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Awesome Silvia Violet with Finding Release

If you haven't picked up this book you really should. I love Jonah and Cole. So sexy and wild. It's a great western read.

Sara, thanks for having me here today to share a little taste of Cole and Jonah and the heat they generate……

Birthday Boy (A Story Starring Cole and Jonah from Finding Release)
By Silvia Violet

Jonah stood in the doorway of the barn watching Cole slide a pitchfork into the straw then chuck it into the Snowdrop's stall. The sight of Cole's sculpted arms flexing as he worked had Jonah's cock starting to swell. The white tank he wore and the low light made Cole's skin look even more bronze than usual. His jeans hung low, nearly revealing the top of his firm ass.
Cole had been doing a lot more of the physical work on the farm during the summer. A few of the hands had moved on, and as desperate as many people were for work, a lot of them refused to work for a gay man especially one that was half werewolf. They'd been short-handed for months which meant Jonah hadn't gotten as much time with his man as he'd like, but the work sure looked good on Cole.
Jonah licked his lips, wishing he were really there to seduce Cole rather than distract him. He glanced over his shoulder. Billy, the farm foreman, motioned for him to go on. Most of the hands were gathered around the bunkhouse. The cake sat on one of the tables outside, and a few men and women were busy bringing out the feast Jonah had requested for his lover's birthday.
He breathed in the scent of the fresh straw Cole was spreading in the stalls. It reminded him of the first time he'd made love to Cole, right here, in this very barn. Between the sight of Cole all sweaty from hard work and the memory of what they'd done in one of the stalls, he had to reach down and readjust his now fully hard dick.
Cole leaned the pitch fork against the wall and stretched, reaching his arms above his head, flexing the muscles of his back. Jonah bit his lip to hold in a groan. Then Cole looked over his shoulder and grinned impishly. He'd known Jonah was there, probably smelled him as he walked toward the barn. Did he smell the cake too?
"Showing off for me?" Jonah asked.
Cole grinned. "Maybe. Will it get me what I want?"
"Hell, yeah."
Cole looked him up and down, staring pointedly at the bulge in his pants. "Come here." His low voice was full of command.
Jonah walked, keeping his pace slow.
Cole growled. He was in a fierce mood. And a rough go with him was exactly what Jonah wanted for lunch. Maybe he should just tell the men to eat the cake themselves.
As soon as Jonah was in arm's reach, Cole yanked him against his chest. His eyes were dark with lust. "You want me to fuck you right here on the straw, don't you?"
Jonah could  hardly breathe. "Yes."
Cole slide his lips along Jonah's neck and nipped at the tender skin. "I love the way your dirty minds works."
Jonah nodded. "Mmmhmm."
Cole kissed him, and he forgot all about birthdays and cake and lunches. His tongue tangled with Cole's, and he pushed his hands under Cole's tank top, sliding them over the sweaty muscles of his back.
Cole pushed one of his hands between them and cupped Jonah's cock. Jonah arched into him. He didn't want to wait. He wanted to fuck right now.
"Cole, you in here?" Billy called from just outside the barn.
Cole pulled away from Jonah's lips long enough to yell. "No!"
"We need you out here."
"I'm busy!"
Jonah fought the lust clouding his brain. They had to stop. He pushed at Cole's chest, trying to break his hold. "You should see what he wants."
Cole shook his head. "Later."
"Cole, I need to talk to you now," Billy hollered.
Cole let Jonah go. He scowled toward the door. "This better be good."
Jonah grinned. "It is."
Cole narrowed his eyes. "You didn't?"
Jonah's cheeks heated. He looked down at the floor.
"I told you not to make a fuss."
"Just go out there."
Cole grabbed Jonah's hand and strode toward the door. Jonah had to jog to keep up. When the stepped outside, a shout of "Happy Birthday" went up from the gathered crowd.
Cole smiled graciously and color rose to his cheeks. Shep, one of hands Cole had known for years, carried the cake toward him. "Happy Birthday, Boss!"
Cole's appreciation shown on his face. Jonah had been right to ignore his request for a quiet birthday. Cole squeezed Jonah's hand as he blew the out the candles and everyone started to sing.

Later when most of the men and women were settled at the tables, tucking into a hearty lunch of barbeque and all the best fixin's, Jonah leaned against a tree and watched, glad his plans had gone over smoothly. Cole came up behind him and pulled Jonah into his arms. He nuzzled Jonah's neck. "You're gonna pay for tricking me."
Jonah laughed. "You love this."
"I enjoy being with people I care about and seeing all of them happy, but you disobeyed me."
Jonah shivered. "Then by all mean, you should punish me."
"When I get you alone. I'll make sure you won't be able to sit down for the rest of the week."
Jonah was in the mood to tease though he knew his ass would pay for it later. "I thought the birthday boy got the spanking."
Cole growled. Jonah could feel the vibration against his back. He sank into his lover's arms, warm and content. Even when Cole was grouchy, he was the sexiest man Jonah had ever met. "I've got another surprise that you'll like better."
"You, naked and obedient?"
Jonah laughed. "We've got the rest of the day off, and no one's allowed in the house unless there's an emergency."
Cole groaned and tightened his hold on Jonah. His hard cock pressed into Jonah's back. He traced the outer edge of Jonah's ear with his tongue. "It's going to be a long, rough afternoon."
Jonah sighed. "I'm counting on it."

Read more about Cole and Jonah in
Finding Release by Silvia Violet (Wild R Farm Book 1)

Coleman Wilder is a half-breed werewolf. Some days he believes the tension between his human side and his werewolf instincts will tear him apart. But the challenge of running a horse farm as a gay man in a conservative Tennessee town keeps him focused until he meets horse shifter, Jonah Marks.

Jonah's family insist that using their shifter abilities is sinful, but Jonah finds freedom when he lets his stallion run free. And he's got another secret, he likes men, Cole in particular. Desperate to escape from his family's preaching, he asks Cole for a job. Cole turns him down, scared his desire for Jonah will make him lose control.

When Jonah's brother threatens his life, Cole struggles to save him, forcing the two men confront their feelings for each other and their willingness to fight when running would be easier.

Buy it at Amazon:

Learn more about Silvia at her website:

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Texas Rough: Enjoy the Ride!

Texas Rough Is now Available. ARe Amazon

The Texas Soul series is for my readers that is why I'm pricing all three books at $0.99 I want to thank all of my readers for sticking by me. I hope you enjoy the Texas Soul Series and tell your friends about Lane and Gresh. Texas Rough is the first in Lane and Gresh's story and you won't want to miss the fun.

Lane Daniels loves his job, working as a foreman on the south Texas ranch gives him the type of satisfaction he’s always craved, but the owner of Crazy Hills ranch, Gresh Hamilton Miller the third, has woven his way under Lane’s skin, leaving Lane crazy for the man’s touch. But doing the boss is out of the question.

Gresh wants more from Lane than his ability to handle livestock, he wants it all. Lane won’t give him the time of day so he forces the issue, setting up a date that Lane believes to be a business meeting. Alone together, Lane and Gresh ignite in a flash of passion.

Just when it feels like there could be something more between Lane and Gresh, the new doctor in town, Riley, sets his sights on Lane. Riley chases hard after him, insinuating himself in Lane’s life, highlighting Gresh’s faults. But Gresh won’t give up without a fight. Will Lane and Gresh be able to survive the intrusion, or will Riley be the one walking away with Lane's heart?

Texas Rough is the first book in Sara York’s Texas series. Texas Hard and Texas Twist are next in line. Get ready to get your cowboy on and go for a rough ride.

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Wednesday Briefs - A Texas Rough Prequel: When Gresh met Lane

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs. This is a prequel for Texas Rough, due out August 1.

Here are the prompts for this week. “Tough road to hoe...” or the alternate prompts are: use: wood, fireplace, smoke or “What do/did you think about this?” or use: rope, a desk, window or include a gravel road in your story.

Gresh looked himself in the mirror, unable to hold his gaze for more than a few seconds. He hated himself for lying but telling the truth scared the shit out of him. His phone rang and flipped it open, answering without checking to see if he knew the number.

“Gresham Miller here.”

“Hey, you need to get your butt over here. If you want to be in charge of anything in the future you need to hop to it.”

“Yes sir.” Gresh answered, wishing he had the balls to tell his dad to go screw himself. It was a tough row to hoe working in the shadow of his father.

“And be on your best behavior.”

Hamilton hung up and Gresh blew out a huge breath. “Fuck!” He screamed, wishing he’d taken a job with any other company. Working for his dad sucked sometimes. He knew his stuff but his dad treated him like a baby. Like today, he was supposed to be in the office at eight thirty. They’d discussed it time and time again, and yet Hamilton called him at seven ten, bitching about him not being there. Seriously, he needed to think about leaving and going to work for another organization.

Gresh pulled on his Italian loafers and his suit jacket, checking his image in the mirror one last time. He’d bought the condo across the street from his daddy’s office with the money he’d made working on the ranch every summer when he was younger. His father had been pissed that Gresh had saved the money and been responsible. It made no sense but Gresh thought it had something to do with the fact that Gresh had always been closer to his grandfather than his father.

Hamilton had him do stupid tasks, more like a gofer than a MBA who graduated at the top of his class. Hamilton’s eight-thirty showed up and Gresh was dismissed till Hamilton placed a call to Gresh, demanding an audience.

Gresh squared his shoulders, and pushed open the door to Hamilton’s office. The fake smile on his face fell when he spied the sexy man standing beside Hamilton. He swallowed twice, willing his dick to not plump up.

“Gresh, I would like you to meet the new foreman of Crazy Hills. His name is Lane Daniels.”

The most beautiful blue eyes he’d ever seen in his life rose to meet his and Gresh felt like his world had shattered into a million pieces. He stuck out his hand to shake and electricity raced through Gresh, threatening to divulge his secret. He schooled his features, trying like hell to make sure his dad would have no idea how much he wanted Lane. Hell, if his dad had any clue Gresh was gay he’d disown him. If he figured out Gresh liked Lane, he’d fire the guy.

“Nice to meet you.” Lane’s voice tickled Gresh’s entire being.

If he had one night with Lane he would die a happy man. But he couldn’t let on how much he liked the guy so he sneered, “Yes, I’m sure.” The look of disappointment and confusion filled Lane’s face and Gresh felt bad immediately. He swore, one day he would make up the slight and show Lane Daniels how he really felt, he just hoped Lane wouldn’t be taken by the time he had a chance to tell him the truth.

The first of the Texas Soul series will be released August 1 from all major online retailers.

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Shut-up and Just Write the F*#KING Book

Okay, this blog probably isn’t going to be very popular, and I’ll probably be bashed behind my back and maybe in public. I don’t care.

For some reason some authors are paying way too much attention to what reviewers are saying. I agree, if a reviewer gives you something good you can think on and improve your work with then pay attention but why the F*#KING hell are writers paying any attention to reviews that are meant to be mean. Why the hell do you care as an author? You are a freaking public figure, get used to the trashing. So what if a reviewer calls you a horrible author or says that your writing is a mockery to the genre? Seriously, you’re going to let someone like that ruin your day?

Stop playing to them. Stop getting in the arguments. Stop allowing the stupidity break your peace. If you want to be an author then realize that people will say some of the stupidest stuff about your books. Reviewers are not all knowing gods and they won’t make or break your career. A review is just their opinion. They get facts wrong and don’t read books thoroughly. It’s just how it is. So when a reviewer gives you a low rank, don’t freak out and tell the reviewer they are wrong. Of course they are wrong, but who cares.

Stop antagonizing the reviewers and write your next book. Always strive to improve your craft. Read over your work and fix what you can but stop the madness. Stop trashing reviewers. Stop trying to make them feel bad. Ignore the reviews and write. That’s what you do. You aren’t a review watcher; you are an author. If you want to argue with reviewers, become a critic not an author.

There are now groups of authors who are banning together to hate on GR reviewers...Why? They are not your primary market, your writers are. Stop focusing on the negative. So in response to the GR authors banning together there are GR reviewers coming together, the most recent Stop The GR Bullies, a group of bloggers and reviewers trying to stop the bullies. Really, has it come to this.

Grow up and start acting like adults. Reviewers have a right to their opinion. Leave them alone.

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Wednesday Briefs Independence Day

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs. I'm going to stop on Jeff's story and move on. It will be up eventually on Amazon. Here's the prompt for next week, a semi-tribute to the 4th of July - Use any sort of patriotic reference  or the alternate prompts:  cat, chocolate, mysterious  or Use a grand old flag or "I never told you that..."  or find a way to crack the whip in your story (take that any way you want to!)

I used "I never told you that"

Grant raced across the street to the golf course, his arms pumping and his legs flying as he ran to the shadows. The Watchers were after him but they tended to stick to the light. Security had gone to shit in the last twenty years. He’s been born at the end of the peace, before the chemical wars. There were pockets of safety, but not here and certainly not at night.

Devers skidded to a stop beside him. “You think we’re clear?”

“No clue, but I don’t want to tempt fate. Let’s stay here tonight.”

“Seriously, don’t you think the Danks will get us?”

“Danks, those lazy shits they don’t care about two souls taking cover for the night on the course.”

“Why do they still have this? Seriously, who plays?”

“Those who have money.”

“Money, I’d like to find someone who had any.”

“Devers, life ain’t so bad.”

Devers dropped to the grass and lay back, pulling Grant down beside him. “Why is this area safe?”

“It just is. Enough people with money, few of the Danks skulking round the area. Maybe it’s because the Watchers were so thick back at the last checkpoint. I don’t know how we got through, but it’s a miracle.”


“Yeah Devers.”

“Lay down and look up. I think I see a star.”

Grant stretched out beside Devers, their shoulders touching. He’d seen a star a few years ago but he hadn’t been allowed to go out much and then the clouds were usually so thick the stars didn’t shine through.

“Wow, look at that. I see multiple stars.”

“Are we supposed to make a wish?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“I never told you that I’ve never seen them before, stars that is. This is the first star I’ve ever seen. I’m going to wish for something.”

Grant lay still as Devers grasped for Grant’s hand. His heart thumped wildly. The freedom they’d experienced since leaving home six days ago had allowed them to progress to this point--holding hands. Grant had never been into girls. Everyone expected him to settle down with Maria but he hadn’t. Maria was nice enough, but Devers was his type.

“There, wish made.”

Grant lay still for a long moment, his head pounded with questions. Had Devers wished for something about them? After a long moment he felt Devers move. Grant tried to sit up but Devers pushed him down, his palm flat on Grant’s chest.

Devers hung over Grant, his face in shadows. The world around them faded as Grant paid one hundred percent attention to Devers.

His heart felt like it was going to explode as Devers lowered, his fingers dancing over Grant’s chest. He felt a soft puff of Devers breath on his face only moments before he felt the brush of Devers lips on his. Grant jerked and hitched in his breath. Devers stilled. Grant didn’t know what to do but he wanted more. He reached for Devers, grasping onto his shirt and pulling him closer.

“Please kiss me again.”

Devers lowered again, brushing his lips over Grant’s, this time slipping his tongue out, gliding it over Grant’s lips. Grant opened his mouth, letting Devers dip in, twining his tongue against Grant’s.

Devers slid his hand lower, his fingers playing across Grant’s bellybutton. Butterflies in his stomach turned into squirrels that made Grant squirm while his dick grew hard. The kiss broke and they were both gasping for breath. Devers slid his fingers lower, below the hem of Grant’s pants, the tips of his warm fingers connecting with Grant’s flesh.

Grant gasped. “Devers, touch me.”

“I thought you’d never asked.” Devers dove in for another kiss, his hand seeking out Grant’s rod, bring more pleasure than Grant ever thought existed.

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Dawn's Reading Nook

I'm author of the month at Dawn's Reading Nook.

Selling It is doing great. Blurb - Love heals all scars.

Teens are dying and Blaine Wilson, a DC police detective, knows why. The scars on his right leg, left rib cage and left collar bone are a brutal reminder of his past as a teen prostitute, and a key to solving this investigation.

Blaine’s trips to gay bars are reckless but he’s searching for solace for his wounds. When he meets Andy everything changes. Dating Andy forces him out of the closet at work and then he has to admit his past indiscretions to his captain.

Andy falls in love at the drop of a hat and he's promised his two best friends he won't fall so easily again. When he meets Blaine he's helpless to resist the instant attraction.

Andy and Blaine are dedicated to making their relationship work when the killer targets Andy and his two best friends. Can Blaine save his lover and Andy’s friends without losing himself?

Reader Advisory: This book deals with issues relating to male teen prostitution, including non-graphic references to underage sex. It also includes themes of murder and violence against gay men, and occasional scenes from the point of view of a homophobic villain.

Fire and Ice is a fast action paranormal. Blurb - How can an angel win the woman of his heart when he’s trapped in a demon’s body?

With Raphael’s soul ripped from his angelic body, he’s forced to inhabit the demon Lash’s ugly form until he can help Alexandria overcome her anger and forgive. Raphael’s been in love with Alexandria for decades and wants her, but he’s Lash now and despises his new body. How could anyone fall in love with him, much less the beautiful Alexandria?

Alexandria doesn’t know what’s gotten into her. Rafe is the man of her dreams but when she touches Lash a firestorm of desire is unleashed... She has to have him. Confusion about her desires leaves her vulnerable to the evil fate Rafe has planned for her.

Can the angel in demon form, Lash, fight off Rafe and save Alexandria from hell and himself from eternal punishment of living as a demon?

For a twisted and controversial read pick up Torn To Shreds. Blurb - When Lucas Spires goes missing his brother, Amos, turns to Brett Hutchings, an ex Marine, kicked out for being gay. After Amos betrayed him, forced him out of Lucas’s life and ended his career, Brett vowed to never to never to speak with, much less help Amos, until the end of eternity. But Brett can’t deny his need to save Lucas, the one guy he’s never been able to get out of his system, even if it means working for Amos.

The trail is cold, with Lucas missing for more than a month. The cops are clueless, unable to find even a hint that the young man was abducted instead of just wandering away. When Brett latches onto a trace of evidence, it looks like he’ll find Lucas, but the clue doesn’t pan out the way he thinks it should.

Lucas can’t take the abuse any longer. He’s at the end of his chain, literally. If he could escape into the mountains, he would, but the sick bastard attached a manacle to his leg, exerting his control physically. Lucas is desperate to escape his captor; all hope has vanished, crushing his spirit. Lucas dreams of a savior, but Brett walked away a long time ago, and he’s the only man strong enough to save Lucas.

Warning: This book contains material that some may find disturbing and is only suitable for mature readers. This book deals with difficult subject matter, including abduction, abuse and murder. While there is no consummation of sex shown in the story, this is a very sensual tale. Enjoy!

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Something Worthwhile

Recently I saw a video that brought me to tears. It's moving and sad, but the bigger issue is that this can change for other. No one has to go through this again. Please give at least $1 then share this story.

Have some compassion. Skip your Starbucks for the week if you don't think you have the money to give. Just $1 and then share on your blogs, your Facebook account, Twitter, email your friends, and get the word out. Being kind to others is a key principle, be kind and show love to others by supporting this  campaign.

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