man had entered the restaurant.
Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the maĆ®tre d’ coming close. He glanced over Jessica’s shoulder. Crap, the table behind her sat empty. His heart and mind warred between wanting to gaze at the guy and knowing he needed to stop thinking about guys that way. Jessica had to be his focus tonight.
For the next five minutes he paid one hundred percent attention to the beautiful and accomplished woman across from him. It had been easy listening to her talk about life in upstate New York and how she loved the skiing...he should come up for a visit. The beautiful foliage and how lovely the springtime was...he should move there since his job didn’t force him to live in DC.
If Jessica only knew, but she didn’ one did. He couldn’t move away from DC, not now. His job at The Company was a secret, like his confused sexual identity. Both were secrets best kept hidden, just like his desire for the man he now stared at over Jessica’s shoulder. Aiden caught himself before he licked his lips. The guy with the runner’s body noticed his observation and lifted his glass while the dude with spiky hair sitting across from him was looking the other way. Heat filled Aiden’s face.
He forced his eyes and his thoughts back on Jessica. The poor girl had no clue what he was thinking. Towards the end of the meal, he excused himself to the bathroom, squashing any sexual thoughts for the lanky man he’d been drooling over all night long.
He couldn’t go on this way. Jessica was an amazing woman with brains and beauty, but he felt nothing for her. Aiden slipped off his jacket, rolled his sleeves up and scooped up a handful of cold water and splashed it on his face.
“Hey,” the voice from behind startled him. “You should stop lying to yourself.”
Aiden stood up quickly, water dripping off his face and stared at the mirror, making eye contact with runner guy standing behind him. The man’s lips were pink, more pink than Chuck’s had been, and Aiden imagined them kissing his nipples. Heat swamped his entire body while his dick prepped for action.
“She may be gorgeous, but she’ll never be able to satisfy you.” The object of his desire moved closer, lifting a hand towards Aiden’s body, but not touching.
Aiden swallowed and fought the urge to lean back and force the man to grasp his butt. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” His tongue felt too huge for his mouth and the words came out broken and choppy.
“It’s your life buddy; don’t waste it trying to be something you’re not. Here’s my card if you ever...well, you know. My personal number is on the back.”
Aiden spun around. Big mistake. His lips were only inches from the other man’s mouth. The enticing smile and the rich scent of sandalwood and pine drew Aiden in. He wanted to taste this stranger, see if he could be as good as Chuck, but he didn’t have the guts to kiss the guy here in the bathroom at one of the top restaurants in town with Jessica sitting only yards away.
Aiden gasped for breath, and his head swam with heady thoughts of kissing then licking this guy. He felt like all the blood had drained from his upper body to pool in his dick, swelling it up five times larger than normal.
The stranger looked down at Aiden’s crotch and licked his lips. “I would, but I’m here on a date too, and he can come in here looking for me. Best not to cause a scene. He’s an artist type, rather emotional.”
The stranger leaned in quickly and brushed his lips across Aiden’s mouth, then turned and left the bathroom. Aiden had only seconds to step into the back stall, unzip his pants, and shoot his cum into the toilet. He jerked with each shot, thinking about the stranger’s lips and his hands. Holy fuck, the guy hadn’t even touched him, and Aiden had almost shot his jizz in his pants.
Why hadn’t he been with a girl in months? He turned around and sat down on the toilet, resting his head in his hands. How many months had it been since he’d been out on a date. Three? Or was it five? Fuck, he didn’t know. Even then, he hadn’t had sex with the girl. His job had been hectic lately. Too many bad guys and not enough down time. He could blame the terrorist or the job, but really, he’d changed. Hell, he hadn’t changed; he'd just stopped fighting the deep-seated need rooted in his life since forever.
Jessica was the last girl he’d had sex with. Had it really been a year since she’d come into town for business? God, what was he doing with his life? No girls in the last year, and he was wondering why he was shooting his load over a guy. He needed to date more. This date with Jessica would help. They'd have sex, and he’d get back on track.
Too much time had passed since he left the table. He pulled up his pants and washed the drying cum off his fingers, too shamed to even glance up into the mirror. He stopped before he left the bathroom and forced his eyes to the reflective surface for a quick review, never once looking himself in the eyes.
Jessica came out of the women’s restroom ahead of him. Damn, he’d taken longer than she had. He didn’t want to explain why, nor could he look at the man who’d caused the problem. Fuck, the cute stranger hadn’t caused the problem, he had.
Aiden caught up with Jessica and wrapped his arm around her, hoping he sounded seductive. “How about we ditch this place and get some desert back at your hotel?”
“I thought you'd never ask.” She squeezed his arm, her smile sexy as she let him get a peak of her cleavage.
Nothing. He felt no surge of excitement or rush to bed her. The card the stranger had given him burned in his pocket. The desire to take out the card and learn the man’s name before he left the restaurant almost caused Aiden to stop in his tracks.
His eyes automatically swung to the gorgeous guy who'd kissed him. Again his face heated and his breathing grew deeper. Any desire he felt tonight was directed at the stranger across the room and not this beautiful woman he’d once thought of asking to marry him.

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